Songkrang 2018 Thailand goes crazy

Song Krang Crazy

Song Krang Crazy

Finally, Songkran 2018 is coming and Thai’s go crazy

From Friday 13. to Sunday 15. of April we celebrate Sonkeang 2018 Thailand goes crazy.

Every year, Thai people can’t wait to celebrate Songkran. It is the biggest annual holiday in Thailand. People go home, to show their respect to their elders. Here there is a ceremonial washing of the elders on one day of Songkran. During and after this ritual a lot of drinking and eating is going on. I think these people spend their whole year’s savings during these few days. Thai’s go crazy on Songkran. Everybody eats and drinks all they like. Our small village is packed with people for about a week.

 School’s are off already since end of March and the hottest season in Thailand is approaching. What a relief, Water Festival.

Millions of Thai people move around the country, to get to where they have family and friends. From about the 7th. of April this year, streets are not safe anymore. Police are on high alert for drinking and driving. Traffic on all highways going out of Bangkok are packed with cars and buses of people going home.

The water here in Thailand is a very important element and during the hot season, many places run out of running water. If you get splashed with water, it means, the person, making you wet wants to give you all the luck for the next year. It is also common to smear the faces of people you like with a mix of baby powder and water, like that you have the chance to touch strangers, what usually isn’t proper here in crazy Thailand.

 Image result for thai girls songkran Image result for thai girls songkran

The whole party is a very friendly and happy happening. So if you join, open your heart and enjoy.

Don’t drive during Songkran 2017 Thailand !!!!!


Funny stuff for Songkran


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  1. Hi Stefan, your site is very sociable and easy to navigate. I hope to be able to travel to Thailand sometime in the future, and maybe you can put me through then? In the meantime, thanks for putting this together

    • You are very welcome
      I’m happy you like the site. Anytime, when you decide to come for a visit to Thailand, please feel free to contact me, so we can work out some details.
      Till then, feel free to recommend and share my site to friends and family.
      Have a wonderful time Stefan

  2. Hey Stefan,

    I have been to Thailand now mostly to the islands. I did spend a couple days in Bangkok but just missed the water festival. Glad I didn’t try and drive in Bangkok during that, I already had enough trouble not getting run over by Tuk-Tuk drivers 🙂

    Good read,

    • A good place to bee in Thailand on the islands. I miss them a lot too.
      there are many beautiful places in the center and north too.
      Just Bangkok is not my favorite as well.
      Have you been on kho Tao?

      • Hi Stefan, I have been to Koh Tao!

        There was great diving and snorkeling there and I actually have some really great GoPro footage from that trip. I will definitely be going back and can’t wait to explore a bit more.

        I also hiked up Nangyuan as well which was an absolutely amazing view!

  3. Hi Stefan, sa wa dee krap!
    Great post describing Songkrang 2017. After reading this post, I am getting so home sick. Because I was from Thailand and spend most of my childhood there. Now I am in the US., but my parents are still there, I hadn’t visit them for almost a decade now. I think there has been a lot of changes.
    I decided to visit them soon so I will bookmark your site for going home tips. I think there has been a lot change out there.
    Btw, thank you so much for sharing this awesome article.

    • Thank’s for the comment Manu
      I won’t reply in Thai, because I can’t write 555
      But something I like to know, Is there any Thai version of WA available? For my wife.
      I can tell you you miss much not living here. Ok making money is hard.
      Hope you get a chance to visit your home
      sa wa dee krap, kui gan mai

    • I’m glad it made you interested. You can have a lot of fun here in Thailand, not only during songkrang. Hope to see you one day.

  4. This party sounds awesome! I was in Thailand last year for about a month and missed the full moon party, but would way rather go to the water fight!! I sopose I will just have to go back!!

    • Yes, you missed something there for sure. It is not a water fight, in the contrary, people throw water at each other to wish them luck and prosperity for the next year. It is a honor to get made wet.

  5. Hi Stefan, great post. I’ve never been to Thailand but my friends are over there on holidays right now so they will be in the thick of this fun festival.I hope to do a trip with my wife to this wonderfull country soon in the future so I will bookmark your page. Thank you for this wonderfull site.

    • Thank’s Trevor
      I’m looking forward to see you when you visit Thailand. In person I can help you have a great time here. Please do check my site and learn more, as I try to update every day.
      Have a wonderful day Stefan

    • Hi Ramlee
      Thanks for visiting my site. Yes, it’s gonna be a lot of fun next week here.
      About the booking, if you have a preferred place where you want to stay, it’s probably better to book in advance. But the actual high season for tourism is already over so you will surely fined many places to stay everywhere in Thailand. Bangkok is very big and has thousands of hotels, apartments, resorts and so on. And at the beaches and other touristic places they will welcome you because the high season is almost over.
      If you want me to check anything particular out for you just let me know.
      See you and have awesome day

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