The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand

Hi there and welcome. Here I suggest some of the top 10 things to do in Thailand. Of course, there are a whole lot more great things you will do when visiting Thailand but these are my favorites. I start with a few things to do in Bangkok, as you probably arrive there the first time you visit this fantastic country.

My suggestions are more of the adventure type. You will see, there are always options to the actual tip. Because some things are locked to a date or location I will also refer to top alternatives.


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Tuck-Tuck Ride

The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Tuck-Tuck Ride


Take a Tuck-Tuck ride in Bangkok

My first tip is for when you arrive in Bankok and stay for some nights in the amazing city. There are several ways to get around town but the most exciting transportation downtown is the Tuck- Tuck.

You will find the Tuck-Tucks luring for customers everywhere in Bangkok. A great trip to do is to the “Grand Palace“, a place you should not miss. Up to three people can sit in one Tuck-Tuck but then it is full. The view of the city from the back of the Tuck-Tuck is most authentic, more than with taxi or motorbike taxi, where you fear for your life all the time 🙂

You can also use it for a shopping trip to the huge cheap and fascinating “Pratunam Market“. The driver will help you carry all the stuff you bought to the three-wheel bike and to the place where you stay. Or if you are fit and not afraid of heights you can let yourself get driven to the famous “Sathorn Unique Tower“.

There are loads of places you can visit in Bankok with a Tuck-Tuck but I suggest you try not to drive around noon or during rush hour. The best times to get around town on the streets is in the morning from 8 AM- 10 AM or in the late evening after 8 PM. From 10 AM to 3 PM you can also use the roads without too much traffic jam but for Tuck-Tuck rides, it is a bit hot. The best alternative to Tuck-Tucks is the BTS, Skytrain, cheap and fast.

If you are not already there, you probably want to visit “Khaosan Road“. Most tourists, especially first-timers, look for the meeting point. You find a lively nightlife and all the tour companies, offering trips to every corner of the country, are represented there. In this area, you also find lots of cheap places to stay. Khaosan is right in the center of town and a good starting point to explore the city.

Last but not least, you can take the Tuck Tuck to my second tip of the top 10 things to do in Thailand.


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand

Eat Moo Kata

Eat Moo Kata


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Places where its not so hot


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand #2

One of the things you will do in Thailand anyway is to eat. Thailands cuisine has hundreds of delicious meals to offer and for a first timer, I often hear it is a bit hard to know what is best. I stayed here for a long time and when it comes to eating a really nice meal, I choose “Moo Kata


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Eat Moo Kata

The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Eat Moo Kata


My second tip is to go eat Moo Kata in a real Thai restaurant.

In Bangkok, there is a great place, “Pla Tong Mookata“, where you can get the delicious buffet in an original Thai atmosphere. With a Tuck-Tuck it’s not far from many visiting sites like the Grand Palace or the Victory Monument. If you get there early enough, you can catch a seat outside on the balcony and enjoy the view of the busy Phaya Thai Road.

Moo Kata, what is it? You will get to chose from all kinds of comestibles from different buffets, you then can either grill or dip in the soup on your table. Most of these places offer à discretion, one price and eat as much as you can. The Pla Tong Mookata charges 169 Baht a person, about $5.25. It is more expensive than street food but not to be compared.

Meats, seafood, mushrooms, sausages, vegetables, salads, fruits, and desserts are all-inclusive. What you have to pay extra is the drinks except for table water. I suggest you don’t fill your tummy with too many drinks but eat… 🙂

The second place and many say it is the best in Bangkok, is the “Best Beef” in Sukhumvit road. Here you get at least an as huge assortment of things to eat. It is a bit more western style and also a bit more expensive. The traditional all you can eat goes for 269 Baht and if you want to have all inclusive, even the beer you get that for 439 Baht. You have a two-hour time limit there to get as much down your throat as you can.

It doesn’t matter where you are in Thailand, there is a Moo Kata place for sure. Look out for restaurants with a lot of domestic guests, that proves the place serves clean and fresh food.

Moo Kata is something for the whole family. Your kids will find enough things to chose from to not be hungry when you go home. People that do not want to eat meat, can easily join the party with a fireplace of their own and do all the veggies and mushrooms, noodles and soy products, eat from the salad buffet and enjoy fruits and desserts all for one price.


