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“Ba taptim nung manau dong”. Steamed pomegranate fish on a pickled lime sauce. (“may pet” / not hot)

You can eat this dish in every region of Thailand. It is very delicious and not very spicy. It is served with white rice and a lot of vegetables. Pomegranate fish is sold on fresh markets alive every day, so you don’t have to worry about the freshness. It is a freshwater fish and mostly grown in fish farms. Some farms use a lot of medicine to help the growth of the fish, that is why I would not eat it every day. In my own lake, I don’t use any chemicals.

My girl caught a fish

People like to eat this fish a lot here. It is sold in the market for around two dollars a kilo. In restaurants, not fancy ones, you will find it for about 3 to 4 $. For two adults one big fish should be enough. Don’t forget to eat the cheeks, they are delicious.


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Thai Kitchen Cookware Style Hot Pan + Stove for Serving Fish Cooking Menu

Now, this is what you need to serve your own steamed fish. Your guests will be surprised and enjoy a meal from out of this pretty hot pan. It is going for as little as 33 Dollars. You can either heat it with charcoal or candles.

Cook your own Thai food. If you like cooking, you sure heard of the famous Thai kitchen. This cooking Thai food book is for 34 bucks for sale. It is very recommended and sold a lot.

Not everyone likes to eat fish. here’s a nice little gift that will match every taste. The card itself is free and shipping too. You choose the amount you want to gift. I’m sure your loved one will be very happy and you will be surprised what he’s going to be using it for.

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  2. Sympa ce nouveau site même si je ne comprends pas l’anglais. En tous les cas, je pourrai donner l’adresse à des personnes qui se rendront en Thaïlande et qui désirent avoir plus de renseignements.

    • hello Christian
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    • Thank you Lee Hoy,
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