My Thai Guide to make Yourself Happy in Thailand

Let me introduce my Thai guide to happiness

  • Put yourself first, be the lead actor in your movie.
  • Do what you need to do from your feeling in your stomach.
  • Forgive yourself for what you did in the past.
  • Don’t try to make everyone happy.
  • Live today, every day.
  • Think positive, say yes to life.
  • Use your time wisely.
  • Giving is better than taking.
  • Eat and drink.
  • Do not get addicted.
  • Get involved with music.

Thai people are masters in Technics how to make yourself happy

It’s no surprise, that here people know how to make yourself happy in Thailand. I use people here as my Thai guide to staying happy. As Thai people in common are not rich, they have many Technics to make them selfs happy without spending a lot of money.


  • Thailand is famous for the best massages. All over the country, you can get great oil, foot or other massages for a really good price. In Thai culture, it is normal to touch each other and give massages. Children to parents or just anyone to anyone to show friendship and love. It’s a relationship to the body, which people in “developed” countries nearly lost. Being touched makes happy.

Exotic fruits 2   vegetables

  • If you eat fresh fruit and vegetables it can help your well being. Just the look and taste of these wonderful creations of nature will give you a happy feeling.
  • Eating sweet and or spicy makes happy too. Both release happy hormones after consuming.
  • Don’t eat big meals at a time, better eat many times a day. You can enjoy the process of eating more often and don’t suffer under a heavy stomach.

phi phi beach Relaxing on the beach 3

  • Playing with water, a thing every kid already loves to do. Beautiful scenery and clean water to play in helps your soul to relax. Give yourself into the joy of being “silly” once in a while, get out of yourself.


Was this of any help to you?

Me at home

If you have any questions or something else you would like me to know, please feel free and comment at the bottom of this page. Thank you!!!


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stefan vogt


  1. This is such an awesome piece of article. Really meaningful. I like when you said
    “Live today, everyday.”
    Sometimes, travelers forget the fact to live in the moment, to be happy with the present instead of trying to capture the best shot for instagram just to show off or to please people.

    I will definitely remember this advice. Thanks

    • Thank’s Ramlee
      It is true, today people enjoy taking photos of drinking cafe more than the drinking it self.
      I do what I do for my self and not for an audience.
      Being said, let’s go have some fun and live life in the moment
      Have a wonderful day Stefan

    • I just checked your website a bit, nice stuff. but I haven’t found the comment place, sorry

  2. Thanks for an inspirational article! Just what I needed today. Thai people are surely better at enjoying life and be happy for the simplest things. All people should look at your list every day and remember life’s blessings.

    I have been in Thailand 2 times and I loved it. There isn’t any place as magic as the beaches in Thailand and the jungle with all fantastic vegetation. The only thing I wish I hadn’t done the last time I was there, was to eat a salad that probably was rinsed in their water. I got sooo sick and stayed most of that stay at the hospital. I would strongly advice people to be very careful with the water and ice in their drinks. Otherwise, it’s amazing!

    One thing though that pierced an arrow straight through my heart…They should definitely ban the elephant riding. I did ride an elephant myself before I found out years later how they beat them and take the mother away from her baby elephants to break their spirit, so we can ride them. Horrible!

    I guess with all good, come bad things, which you can find in most countries. Thanks for the motivation and for reminding people to spread the love!


    • Hi, I’m glad you could take something of my page.

      I don’t know about the salad and water thing, I eat salad regularly at home and rinse it with tab water. I never got sick so far. What I always say, eat in places where Thai people eat. The restaurants for Thai customers are better looked after. Thai people love Thai people and take care for them. sometimes Workers in Tourist Places are a bit jealous of Westeners and don’t take too much care for them.

      the elephant riding also has two styles, one animal friendly and the other only money making. I suggest to get informed how the particular place is being run before riding on these beautiful animals. I look forward to writing a post about these topics in time thank’s.

      Thanks for this informative comment

      I wish you all the best and hope you come back to this wonderful country and maybe visit us.


      Ps. Send me your URL to comunicate over that too.

  3. Thailand is on my list of traveling for quite some time now. It just seems very expensive to get there, but from what you say and what I have heard, living there is not that expensive.

    About the massage 🙂 only the best reviews about this practice in Thailand. I hope I will enjoy my massage soon enough. Thanks for the read, was fun !

    • I’m happy you liked it.

      As much as I know flights to Thailand are some of the cheapest for the distance.

      Hope to see you soon here on the dragonfly farm

      have a great day Stefan

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