What is the Best Music for Meditation

Hi there and welcome to another Thailand Post.

Today I am going to the spiritual and mystics of Thailand. Meditation is a practice here that is done by millions of people on a regular basis. At home, in nature or in the temple, you can meditate everywhere. The main requirement for meditation is a quiet and un-distracting surrounding.


Buddhist meditaion ritual

What is the best music for meditation is the question of today

And I will not invent new what a long Thai, Buddhist tradition is practicing already. To tell you the truth, most rituals of deep meditation is practiced without any music at all. We sit in the meditation position, put our hands together, close our eyes and speak our meditation mantra.

Monks, at ceremonies in Wats, do chant mantras though. These chantings are recited polyphonic if there are numerous monks and can be quite hypnotizing.

The Movie below is an example of a ritual held at the Wat in my village. As you can see, there are only a few people really meditating at this moment. The ambiance is too loud and most people came here to eat for free and offer goods to the temple.

These same mantras are recited quietly by monks without an audience and in these moments the monks are meditating the mantras for sure.


First audio with the text you can practice the traditional mantra I am likely to call the “our Father” in Thai version.

(Click here) 2 Hours.

This mantra is the same recited multiple times at every meeting in the temple. Of course, the version you hear on this video is custom produced and neglected by musical instruments. To me, it seems to be a quite modern version with an electronic background but for relaxing and meditating very useful.

The words are repeated over again, the same as practiced in real life at the temples. Every Thai, older than two or three years can repeat these texts memorized.

The practice is that the monk speaks a sentence first and next, the laypeople repeat the same. One sentence after another until the mantra is over, then we start again. Normally we repeat the whole mantra three times in a row.

The same mantra is always meditated in the beginning of a temple ritual, before eating and at least one more time in the end. I think it is the most important mantra in the Thai Buddhist tradition today. The words are not the normal Thai language but Sanskrit as far as I know.


Second audio file is a polyphonic chanting

(Click here) 2 Hours.

Tibetian Sound Bowls

Tibetian Sound Bowls

This is more the style we heard in the video made at my Wat. It is a lot better produced of course. The background instrumental is played on a Tibetian sound bowl in the first part. Followed by instrumental parts between different mantras.

These sound bowls are used for their healing powers. The Vibrations, frequency the bowls release are pure and can help bring chakras back into the flow.

As with all of these audio backgrounds for meditation, I would not play them loud. The most important while meditating is not to be distracted and find one’s inner center and let loose of outside inputs.


The third piece of meditation background music is an instrumental flute based work.

(Click here) 6 Hours.

These songs are very peaceful and quiet. I think this soundtrack is the best background for meditation. The flow of the sound lets us leave the stress and problems of our daily lives. There are no words, so we can recite our own mantras in our heads.

In this piece of art, I can sense the transformation of love into an acoustic experience. Let yourself go and be one with the universe. Believe in yourself and you will be able to achieve everything you need to achieve to have a fulfilled and purpose-full life.


My personal two meditation techniques.

In my life, I learned to meditate a long time ago. Sometimes I practice more often and sometimes I forget or am too distracted to take in the unlimited energy of meditation.

I first learned a technique back in Switzerland, which is not based on religion or spirituality. It is a technique to relax and get fit again.


The relax body technique

Mediditation Position

Meditation Position

I lay flat on my bed, on my back. My arms and legs are straight but do not touch the body or each other. I don’t use a pillow and just lay there with my eyes closed. My breathing is deep but not stressed.

I start with talking,  in my head. First I repeat the words, “I am totally relaxed, now I am completely relaxed” for 7 times.

Next, I start with my right arm, ” my right arm is totally relaxed, now my right arm is completely relaxed” again I repeat this 7 times slow and relaxed.

I do the same with my left arm.

I continue with all my body parts, arms, legs, torso, and head. If you have a problem zone in your body you can add this part too and say for example, “my neck is totally relaxed, now my neck is completely relaxed”, 7 times.

Once you are done with all the body parts, you say, “my whole body is now totally relaxed, now my whole body is completely relaxed”, once more 7 times. ”

This takes maybe half an hour what is enough to get your full power back for another half day.

When you are ready to wake up again, don’t do it abruptly. Go back to every relaxed part of your body and wake it up one by one. I say, “my right arm is waking up now”, once only and move it a bit. Next, “my left arm is waking up now” move it a bit and continue until my whole body is woken up again and I can get back up.

After you practice this technique a few times you will experience a warm sensation and a tingle in every body part that is relaxed. I first started this feeling after only practicing 3-4 times. Now when I start the exercise my right arm starts tingling after two or three repetitions already.

I learned this technique when I was a teenager and played in a band. After a hard day of work as an electrician, I had to get fit for a 3-4 hour long practice session in the evening, playing the drums. And it worked, I felt like reborn after every meditation.


The Thai technique I learned from my teacher here

Meditation Position

Meditation Position

This technique is much easier, except for the position we have to practice it. We sit in the lotus position, put our hands together and close our eyes.

In my head, I recite the mantra. I repeat it as long as the meditation goes on. Half an hour, an hour or three hours, whatever you have time for.

The mantra I recite, “phong noh, jup noh, nang noh, tuk noh” In English, this means about this. “Let wisdom in, let the bad leave, let the good settle, everything is ok”. This is not a metaphrase of course but again these texts are in an ancient language and not even my Thai wife Knows the exact words.

This Form of meditation is practiced to get ourselves in a good vibration and enter the flow of positivity. It should help sharpen the senses and find our right path in life.



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  1. Hi Stefan, this was really great information for me! I have often wondered how I go about learning to meditate. It is something that I have been wanting to try for a while. After you have meditated, do you feel completely relaxed then and the stress is released? This is what I am looking for. I listened to the music (not all the way thru) and I really like the music with the flute in it. Very relaxing music. How long does one meditation session last?

    • Hi there,
      After a meditation, you are freed from all troubles and stress cumulated over time. At least for a moment. If you jump back into the everyday routine the effect of meditation is quickly over but at least you can confront the reality with more power and you might have had some realizing during or after the meditation.
      For the duration, this is actually up to you. The body relax style I practice for about half an hour when ever I feel the need to earn more power back.
      The sitting style I choose to do sometimes in the morning but mainly in the temples, where we do it for several hours at a time.
      The music is really great, I listen to it a lot too.
      Thanks for the visit

  2. I just have to comment again. Awesome relaxing music. Just plain wonderful

  3. Wow. I like this. I am listening to the flute instrumental. My son likes it as well. I read with great interest how to ‘relax your body’. Please tell me, is this is something that I can practice when I want to sleep? Can I do it when I’m going through insomnia? Please say yes.

    • Hi Lane, thanks for visiting.
      Nice to hear you like the music. I did listen to it a long time as well.
      To your question about insomnia, if you having trouble falling asleep, I can recommend trying the relaxing technique. It happened more than once that I fell asleep while meditating like that. Just be careful not to get a cold and get ready to sleep before you start the meditation. For many people with problems falling asleep the reason is the never-ending thinking cycle in the head. If you can interrupt this cycle, you might fall asleep if you are tired.
      Another technique to empty your head is to say in your head, “drop it”. Every time a new thought starts to bother you, you just drop it. continue doing this until you fall asleep. It also takes some practice but once you got used to doing it, it works wonders. Drop it…drop it….drop it
      I hope I could help you a little and wish you all the best.

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