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Full face Snorkeling Masks

When I go to the beach in Thailand I want to snorkel. As I haven’t learned how to dive yet the best option is to get to a place with clear water and start snorkeling.

Why I never became a scuba diver is because of all the equipment needed. While snorkeling I can see all the beauty underwater but don’t need all the stuff that is needed to do a scuba dive. My snorkeling time is not limited to oxygen tanks, I don’t need to get on an expensive boat ride first and all I need to have a great diving experience are the Seaview 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask and a pair of US Divers Trek Travel Fins.

On Koh Tao for example, where most scuba divers and passionate snorkelers go when they come to Thailand all I need to do in the morning, is getting out of my bungalow and jump in the water with my mask and fins and the adventure can begin.


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180° Undistorted View

Better view than ever

We can be so happy to live in a time where quality technology has reached the fun sector. I remember the first snorkeling masks I had as a kid, tight but not waterproof, a big screen but always foggy and a view only straightforward.

Today I use the Wildhorn Seaview 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask and enjoy my hobby with a view I never dreamed of. I now enjoy an undistorted maximized field of vision through a lens designed and refined by scientists and professional snorkelers together.

Never before I had the chance to see this much life around me while just looking into the shallow water around the islands of Thailand. I tell you this is something really amazing.


Air flow

Breathe With Nose and Mouth

Snorkeling Masks Full Face Allow Breathing Without Disruption

The huge advantage of breathing normally like outside of the water has to be getting used to first. Before I always had this big, uncomfortable piece of rubber in my mouth, now that’s over forever. No more snorkel in my mouth, no more squeezing my nose, no more blowing out snorkel after diving deep.

Today I can breathe with both, nose and mouth like not wearing a mask and don’t have to worry about water entering my lungs after a deep dive exploring corals more closely. The dry snorkel technology ball sealed snorkel top locks out any water trying to get in while swimming under the surface.


Anti Leak Silikone Insert

Anti Leak Silicone Insert

The Real Water Tight Full Face Snorkeling Mask

I am a lazy shaver, no problem with this mask, my three-day beard leads to no leak in the sealing of the mask. The Seaview 180° is tight in seawater. A genial built-in one-way valve lets water easily run out if there is any after all.

High Tec silicone insert guarantees a nonstop snorkeling adventure because of the real watertight seal around your face.

Don’t use the Seaview 180° in depths more than 10 feet though. The water pressure in your ears is not adjustable using a full face mask.


Snorkeling Masks Full Face No Foggy View

Because the breathing unit is separated completely from the viewing area there will no fog build up in your mask.

Humid and warm exhausted air that used to come out of my nose built a fog screen on the window of my old masks. Today this cannot happen anymore, due to two separated chambers. The breathing chamber and the eyes chamber.

In extreme cold situations, the solid viewing screen can be prepared with a tiny layer of non-corrosive toothpaste to prevent fogging even in these harsh conditions.


Get the right size

Get the right size


Overall Ranking

I say this is a great step in the right direction. For me, the snorkeling fan the full face mask brings snorkeling to a new level.

This exact product is top three of the most sold  Snorkeling Packages

It comes with a good price and an even better quality and snorkeling experience. I do recommend to try this Seaview 180° and come snorkeling around one of our beautiful Islands here in Thailand.


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Seaview 180° Review

Seaview 180° Review


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  1. You got some great information here. I have been to Thailand for few times but not for snorkeling. I will definitely consider snorkeling for the next trip. Only reason I would go for snorkeling is to enjoy the view under the sea and your information in the post is helpful. By the way, which beach would you recommend for snorkeling in Thailand?

    • Hi Bela and welcome to my site.
      I tell you, snorkeling in Thailand is something you will never forget. I would go to Koh Tao, a small island in the Gulf of Thailand, there you find the most beautiful snorkeling sites all around the island. Colorful fish, sea stars, and corals, clams, and sponges live there not deep in the clear water.
      I hope you have a great time and come back to my site some time.
      See you Stefan

  2. Hey, great post. I myself have not invested much time into researching snorkeling masks, so I have had no idea how far they have come. I do however remember using them as a young boy, and I remember how tight that they would stick to your face, making me feel very uncomfortable. It is amazing to see how far technology has come, as now water doesn’t get in the mask.

    Does it feel like you are wearing sunglasses?

    • Hi Jakob, thanks for the visit.
      This snorkeling mask is a good thing, though they are not really like sunglasses lol. They fit tight to the face as well and leave a red ring on your face after wearing them a long time. This cannot be avoided due to they have to be tight to not let water get in.
      Still, these masks are the best on the market today.
      I hope this answers your question. Have a great time.

  3. This is awesome, Thailand is on my bucket list for sure. How cool are those snorkeling masks, have never been scuba diving as I’m so scared of deep dark waters and closterphobic (so the gear freaks me out) but definitely want to try snorkeling!

    • Hi Rezah, nice to meet you.
      Snorkeling in Thailand is one of my favorite adventures. I don’t know whether snorkeling is a problem if you are claustrophobic as long you stay just under the water surface. The Full Face Mask Seaview 180° is covering the whole face but in a panic situation you can just pull it off and relax.
      I hope you will be able to enjoy snorkeling and at least give it a try. You don’t have to go deep and what you see isn’t dark at all but nice turquoise and colorful fish and corals and other things of the SeaWorld.
      Have a wonderful time and ask more if you are unsure.
      See you Stefan

  4. What a cool idea! This snorkel sounds really neat, I’ve been snorkeling many times in the Caribbean but have never encountered this gem. Thanks so much for the recommendation; great article content as well.

    • Hello Jilystar, and welcome to my website.
      For me, the invention of this mask was the best thing happening in matters of snorkeling fun.
      I am sure when you have tried it out once you will never want the old style ones again.
      Try next time and tell me what you think of it.
      Hope to hear from you again. Have a great snorkeling time.

    • Hi Eyoviel, thanks for visiting.
      Come and experience the thrill of snorkeling in the clear colorful waters of Thailand.
      See you and have a nice time.

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