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand

Tuck-Tuck ride in Bangkok

Tuck-Tuck ride in Bangkok

Snorkeling Kho Tao

Snorkeling Kho Tao









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The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand #3

Now it is time to move out of Bangkok I think. Although the unique city has very much to offer, I personally prefer to leave the big towns and enjoy the nature and beauty of Thailand. My next suggestion is to go snorkeling off the small island in the Gulf of Thailand, “Koh Tao”. From Bangkok, you can get there easily by bus.

Either you book an organized bus trip in one of the many tour agencies. The price is between 900-1100 Baht for the bus and ferry. Or you look for your public bus at the Sai Tai Mai Bus Terminal to the South and West.


Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Snorkeling On Koh Tao (2)

Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Snorkeling On Koh Tao


My third tip is to go snorkeling on the shores of the beautiful island Koh Tao

Koh Tao is not a big island and not very modernized but one of the most famous and beautiful places to go snorkeling and diving in Thailand. Many resorts spread all over the island invite to have the dream holiday of your life. I will never forget the three weeks I spent on Koh Tao.

The water around the island is totally clear, you can see colorful coral fish right looking off the rocks from the shore. Colorful sea stars, big shells, (these are protected so don’t take or buy them), coral reefs with a versatile underwater life are something you should not miss. The water is mostly calm and easy to snorkel in.

It is a warm water, crystal clear and not too deep so for exploring with your snorkeling equipment just perfect. If you stay at a resort near the shore, you can just jump off the rocks and start your snorkeling fun, no need to book expensive boat trips every day. Your kids will love it too, bring a floating device for them.

Koh Tao

Koh Tao

High season is in winter, from November until February. During that time I advise to book your beautiful beach resort in advance. Tip, on the backside of the island you have an unbelievable sunrise and a rather shady environment during the hot days. The small roads to get there are rather steep and dangerous though.

Some of the bigger resorts right where you arrive with the ferry are specialized for diving fans. I don’t find them too attractive and would look for a place a bit out of town. You can rent motorcycles on the island to be mobile in the evenings and discover the island during the day.

I strongly advise bringing your own snorkeling equipment at least the masks. Masks for rent are there but as you might imagine they are not in the best shape. The masks sold there are of cheap quality and might not let you enjoy your snorkeling experience to the full. Fins are not that important for snorkeling. But if you really need them, you might be lucky and find a matching pair.

You have ATM machines and a 7Eleven where you get the things you might need. Many restaurants serve delicious food, Thai style, and western meals. There are a lot of locals living on the island, meaning you can also enjoy the original Thai life there with cheap food stalls and fresh markets.

One meal you should definitely not miss out eating on the island is the “Tom Yam Talee” It is a seafood soup prepared with coconut milk, mushrooms, and lemongrass, not too spicy but totally delicious. Don’t expect a lot of beef on the island, if you find some it will probably be quite expensive.


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand

Eat Moo Kata

Eat Moo Kata

Longtail Boat trip

Longtail Boat trip







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South-west island


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand #4

For the next tip, You would have to go to Patong, Phuket. Patong is one of the most visited places in Thailand by foreigners, and at high season rather busy. There are things you can do though to get away from the crowds. Take a boat and hit the sea.


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Longtail Boat Trip

The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Longtail Boat Trip


Tip No 4, charter a longtail boat and do an overnight fishing trip to a small island.

Once you are in Patong beach you will see loads of longtail boat owners offering their service. I would go all the way to the left end of the beach, where there is a “bootleg“. There you find professional fishermen also using their longtail boats for tourist trips.

Get in touch with them and explain what you would like to do. You shouldn’t be in a rush, as there are some preparations necessary and the weather has to play with too. This two-day trip is not the everyday excursion tourists do, so you will need to tell the captain you have a friend that suggested this trip.

There is a group of fishermen led by Burma, he is a friend of mine, if you can find him tell him Stefan sent you, he’ll remember me and then you are in the best hands. Tell him you would like to go to “Koh Racha Yai” or “Koh Racha Noi“. Either one is fantastic, Koh Racha Noi, (small) can only be reached when there is a mild sea.

