Free sky Train Map of Bangkok

Sky Train Bangkok At Night

Sky Train Bangkok At Night

 Free Sky Train Map Of Bangkok

Check out your favorite BTS stations 

Check free map of Thailand

Check Lopburi old Town City Map

Click on the small map below and get a really good view of the sky train and Bangkok.

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Bangkok BTS Map


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  1. Great site Stefan. Truthfully I have never traveled only vicariously through friends. Many have been to Thailand but as I’m not an experienced traveler your site gives me a lot of confidence to want to explore. I like to know ahead a bit what I’m getting into. Not so great at winging it. I will favorite your site for the day I make my way over there. Thanks again for all the great information you provide.

    • Hello Zenon, sorry but I think you don’t know what you are missing out not traveling. I have been traveling since I was a young boy and couldn’t imagine a life without it. Of course, you are very welcome to inform yourself ahead of a trip to Thailand, that is what my site is made for.
      I hope you will find the time to come visit one day and until then I provide more information every day.
      See you and have a great time, Stefan

    • Hi Oh, I am glad you like it.
      It seems you are from Thailand, I hope there are some interesting posts for you. Did you notice, you can change the language into Thai very easy on the right side on top.
      See you and have a sabai time.

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