My Lopburi Pictures 2017 Part One

More Lopburi Articles:  Old Town,  Maps,  Cheap Place

My Lopburi Pictures 2017

My Lopburi Pictures 2017

My Lopburi Pictures 2017 Part One

Lopburi is such a great town and photogenic, I just had to take a ton of pics here. Here I want to post some of them listed in categories according to the written posts I published on Lopburi. The first part shows pics of the general Lopburi and in the second part I show the historical sites, and the third part will be about the Museum.


Monkey Pictures

Gimme Some Fruit

Gimme Some Fruit

No Soda Is Better

No Soda Is Better








Some City Shots


Some Street Art


Some Fun Fair Pics


At The Wednesday Market


Some People At Work


Night Life In Lopburi


See You In The Next Picture Post

Greetings From Lopburi

Greetings From Lopburi

More Lopburi Articles:  Old Town,  Maps,  Cheap Place


Our unique guided trip to the southern Thailand

All inklusive trip


More Interesting Stuff About Thailand

Thai Cave Promo

Pak Tako banner

Historic south west


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Stefan Vogt introducing form



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  1. I just love all of these photos! Especially examples of everyday life.It must be so much fun to photograph the monkeys! Nice post, Thailand is so beautiful!

    • Hi Colleen, thanks for looking in. True, it was a lot of fun taking the pics, especially the ones with the monkeys. That was not always easy as they climbed up on me or jumped on me while at work. One even took my cigaret out of my mouth, smelled on it and threw it away lol.
      At least I haven’t got bitten or stolen there, what some other visitors had told me, happened to them.
      I too love to take pics of the everyday life but didn’t know that they would be interesting for others to look at.
      Have a great day Colleen, see you.

  2. We are invited to a wedding next July. It will be in Thailand. I have to figure out the travel routes. So this is very useful. Thanks for posting your ideas.

    Absolutely beautiful!

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