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  1. Hello Stefan,
    A real good site with structure and that reflects your passions and project in wich you are involved !

    I have a good friend and he is also a Thailand lover and he will move to Thailand soon !

    You give good advice for the tourists that go to Thailand very detailled because I know a lot of the country listening to my friend and his adventures in Thailand.

    The Thai are a very polite and gentle !

    Nice to travel with you a litle bit !



    • Hello Attila
      Thank’s for your positive comment
      If your friend likes to know anything I might know, please let him know I am always here to share information.
      Things as visas or land buying are quite important if you want to sty in Thailand and I made my share of experiences already.
      I am happy you like my site and look forward talking to you again.
      I guess you have your own website, give me your URL and I’ll be your critic.
      have a wonderful day


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