The Best Cookware Sets 2018 Thai Barbeque Set

If you like Thai food, you need to know “Moo Kata”. The most fun and entertaining barbeque party you can have in or outdoors. Here you can check out the best cookware sets for this fabulous meal.


The original Thai Moo Kata Stove set

Original Moo Kata Stove Set


This unique steel aluminum barbeque set will be heated with pure chare coal. So if you use it indoors make sure you have a good air circulation and inflammable table. 

The set is fit to serve a meal for 2-6 people. You have an outside ring pan where you fill in the soup and the center hut you use to grill meat, fish, seafood or what else comes into your mind. I have the full moo kata recipe you can check out here.

Moo Kata is the most favorable party dinner in Thailand. Everyone loves to eat moo kata as you don’t have any limits to either what you put into your pan or on the grill nor to the time for how long you want to eat together.

Moo Kata is my personal favorite as well and when the occasion asks for a celebration, I invite for this Thai barbeque.

Now you, all over the world will be able to enjoy this fantastic food adventure at your home as well. The Barbeque set is sold on Amazon for as little as $50.00. It is an original Thai product and even me I have the exact same at home here. We bought it many years ago and with the proper care, Cleaning it is still fit for use.


Famous Food In Thailand

Famous Food In Thailand


Surprise your guests with something exotic they have probably never tried.

Everyone loves to barbeque in summer, sit outside and enjoy the weekend with some friends or family. Be the first one with the new style. Moo Kata will make your party a never forgotten experience, everyone will love to come to your place and try this delicious party meal.

Save your very own set now. Be the star of next summers barbeque season. Let your folks know you care and like the thrill of trying something new sometimes.


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  1. Hey Stefan, this Moo Kata Barbecue stove set looks really interesting. This is the first time I’ve heard of this thing. The picture you shared is very sweet. I like this kind of environment when family can come together and have a barbecue. It looks delicious too! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi Jerry, Moo Kata is not that known by foreigners, I know, although here it is one of the top meals to go eat with friends and family.
      The thing is, you can put on whatever you like to eat and like that it will be delicious for everyone.
      The sauce must be made delicious, then you can eat as much as you can.
      I wish you a great day, Stefan 🙂

  2. informative, I never really tried Thai food myself but my family on the other hand loves it. Some of my family members wanted to try to make Thai food on their own and failed, this could be because of the stove set they were using, which I am learning has a impact on how the food would taste overall.

    I hope that with this new information I would provide them with and the stove set and ingredients, they can get a great feeling of the culture as well as, the great taste the food provides for them. Thank You.

    • Hi Kell, You have never tried Thai food? You don’t know what you are missing. You can show your family the recipe I wrote for the Moo Kata menu, that should be easy to do at home.
      This Cookware set is actually not for Thai cooking in general, it is a Thai BBQ grill. If your family wants to cook other Thai meals they would have to get a “Wog” this is a light frying pan made of steel with a rounded bottom, can be used only on gas stoves or open fire.
      If you would like further information please get in contact with me, I will happily try to help.
      See you, have great week, Stefan 🙂

  3. I’ve always wanted Moo Kata but didn’t even know what to call it.
    I love the photo of the family around this hot pot enjoying a meal together. A utensil like this symbolises family togetherness which is fading away in the western world.
    Thanks for sharing this, its on my shopping list.

    • Hi Vince, you totally got it there, to gather around a Moo Kata with family and friends really is a collective and sticking together experience. One can help each other prepare the food an share the things one puts on the grill. It is also fun to “steal” someone’s ready meats when they are not watching 🙂
      Here in Thailand, the Moo Kata cookware set belongs to every kitchen, Of course, it is a bit cheaper here 🙂
      Have a great time Vince and I hope you will be able to enjoy Moo kata with your loved ones very soon.
      See you, Stefan 🙂

  4. I have always wanted to go to Thailand and try the authentic Thai food as I would imagine that it is much nicer than the takeaways from where I live. I haven’t tried to cook that type of food myself just in case I ruin it. Would this Thai Moo Kata Stove set help with the way Thai food is cooked or would just any pan work?

    • Hi Matthew, you would be surprised when you eat Thai food here, it is totally different. The original ingredients are not easy to find in western countries and takeaways make an average taste that everybody can eat easily, not too hot and not too exotic 🙂
      For you to make a Moo Kata I think should not be that hard, just follow my recipe, the sauce is the most difficult but as long as you like your sauce everything is fine.
      The specialty of this cooking sets are, they are heated with charcoal, that can be replaced with electric heat, no problem. But what is more important and that I haven’t seen with any other pans, is the two parts, the soup pot surrounding and the grill part in the middle. Fluids from grilling flow down into the soup bowl and make the soup taste better and better with time eating 🙂
      You’d just had to try it, then you know what I am talking about.
      Have a great day Matthew, see you, Stefan 🙂

  5. I love Thai food and everything about Thailand, errr … except the hot weather. But other than that, everything is great from the food to the different tourist spots and the people. I visited Thailand about 4 times and I really enjoyed it.

    Reading your post reminded me how fun it is to do this with friends and family. I enjoyed doing this with my friends while I was based in Hongkong. They call it “Hot Pot” in Hongkong while we call it “Shabu-shabu” here in the Philippines. Well, we may use different terms and use different stove sets but they’re one and the same.

    It would be fun to be able to do this food adventure again with Moo Kata barbecue set so I’ll be heading to amazon to check it out , thank you.

    • Hi Alice, thank’s for stopping by. I hear you, people knowing Moo Kata, know how fun it is to eat this meal together. It seems to be famous all over in Asia. I like the name Shabu-Shabu.
      If you don’t like the heat in Thailand you are not the only one, that’s why I wrote some articles about how and where to enjoy Thailand where it’s not so hot. You can click here and learn more about it.
      I want to visit the Philipines too someday, it must be great there everybody says.
      All the best, Stefan 🙂

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