Tell them you want to sleep on the beach and prepare dinner on the island or on the boat. (Don’t eat in restaurants on the island, no good food) We cooked and ate on the boat, I also slept on the boat. It was fantastic, although a bit uncomfortable. You want to fish your dinner from the boat, they have all the equipment.

These longtail boats are actually quite big and you can take a lot of stuff with, like ice boxes, sunshades, maybe a tent or at least some mats to sleep on and some blankets. There will probably go about three or four people with you, they will help fishing and cooking.

A trip like this is totally adventurous and you will learn a lot about Thai people, how kind, caring and helpful they are. The boat ride takes several hours, make sure to take enough water, snacks, sun cream, glasses, hat and all the things you need sitting in the hot sun for hours.

Of course, you will bring your snorkeling stuff and life vests if needed. The sea there is perfectly clear, you can watch the fish 5 meters below eating your bait lol. Eating beautiful coralfish might feel a bit strange, but there are many and the locals eat them too.

You can bring beer on the boat but no whiskey, it is said to bring bad luck to the crew and the boat and is not helpful for the fishing fun anyway. We used to get our stuff right near the bootleg in a 7Eleven, don’t forget the cigs if you are a smoker.

The cost of a trip like this can be a bit pricey, the engine uses a lot of gas. I truly don’t remember how much I paid 10 years ago but about 5000 Baht will not be too much.

Deep sea fishing with Burmaa

Deep sea fishing with Burma

Of course, you can do this kind of longtail boat trips at many locations everywhere on the coast of Thailand. I proposed it for doing in Patong because I guess many of you will go there to enjoy the winter holidays or at least pass through there. I think instead of just hanging on the beaches and spend all the money in bars, it is something to do you will never forget.

PS. If you find Burma, please mention this website to him as I long lost contact with this my very good friend. You can also do some deep sea fishing with him, he’s a great guide. (he’s the guy in the blue shirt).


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand

Snorkeling Koh Tao

Snorkeling Koh Tao

Visit Phang - Nga

Visit Phang-Nga







Akaso Underwater Camera

Akaso Underwater Camera


Best time to visit Thailand


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand #5

Now that you are already in the south of Thailand, you must do at least a trip to the “Ao Phang-nga National Park” The mangrove region in the Phang-nga province is one of the most exotic places you can find in Thailand.


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Visit The Phang-Nga National Park

The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Visit The Phang-Nga National Park


Tip No 5, visit the most beautiful Phang-Nga National Park

You can easily get there from either, Phuket or Krabi. Even directly from Bangkok, there are buses available either private companies or public transportation.

The “Phang-Nga National Park” will give you the feeling being on another planet. The tropical landscape with fascinating looking limestone rock formations and the huge mangrove forests surrounded by the clear turquoise sea is a thing not existing twice in this world.

Taking a private guided boat trip exploring the large bay will let you enjoy the full beauty of the region. Caves, floating villages, and monkey temples, as seen in the video above, will make your Thailand holiday unforgettable and something you can talk about for many years.

To stay in the Phang-Nga district for a few days is another great option you might want to think about. Too many sights and attractions so close together you will not find easily again in Thailand and for a one day trip, I think it is just too much.

Many Hotels and resorts are offering accommodations in the region. Many of them are a bit on the expensive side but if you check here you will find a place for every budget. Due to the fast changes here in Thailand, I can not recommend any specific place. One day a resort is here and a super tip, the next year it’s gone or sold.

Beaches in the Pang Nga district you find actually only on the islands. Ko Yao Yai/Noi, Pipi island, and the James Bond are famous and exciting islands that can be reached from here or invite for another stage on your Thailand trip.


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand

Longtail Boat trip

Longtail Boat trip

Do the Meditation

Do the Meditation







Thai Cave Promo


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand #6

Take part in a real meditation ritual in a Thai Buddhist temple. Thailand is famous for being the land of the smile. Meditating is one of the practices most Thais do on a regular basis. Get an insight and feel yourself the sensations of several hours long stay at a temple.


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Walking Meditation

The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Walking Meditation


Tip No 6,  join an original Buddhist temple ritual.

