Places to visit in the south of Thailand

Pak Tako beach

Pak Tako beach

After a long stay in Switzerland, I finally came home to my beloved Thailand. First thing on my to-do list was to go explore a new area for you to explore with me.

Join me to see some places to visit in the south of Thailand.

After leaving my friends, having some parties and left some tears I took the very comfortable but long flight to Bangkok by Thai Air. I arrived at 5.30 in the morning and for the first time, my wife was actually waiting for me at the arrival gate.

She slept at the airport and when we wanted to leave the parking she had lost her parking ticked:) My first 550 Bath went down the river and at the same time I lost all my expensive tobacco from Switzerland. Like that we left the airport and after 100 meters we got stuck in the first but luckily also last traffic jam.

Around noon I had my first real Thai noodle soup in one of the many food shags along the road and things got better every hour.

The road we took was No.4 Interstate, it takes us straight to the south along all the places we had time to see.


Phetchaburi is a town worth a short stop at least.

While already thinking of the beaches we drove into the town of Phetchaburi. There we were told that the beaches of Cha-Am are far better but then I saw this old temple while driving through the old part of town.

Wat Mahathat Worawihan

Wat Mahathat Worawihan Phetchaburi

Wat Mahathat Worawihan

It was amazing driving through these narrow streets full of shops. A very busy little town and it was very hot at the time so we didn’t want to walk and see all the seafood or other stuff to eat.

Fruit and veggies of all sorts, as well as cloths and plastic stuff, is sold in small shops one after another and cars can only drive walking speed. Phet is an old town and has a lot more to show but I was eager to get to the beach.





Oh, look at this, a visitor in my open-air office.

By the way, this is my office at the moment.

I am back at the Dragonfly Farm Resort in the north of Bangkok, home sweet home.



Ok, back to the story. with a full and happy tummy, we continued our trip to our first destination. The plan was to sleep near the beach the first night back in Thailand. I was still quite tired and that is why we chose the closest nice place to the airport direction south-west and that is Cha Am.

Cha-Am beach

Cha-Am Beach


Is a place mainly visited by people from Bangkok at the weekends. It is not that expensive and you find all the real Thai food and entertainment. We arrived on Sunday night, that is when most of the tourists left already.

First, a young guy on a motorbike wanted to show us a room and we went to see it. That was a bad idea because we decided not to take the room and the guy got angry and even wanted 40 Bath for gas, which we did not pay of course.

Along the beach, there are hundreds of places to stay. Hotel rooms for only 4-500 Bath, with pool and air condition but built quite cheap or, as we decided, small Bungalows for around 1000+-Bath also with aircon. and some with swimming pool.

Food Stall along the beach

Food Stall along the beach

For dinner, we ate at a food stall along the beach not on the beach side, a lot of fresh seafood with rice and soup and yam, the Thai salad. The three of us paid about 140 Bath instead of several hundred in the restaurants or like on the pic at the beachside.

We didn’t need the pool though because I love to play in the sea at the beach, which we did the next morning till around ten before hitting the road again.


Chumphon District

The drive from Cha-Am to Chumpon is a 300 km. ride. In Chumphon, we took the smaller road 41 to the south till we reached Sawi. From there we decided to try a very small road, the 4001 scenic road along the coast.

scenic road 4003

Scenic Road No. 4003

Since we didn’t have a map or GPS nor any other knowledge of the area it was quite an exciting trip through these unpopulated and undeveloped mangrove forests. My wife started to get impatient as there were no real towns and not one 7 Eleven

Finally, at one point we reached the beaches and the drive got very scenic. No people at all, just sandy beaches, coconut and palm oil plantages. Some monkies and very few houses. The road went up and down, left and right and we just followed the scenic road sign.


Lonly Places in Chumphon

Lonely Places in Chumphon



Then, at last, we reached a village. My wife still not very convinced as still there was no Seven but at least there was an ATM machine at the government building. In mid village, I saw something that looked like a resort and that is what I wanted to check out.



The “Cottage by the river” in Pak Nam Tako village

Is something I am really happy to have found. It has just opened six months ago and is owned and being run by a very nice elderly lady. We got a clean room with all the comfort needed for a fair price.

Ban moo 1 is a small village sitting in the middle of mangrove forests at the delta of the river Nam Tako. “Pak Nam Tako” means the Nam Tako delta. It is a fishing village where foreign tourists haven’t been seen much so far. There is a nice beach and a lot of nature to explore.

Food is excellent and not expensive. You cant expect western food there though.



From the cottage we were invited to take a tour to a small island, really small, we walked around half of it in 30 minutes. Kho Pi Tak can be reached by boat for 40 Bath a person and on the island, you can eat the freshest seafood fried rice or a great raw horse krab salad, delicious.

In the evening I bought a few beers and the landlord offered food and music. Like that we had a great small party going on the porch at the river bank.

We stayed there just for one whole day and there would be much more to tell and show. I loved the place and I am sure to visit it again.

Pak Tako banner


Let’s go to Khao Sok

Our last destination and actually the reason why we went that far to the south was to visit a Swiss friend for the first time here in Thailand. Another 300 kilometers of beautiful road, first direction Surat Thani and then right through the hills and finally mountains on Interstate 401 to Khao Sok.

Khao Sok National Park has gotten quite famous among foreign tourists as the scene is totally amazing. Steep mountains and caves, waterfalls, one of the biggest lakes in Thailand and jungle with wild animals everywhere.

The last evening of our trip we celebrated in the sympathetic pizzeria in Khao Sok. That was a bit expensive for once, 2000 Bath for four pizzas and some wine:).

That’s about it, there would be lots more to write about what we explored during these interesting six days. Unfortunately, I and my family started missing our home and decided to drive back the next day. A  long drive, 16 hours in a row we made around 1100 kilometers and arrived at four AM at the dragonfly farm.


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    • Hello Nelson
      That is right, 30ThBath is about one Dollar.
      The cost of living strongly depends on your individual needs. Here in my village a lot of people have their own house and can live off less than 300 Dollars a month. I and my family use a lot of electric power which makes life a bit more expensive, like about 500 Dollars. For a tourist, I think the minimum for a decent holiday is about 1000 per month and person.
      You can find more information on this issue on my post “How much money do I need in Thailand“.
      Thanks for the comment and have a great time

  1. hello, it seems so nice in Thailand. It is always good to travel and to have that kind of experience. Your post is really awesome and will be of good help to those who one day would want to visit this country.

    • Thank you Norman, I really hope you will have the chance to come and visit one time. I will show you around and help you get the most for your money.
      Have a nice time and see you, hopefully soon:).

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