What is Tamarind used for

Tamarind Review

Tamarind Review

The great benefits nature gives us with the Tamarind tree

Tamarind is a tree, easy to grow. It can be grown from the seed but then you will have a sour fruit plant. To grow the sweet tamarind we need to graft the original tree with a branch of a sweet tamarind tree. Once the tree is placed in the ground, where it can get old we need to make sure it has enough water for the first year. After this first year, the tree is strong enough and needs no more extra water.

I live in a very dry and hot region in Thailand but its known to produce the best sweet tamarind in the country. Why I didn’t plant any tamarind trees myself is, they need almost ten years to be ready for harvest the first time.


What is Tamarind used for?

The tamarind tree is another super plant which gives us all of it to use. From the leaves to the fruit down to the wood, everything is precious and can be used in one way or another


The tasty fruit pods can be used raw, dried, cooked and and and.

Many types of Tamarind are cultivated in Thailand. The sweet Tamarind, “Makaam waan” or the sour Tamarind, “Makaam piau” or the wild Tamarind, “Makaam thet”. All types are sold in markets and are very admired.

The trees grow well in dry hot climate zones and are quite undemanding. A great tree to grow within a permaculture.

The raw fresh young leaves we eat as a side dish. The not ripe fruit can be used for seasoning cold or hot dishes.They are also preserved in salt water to be used at a later occasion when fresh tamarind is not available anymore. Sometimes we eat the not totally ripe sweet tamarind as a dip with a mixture of salt, sugar, and dry chilly powder, a great treat while working in the fields.

The ripe sweet Tamarind pod is a delicious fruit people love eating all day long. It is not only very tasty but also delivers a lot of important food supplements like vitamins and much more as you will see later. In Thailand, the sweet tamarind is a great give away to family and friends.

The sour Tamarind ripe pods get dried first, then peeled and are then used in many dishes to get the typical sour taste of Thai food. To collect sour tamarind and conserve them is a nice side income for many Thai family members that cannot go for an outside job.

The wild Tamarind pods, when ripe is a bit sweet too and young and old kids love to eat them right off the trees.

Sweet Tamarind pods

Sweet Tamarind pods

Dried sour Tamarind

Dried sour Tamarind

Ripe wild Tamarind

Ripe wild Tamarind







The Leaves

Like many other fresh leaves from trees and bushes, the young tamarind tree leaves are served raw to eat with several Thai meals. They are healthy providers of fibers and chlorophyll. The taste is not very specific but eating them with other foods they are really tasty.


The hardwood

The old trees are cut and some of the fat stems are used to make furniture. The wood is looking very interesting due to many branches being cut off during its lifetime.


The nutrition value of the sweet Tamarind fruit is amazing.

Nutrition Facts of Tamarind

Nutrition Facts of Tamarind













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  1. Hi Stefan, I enjoyed the post a whole lot. It is unbelievable that you wrote about the Tamarind uses. I am originally from Jamaica and there are Tamarind trees there but I was never aware of the different ways in which it can be used.

    You have given valuable information that will be useful to everyone who reads this post. I am gravitating towards a vegetarian diet now so when I go back to Jamaica I will be sure to eat some of the leaves.
    Are there any health benefits that I could use the Tamarind for?
    Thanks for the post.

    • Hi Luna, Yes, Tamarind is used here all the time. As a spice, to make a menu sour is one of the most common uses. The young fresh leaves you can eat with grilled meat or put some in your salad.
      The health benefits are like many fruits and beans, Vitamins, Minerals, Fibers and healthy Proteins.
      I know most people know tamarind only from eating their sweet fruits what is delicious as well of course. Eating tamarind is a bit like eating chocolate, a real power bar lol.
      Thanks for stopping by and have a great day

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