I have done some initiation rituals to the Buddhist spiritual world. I had the chance to meet a very special monk who by accident practiced near my home for several years. He opened the doors for me to experience some fantastic rituals.

It all starts with a sitting meditation session, more than an hour, quietly meditating. Further steps follow like the one walking as you see in the video above and continuing with cleansing the inner self. It takes a whole day and consists of four steps. I don’t want to go into details too much here to leave you to have an extraordinary experience.

The best place you can practice this ritual is actually the temple the monk I met back there is practicing today. He is well known in Thailand although he still is rather young. People from everywhere in the country and even from other continents want to join his meditations and don’t shy from traveling long distances.

The name of the monk is professor Damee, he is currently found in the Wat Phanaruecha. He’s a very nice gentle but very active and busy person. A personality, a Thai citizen you want to meet. Find the address here. The Temple is in the Saraburi province, north of Bankok, in the 

Have A Look Int The Kitchen

Have A Look Int The Kitchen

For specific information of dates or group visits, as well as special events you can always contact me per Email or phone or get in touch with the Wat Phanaruecha FaceBook Page.

The gathering in real spiritual temples like these is always a very calming and joyful experience. There is food being shared and some talking together and sharing thoughts and love. No money is required to be paid but offerings made from the heart are always welcome.

I had some of the most amazing buffets during some of these spiritual celebrations. It is a tradition for everyone to bring some sort of eatable contribution to the temple and with sometimes hundreds of people, you can imagine what comes together. I would say you get the most intensive insight into Thai kitchen when you visit temple celebrations.

I am sure if you are really interested in visiting or actively practicing some meditation ritual here in Thailand you will be able to find similar chances all over the country. The place I recommend is one of the top favorites for the Thai spiritual followers but others offer the same exercises too.


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand

Visit Phang-Nga

Visit Phang-Nga

Lio Krathong in Sukhothai

Lio Krathong in Sukhothai







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The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand #7

Visit Sukhothai during Loi Krathong, is killing two birds with one stone. A must see in my opinion are the historical sites of Sukhothai and a spectacle you will never forget is the celebrations of Loi Krathong.


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Loi Krathong In Shukothai

The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Loi Krathong In Sukhothai


Tip No 7, visit Sukhothai during Loi Krathong

Sukhothai is placed in central Thailand near Phitsanulok. It is an interesting region with actually quite a lot of attractive places to visit. Although the center of Thailand is not that famous to foreign visitors I think it is definitely worth seeing.

Now, to visit Sukhothai during Loi Krathong is a special not many people in the world have the privilege to enjoy. On the 23. of November 2018 is the next chance to be there. In 2019 it’s the 13. of  November and in the year 2020, it is on the first November.

All The Best Luck for You

All The Best Luck for You

Loi Krathong is one of the most loved and celebrated Buddhist celebrations. It is held every year in the night when the moon is full in the twelfth month of the Thai year. In Sukhothai and other bigger places like Chiang Mai or Bangkok, the events take place over several days around the full moon.

In Sukhothai, you will enjoy huge culinary markets with deliciously prepared specialties from all over the country. Numerous cultural and historical traditional performances are held in closed arenas and smaller locations in the parks for free for everyone to see.

The actual highlight of the festivities and the thing all Thais love to participate in is to let a beautifully handmade raft into the water. The rafts are decorated with small candles and look amazing in the dark night. The celebrations are dedicated to the water. Thais are thanking for having live sustaining water and apologizing for spoiling the same.

Sukhothai is very popular during Loi Krathong so be prepared an do the booking in advance if you want to avoid stressful searches at the last minute.  Booking .com has very low prices, some even lower than booking at sight. For booking a ticket to the popular festival, (a great traditional “Lam” performance) you can contact the website of Tourism Thai.


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand

Do the Meditation

Do the Meditation

Ride a big bike to Umphang

Ride a Bike to Umphang





From A to B with Me, Khao Kho to Umphang

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The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand #8

To ride a Big Bike to Umphang is maybe not suited for everyone but I just have to mention it here. I have been there, by car though and it was an unforgettable experience too. But if you love riding a big bike, you must do this.


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Ride a big bike to Umphang

The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Ride a big bike to Umphang


Tip No 8, ride a big bike to Umphang.

