What is Moringa used for

What is Moringa used for

Moringa tree Review

A Tree that grows all by itself in Thailand is the Moringa Tree

Read this if you want to know what Moringa is used for.

The fabulous tree called Moringa or so many names like Moringa Oleifera or The Golden Shower Tree or Drumstick Tree or Horseradish Tree has even more useful qualities than names. It is used as food, or medicine and cosmetics and can even be used to purify water.

Here in Thailand the leaves and flowers, for example, are eaten raw and fresh as a side dish. The fruit, bean when still soft, is a much-admired vegetable in a hot dish.

The Moringa Tree grows very easy in the center and northern parts of Thailand. It needs no fertilizer and not a lot of water. It grows fast and can be harvested almost all year long. It is the ideal tree for BIO and permaculture farming. No reason to purchase any not BIO products of the Moringa Tree.


The nutritional value of the raw or dried moringa leaf is very high.

Nutritional value of the Moringa tree leaf.


Moringa tree leafs

Moringa Tree Leaves










The Leaves have the most nutritional value of the tree. We eat them raw, within a salad or we cook them similar to spinach. When you get the dried leaves you can use them in sauces or make a fine soup. A lot of people use them in smoothies or fruit juice too. They don’t have a strong taste themselves, something like just green leaves, not bitter nor sweet.




The Moringa Oleifera Pods, Drumsticks are of high value too.

Moringa pods

Moringa Oleifera Pods

Moringa Oleifera Pods









To make a great meal out of the Moringa drumsticks, you need the fresh seed pods not too old. We clean them and skin them like asparagus and cut small pieces of about 3-4 cm. Inside an orange curry, they get cooked and then we eat them. It is a bit difficult to eat them with cutlery so we eat them with our hands, a bit messy.


When we eat the pods, we get a high dose of vitamin C, dietary fiber, manganese and also magnesium and potassium.

Kaeng Som

Gaeng Som


Gaeng som, orange curry, is a traditional dish around the center of Thailand. It is a rather spicy sour curry with a not too soft fish or shrimp and Moringa pods or other vegetables. We use red chili and shrimp paste, shallots and dried sour tamarind for the sour taste and some palm sugar to make the whole thing a bit sweet. A great and healthy meal with steamed white rice.



The dry seeds can be eaten as well

The seeds of the older pods contain large amounts of vitamin C and smaller amounts of vitamin B. They can be eaten raw or roasted like peanuts with some salt, a great snack.

From the older, ripe seeds is an oil to be made of. The edible Ben Oil. After refining, it is clear and without the smell and can be kept for a long time without oxidating. The oil can also be used as biofuel.

The seed cake we use as natural fertilizer on our permaculture grounds. It can also be used to purify water.

Growing new trees from seeds is very easy. Just push it into some semi-soft average ground, not too wet and shortly after you will have a new plant.

Last but not least, the roots can be used in food too.

Their strong taste makes them good for preparing some special condiments with a strong character.


The medical use of Moringa in eastern countries

The Moringa tree has gotten quite famous in the western countries in the last years. In Thailand, though it is long known for its healing and nurturing powers. Herbal medicine is much more common in the eastern cultures because they can be made without big production processes and stay relatively affordable to the public.

Moringa is used to prevent or treat health problems like digestive disorders, heart disease, diabetes or anemia, liver disease, respiratory problems, arthritis and skin illnesses.

The dried, pulverized leaves are used for

Moringa leaf powder

Moringa leaf powder, 0,5 to 1 spoon per day, mixed in a drink or fixed as a tea.

  • First, as I mentioned above it is a Power Pack 

Lots of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Vitamin A,C,E, good quality fibers and protein, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

Effect: Your body gets important supplements with a small dose of powder easy to take.

  • It helps your Brain

The antioxidants and neuro-enhancer of Moringa support the brain health and cognitive function. Tests have shown positive results help to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Effect: A Better memory, helps regulate your moods, helps with psychosis and depression.

  • It helps your Liver function

High concentrations of polyphenols can help detox and fix damages to your liver. Liver enzymes can be restored with Moringa oil.

Effect: Better liver, better blood, better life.

  • It helps your Heart

By preventing the arteries of plaque pollution and lowering the cholesterol level in your body, your heart has less work and will function better.

Effect: Lesser chance of heart disease.

  • It helps with Diabetes 

By reducing glucose and lipid levels in your body and helping to regulate oxidative stress it can lower cholesterol and blood sugar.

Effect: It can help protect cells from damage.

Traditional Medical uses of Maringa

Traditional Medical uses of Maringa


To make a long story short, Maringa is indeed an incredible plant. To use it as a windshield or living fences or to prevent soil erosion are other means of using the fast-growing tree.


For orders of a variety of guaranteed chemical free and environment-friendly produced Moringa products please contact us: dragonflyfarm52@gmail.com

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    • Moringa helps improve our body and brain. We eat it. We eat it instead of other things less helpful to our body. Some supplements within Moringa slow down the process of our brain getting “old” we stay awake and reactive.

  1. A whole lot of information here on the moringa. I myself have written an article some time on the benefits of this tree that has gotten so much attention. The tree really is of great benefit and we should take advantage of all these benefits. Thanks for sharing

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