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Today I want to share some music videos I shot myself. These videos are not great because of the technique, (in fact, they are quite poor) lol, but they sure show you a way people can enjoy themselves. Here in Thailand, we practice music street parades quite often and some of these I want to share with you.


My youtube music and videos channel is life only since November 2017, don’t expect mature arts

I hope you like what you just saw. I am quite proud of myself, it is the first movie I edited and put together. It took me only about two hours although my head is not up on top, due to a power breakdown yesterday, which led to a quite long lasting beer session:)


Create your own Youtube Music and Videos

Actually, it is quite easy to produce one’s own youtube music and videos. I didn’t spend one dollar to produce this sample above. All I worked with were some videos I shot last year with my free mobile phone, (I got it for free as a promo, it’s locked to a provider here in Thailand) and with the great help of the free Movie Maker Program from Windows.

Screen Shot of Movie Maker

Screen Shot of Movie Maker

Of course, you will need a computer and an internet connection, which you logically have, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this lol.

The windows movie maker I downloaded for free but most computers already have it installed. I think to start making videos oneself is very easy with the help of this little program. I once checked some instruction videos on youtube, but this actually irritated me more than it helped.

Today I just went for it by my self and tried out how it works. I find it easy to work with although there are some issues that I couldn’t solve as for now. Maybe there is someone that knows more and can help me with this.

#1 problem, that made me lose a lot of time. I want to underlay an ongoing soundtrack under the different parts of the video. You understand what I mean? A soundtrack not connected to the pictures and films cut together in the movie.

#2 problem, >how do I underlay music under the intro and outro section? I just couldn’t manage to get these two problems solved.

I don’t want to give any instructions for using the movie maker, I think the easiest way to learn is to just try. Insert a movie from your computer and start editing. There are some fun things we can use, so go ahead and push these buttons.

Youtube Video Upload Button

Youtube Video Upload Button

Don’t worry, as long as you don’t save anything you can always go steps back and restore older versions. Make sure though to copy the original movies first and work with the copies. Onc you are happy with the new product, push the save movie button on the right side of the screen and done.

To create your own youtube channel, just follow the instructions provided by youtube on their homepage. I could do it so you will have no problems with that either. Once you have your own channel, you can start uploading your own material. Open your own homepage and there on top you see the small upload button. Push it and off it goes.


Buat Na (Head Shaving) the intuition ritual to Buddhist Temples in Thailand

The video material I shot about a year ago, at a family gathering in Lopburi. The reason for the gathering was the entering the temple of one of the sons of the inviting family and his uncle. It is an important ritual Thai, Buddhist men should all go through once in their lifetime.

The family we saw here has organized a quite big party for this occasion. I don’t want to know how much money they spent. Family members and friends from all parts of the country came to join the two-day lasting ceremony. The main feature of the fest was eating and drinking all day long.

I keep being surprised at how much and for how many hours these Thai people can drink alcohol when there is a party and the drinks are on the house. Wake up time is early, around six already and for some, that is the time when the drinking starts. Luckily at that time I was in a sober phase, otherwise, there would not be any movies to show:)


Day one

One day before the actual ceremony happens all the guests start arriving. Eating, drinking, and sharing experiences of the past as they don’t meet all together that often. Everybody gets a space to lay down for the night, people sleeping everywhere.

It is amazing how much food, all kinds of different dishes, are prepared and consumed during a celebration like this. I just love this side of the Thai customs. Around the clock, people are engaged in the kitchen and at the same time, a few meters further other people are constantly eating.

There have to be huge amounts of food and soda and beer and whiskey to satisfy almost 100 people. Ice boxes, the big ones are placed all over the place and full to the top with bottles, chilled in ice cubes. Tables filled with tasty meals and huge cooking pans full of rice dominate the picture throughout the day and night.


Buat (shaving) Day

The actual ceremony starts on the second day also early in the morning. People gather in the court and start cutting the participants hair. Everyone, even me has to cut off a small bit from their hair, until nothing is left to cut but to do a proper shaving off all hair on the head and face.

Getting dressed alright

Getting dressed alright

Photo Session Time

Photo Session Time

Then the superstars get dressed. Again many people help them put on the proper traditional dresses, very beautiful indeed. Gold and white are the main colors and when they both were ready the photo session started. Every possible combination of actors and guests have to pose in front of everybody’s camera and mobile phone. This took at least an hour and I was not sure if I should not take myself a small drink to overstand this never-ending ritual.

Finally, still in the morning, the parade towards the temple starts. The band arrives and starts playing in front of the house. Most of the guests are quite fit by now and start dancing and keep drinking all the way. You can see it in the movie, bottles and glasses are being shared while walking. Even an ice chest is carried all the way to provide chilled beer mixed with ice cubes.

These moments are the moments that make a Thai life great and unforgettable. Dancing and joking, enjoying and cheering, that is something we can’t do every day. The two main actors are driven by car. They get positioned at the back of a pickup truck, sitting on a throne and well shaded from the sun by a wonderful traditional umbrella.

If the distance to the Wat is not far, like in this case, the whole procession is held walking and dancing the whole distance. Once arrived at the temple, the parade surrounds the main building three times neglected by the band. then the more serious part starts and the main actors are incorporated into the temple life. They will stay there for a certain amount of days, weeks, up to the decision the family met.

We, the visitors are now free to go back to the house and eat lunch. The rest of the day everybody keeps celebrating but one by one hits the road back home.


That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this article again and hope you check out some other stuff I wrote about. See you and have a jolly good life.


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  1. Hi Stefan,
    I enjoy your post and looks fun. I had no idea about Thailand and it culture. Your post provide good information and I will visit Thailand base on your post. Great work and have a wonderful day.


    • Hello Jaden, thanks for the visit. You will see a lot of different cultures once you come here. A lot of it is great fun too.
      I wish you all the best and hope to see you back here again

  2. Hello Stefan, I really enjoyed your post.
    I knew Thailand was a place with a rich beautiful culture but seeing more details through other people makes it more amazing.
    I hope I can visit one day, i will check your other posts!
    Thanks Stefan 🙂

    • Hi there Arlet, nice to meet you.
      I think you will love Thailand when you come and visit. People are very nice here and life is much cheaper than in western countries.
      The traditional rituals are a lot of fun and the weather is great most of the time.
      Have a nice time and let me hear from you again

  3. Hello Stefan!
    I have always wanted to see Thailand and I actually know a couple people from there! It looks peaceful and beautiful. Thank you for the video tutorial and the great information. So insightful, fun, and seems so simple following your steps. Much appreciation.

  4. I loved your you tube video it was great. I did not know it was that easy to create your own music videos on here.I am going to save this page to help me create my own. very beautifully done.

    • Hello Crystal, nice to meet you.
      To edit those small mobile phone movies really is easy and a lot of fun. I’m gonna do much more now, that I know how.
      Thanks for the visit

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