I write, “big bike” not per accident, the road to Umphang can be very steep at some points and a weak vehicle, also one in bad condition will probably not make it. The so-called death highway, 1090, starts some kilometers before Mae Sot and is a stretch of about 200 kilometers until you reach Umphang.

The Tak Province, where the Umphang district belongs to is located in central Thailand in the west along the border to Myanmar. The region was a hiding point for political rebels and Burmese refugees and ethnical separatists and was fought over for a long time.

It is also said to be a center for drug traffic and distribution, still today and you are advised not to leave the main road to unknown villages or farms. This is the origin of the name, death highway due to heavy fightings during construction of the road.

Today it is relatively safe, there is a military presence left still but after dark, you should be in either Mae Sot or Umphang. I don’t want to scare you here but just to have it said. I had no bad experience what so ever 5 years ago and really do recommend going there.

The things making the trip to a top tip are the curvy road, the beautiful area around Umphand and the small number of foreign tourists you will meet there. It is not the easiest place to get to. The 1219 curves you will have to drive twice, once to go and again coming back are very tricky sometimes. I had to change into first gear quite sometimes.

On the way, there are some nice resting spots with waterfalls and a really exotic rainforest with plants not seen everywhere in Thailand. The unique villages with grass roofs on the way are worth seeing too. In the middle of the trip, you find a gas station and some shops where you can get an instant cafe and something to eat.

Watch the video above, behind the pic and get a small impression of what I am talking about. You can also find a bit more information on my post from A to B with me here. Another great bike tour region is the Kao Kho region, click here.

Nowadays I see lots of big bikes riding around Thailand, this was not normal ten years ago. I think you will be able to rent one in big towns like Bangkok or closer to Umphang in Phitsanulok or Phetchabun. Exploring the north of Thailand on big bikes is getting more and more popular, also with Thai Bike fans.


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand

Lio Krathong in Sukhothai

Lio Krathong in Sukhothai

Visit Chiang Mai for Songkran

Visit Chiang Mai for Songkran






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How to get around Thailand


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand #9

Visit Chiang Mai for Songkran. You can ask who you want and everybody will tell you to visit Chiang Mai for Songkran is the best. There is an exceptionally huge street party going on, also this year from the 13th to the 16th of April. 


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Visit Chiang Mai for Songkrang

The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Visit Chiang Mai for Songkran


Tip No 9, visit Chiang Mai for Songkran

In my opinion, Chiang Mai is a place you should not miss out when traveling to Thailand. Far up in the north, surrounded by mountains and National parks Chiang Mai is a very attractive region to explore another interesting side of Thailand.

If you have the chance to be there for Songkran, you will be able to learn how Thais like to really party. Songkran is the top festival of the year in Thailand. Big companies close their doors, production is stopped and every Thai has the chance to go visiting their family.

During Songkran life in Thailand stands still, people eat, drink, enjoy life and being with friends and family. In Chiang Mai, it has gotten a tradition to party even harder in the streets than other places in Thailand. Thousands of Thais and many westerners gather there for the biggest happening of the year which was also originated in Chiang Mai.

I must admit, I haven’t had the chance to experience this treat myself yet, Songkran, yes, but not in Chiang Mai. I love the water festival every year again also because it is in the hottest time of the year and the water splashing is great fun and a cooling sensation.

It doesn’t matter who I ask, every Thai says go to Chiang Mai, there is the biggest party. I was in Patong before at the time and it was fantastic too or in Bangkok, Khaosan road but as I was told nothing can beat Chiang Mai.

Songkran is also called the Thai new year, therefore you will be able to enjoy many different rituals in temples or in private home. Chiang Mai organizes beautiful traditional street parades with locals performing the dance (Lam) to traditional music. Lots of these rituals take place in the morning.

I already wrote a lot about Songkran in general, if you are interested click here.

One thing must be said here. Don’t drive during Songkran, there are many drunk drivers out there and can endanger your life.



