South West Thahiland

Railay Beach

Railay Beach

South-west of Bangkok

Here in the south-west of Thailand are the places most people go when they visit Thailand. You find beautiful beaches with the clearest water and colorful sea life or fantastic nature Parks with lakes and wild animals.

The coast of southern Thailand stretches from almost Bangkok, Samut Sakhon, down to the border with Malaysia. See Map.

There are many nice little and big famous islands to explore for you on this side of the Gulf of Thailand. Most People prefer to make holidays in Phuket or near areas, like Krabi. An estimate of 40 million people visit these famous places every year. The good thing is most stay around a few specific centers, so there are still loads of areas where you don’t find it too crowded.


Can’t wait to see some beaches

Lonely beaches in Chumpon

Lonely beaches in Chumphon

Most of the world-famous beaches are located in the south-west of Thailand. Sure some of the most beautiful in the world. Party towns like I never saw anywhere else. The perfect place for young people that want to enjoy their holidays in the hot sun at the sea.


I want to stay on an island and eat coconuts

Kho Pitak Chumpon

Kho Pitak Chumpon

All kinds of islands invite to have a stay for leisure and fun. Just relax and enjoy the beauty of the clean sea with all the exotic coral fish and warm water. Snorkeling and diving are very popular here, so get your snorkeling gear ready.


I prefer natural and historic sites 



The great thing about Thailand is you find natural parks, amazing sites and historic architecture about everywhere. The limestone rock formations around Krabi make you feel like on another planet. The small fishing villages all along the coast or the sea salt production in the northern part are exciting to visit.


Our unique guided trip to the southern Thailand

All inklusive trip


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