The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand

Ride a Bike to Umphang

Ride a Bike to Umphang

Boat trip on the Mekong River

Boat trip on the Mekong River






Places where its not so hot

Dont worry be Happy


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand #10

Enjoy a Boat trip on the Mekong River. Up north of Thailand, the great Mekong river is dividing Thailand from Laos. There are several opportunities to enjoy a wonderful boat trip on this amazing river and see parts and insights of Thailand in a very exclusive way.


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Enjoy a Boat trip on the Mekong River

The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand Enjoy a Boat trip on the Mekong River


Tip No 10, enjoy a Boat Trip on the Mekong River

Last but surely not least I want to recommend a fantastic experience again up in the north. Why I love to explore the north so much is because of it’s preserved originality compared to the more touristic oriented places in the south.

There are many places where you can catch a boat an do a Mekong river tour but I want to talk about hitting the river near Nong Kai. Nong Kai is the popular visa run place for many expats here in Thailand and located opposite of the capital of Laos.

First, I love the small downtown of Nong Kai, it is quite unique due to its proximity to Laos. You find a multifaceted cuisine and interesting markets suited for strolls and small gift shopping. To stay overnight is not expensive up there and the people are very friendly and open.

Vientiane, the capital town of Laos is worth visiting as well. It is not that big of a city but by laying along the wide river and an international mixture of residents, beautiful temples and interesting markets you will be able to have an entertaining few days there.

Vientiane is a bit more expensive than Thailand, especially the restaurants got used to having customers paying quite high prices for their meals. Hotels and guesthouses are shooting out of the ground along the river banks and offer rooms for an affordable price.

The Boat trip you can see in the video above launches from the Lao side of the Mekong. I haven’t tried my self, but I am sure you can find similar tours from inside of Thailand if you do not want to cross the border. It is a very scenic area along the wild river bed where you see small villages and fishermen doing their work.

Whether you choose to take a luxury two-day boat trip like shown in the video or choose another offer, doesn’t really matter, a boat trip on the Mekong river is something you will remember for life. (check this too)


Thank’s For Your Visit

I hope you like my 10 top things to do in Thailand and have the chance to experience one thing or another. I am here for almost ten years and haven’t done all the exciting stuff I am talking about here, gotta have some visions for the future, and you probably won’t be able to do all of them visiting Thailand once.

So mark the page and check every time before coming back to Thailand. I know, if you visit this beautiful country once you are very likely to do it again.

Thank’s for visiting my post, and please tell me what you think about all this below in the comment section.

Have you been to Thailand before? Did you like it? Have you experienced one or the other of my tips here already and do you also think they are worth mentioning? Would you like to know more details? How can I help you?

Next, I’ll write about my top ten favorite Thai desserts, coconut, banana and mango stuff 🙂

I wish you all, the best time here in wonderful Thailand and everywhere else you might be.

See you, Stefan 🙂


The Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand

Visit Chiang Mai for Songkran

Visit Chiang Mai for Songkran



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  1. I always remember how excited I was when I went to Bangkok. The first thing we did was took the “tuck-tuck” during the night where you can feel the cool air. Shopping in a night market was a nice experience too , then eating spicy shrimp soup and fish foot massage. Visiting Thailand is really great. I will definitely be back and want to try your suggestions. I guess I missed a lot. Thanks for sharing these top 10 things.

    • Hi Timothy, I see you have some Thailand experience. I know, I could change this list many times with other ten best things to do and it would always be a great choice.
      Thailand has so much to offer, it is not possible to say what is the best. I tried to mention things that I love to do and eat and add some that are not that popular and suggested on every other website.
      I hope you come back and check new adventures.
      Thank’s for visiting, see you. Stefan 🙂

  2. Wow the journey to Umphang sounds both exciting and treacherous. But something I would definitely enjoy doing.
    Being somewhere a little “on the edge” is a great part about traveling. Although being near drug distribution routes may not be the best thing, the fact that so much conflict occurred just to build the road is an awe inspiring notion.
    I’m definitely considering visiting Thailand for my next trip!

    • Hi Isaya, Yeas, the stories around the region around the death highway are a bit scary. But I am sure you’ll like it there and will only have nice encounters if you take it easy and don,t use the road in the middle of the night. The drug area is not actually on the route, for to get there you need to drive far off the main route.
      I hope you make it to Thailand and visit my site again. All the best to you, Stefan 🙂

  3. Stefan, you are making me want to go so bad. I specifically liked the snorkeling idea. Will they have someone to teach you and make sure you don’t get in danger as a guide right?

    I spent some time in Korea and I loved Kimche. Do they have that there? Thanks for the great information.

    • Hi Ronnie, snorkeling, I miss it. On Koh Tao you can safely snorkel by your self. you don’t need to go far out in the sea, corrals and beautiful underwater life begin right when you jump off the rocks along the shore. There are diving courses there and guided boat trips to more secluded snorkeling and diving sites.
      I don’t know what Kimche is about, but if it is something to eat, the Thais probably have something similar 🙂
      Thank’s for your visit, see you later, have a great time. Stefan 🙂

  4. Hi Stefan! i really enjoy how you talk with such love about Thailand. I haven’t traveled much in my life, but reading this makes me wonder about the beauty i’m missing, i will definitely add Thailand on my bucket list. My brother is actually the traveler one, he was there the last month, but had no idea what to do there. Is such a sad thing i found this post just now. But i will save it for future references

    • Hi Ileana, I’m happy you like the article. I’m sorry for not being able to help your brother before he went to Thailand. I guess he’ll go again and then knows better what to do there. If you stay tuned you will find new posts and more interesting places I will write about.
      Have a great time, hope to see you again, Stefan 🙂

  5. Hi Stefan, I always picture Thailand as this mysterious country with strong cultural backgrounds, which fascinate me. I see that you outlined some great places to visit, of which the beatiful islands as well as the National Park must be a hit and a must see.

    Can you recommend some great places for the culturally interested? I see that there is this festival. Have you been there? Is that a place to look out for? Definitely; i would not want to go to Thailand to see some of its natural beauty, but I would love to see some cultural and historical places.


    • Hello Oscar, Thailand is a very cultural place indeed. Many things you can see and experience in and around Phitsanulok. The city itself has some very big, old and famous temples and nearby is SukoThai where I recommend to visit the Loi Krathong festival. A great insight into the Thai tradition also gives the Meditation day I mention. There you can experience the roots of Thai being, food, spirituality and patience.
      I hope that answers your question.
      I wish you all the best, please come back for another visit, see you, Stefan 🙂

  6. Hi Stefan, took me a while to read this book. LOL One thing for sure, I’m learning some new words. Thai is a beautiful place and there are a lot of exciting things to do. Snorkeling and fishing would be my choice, of course riding on the motorcycle trip wouldn’t be to bad either. Really good and informative post.

    • Hi, Fred and thanks for commenting. I know, there are so many fun things to do in Thailand. Snorkeling is also one of my favorites, especially on Koh Tao. I loved the time when I was in Pathong and went fishing with my friends almost every day. We caught the small squit in the bay, not too far out and ate them for dinner. The motorbike tour is on my list, as soon as someone is going with me I’m in. I got this 250 Phantom chopper here, I think that will do the job.
      Well have a nice time Fred, hope to see you back, see you, Stefan 🙂

  7. Very thorough article!! I have never been to Thailand, but I definitely plan on going some time soon! I will totally try all these things out, especially the bike ride to Umphang because I feel like this is a great opportunity to see the beautiful scenery and adapt to the culture! Thank you for this article!

    • Hi Jordan, You are welcome. It was fun writing it. Umphang with a big bike is on my waiting list too. A great choice. Maybe we can do it together 🙂
      I hope to hear from you again, have a great time, Stefan 🙂

  8. Thailand is way cool, I’ve always wanted to visit, how would you personally describe your experiences in Thailand? I think it’s a beautiful place that everyone should visit, thanks for all the fun ideas!

    • Hi Spencer, I would describe Thailand as always warm, beautiful nature, nice people and quite liberal, at least in the countryside.
      I love living here as the living costs are pretty low and the weather is good for me. For someone else, it might be a bit hot 🙂 I love the food and the fruit that grow all around the year. I like traveling and this is very cheap here too. All in all, if you like an easy style life Thailand is perfect. If you like it very clean and a moderate climate, you can find that but it will be a bit more costly.
      Thank’s for looking in and commenting, Have a fabulous time, see you, Stefan 🙂

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