Lopburi Thailand Map

Lopburi Thailand Map, click the map to get the full view.  Lopburi Pictures#1

Lopburi City Map

Lopburi Thailand Map


Monkey Town Lopburi

Lopburi Monkey Temple

Lopburi Monkey Temple

Lopburi Thailand is a very old and important town in the Thai history. Lopburi, also called monkey town, has got its name because of the friendly living together of people and monkeys. The monkeys have a high prestige and are treated as a lucky charm by the residents of the old town.

In this post, I put together two maps, you can use to walk around Lopburi old town and see some of the amazing sites the city has to offer.

Historical site tickets:

The museum has its own ticket, 150 Baht. Valid one day, several entries.

There are three more sites that charge each 50 Baht, they sell a pass for 150 Baht which doesn’t really have any advantage. Valid many days, several entries.


Historical Sites Tour Nr.1

The first walkabout tour brings you by some of the famous historical sites and parks. The tour takes about 4-5 hours and is some 4-5 km of a walk if you look at everything passionately. Along the way, there are several nice restaurants and cafes, where you can either eat or get refreshments or cafe. At two places you will be charged an entrance fee, 150Baht/pers. for the museum and royal palace and 50 Baht for the ruin site Wat Pra Sri, Where we start the tour.

Lopburi Downtown Tour

Lopburi Downtown Tour 1

I start the walkabout right in front of the train station (1). It easy to find and right in the center of the interesting part of Lopburi. (2) Across the road is the entrance of one of the bigger historical sites, Wat Phra Si Ratana Mahathat. The main and biggest remaining building is a “Prang” of 30.7 meters in high. The religious place was first built in the 14th century.

From here we walk along the railway up to the 7Eleven, where we turn left into the Phraya Kamchat Alley where on the next corner we find the two guesthouses (3) “Ma Tini” and “Noom” these two places serve a nice breakfast or fresh cafe.

Lop Buri Royal Palace

Lop Buri Royal Palace

Further, straight down the Phraya Alley, we reach the ancient Royal Palace (4), Phra Narai Ratchaniwet. It was built by King Narai the Great in the years 1666 and used as the royal residence over many years. Today it is housing an interesting museum, showing artifacts and history of the region and Thailand in general. There are exhibitions in several buildings and a shop and restrooms.

From here we walk along the palace walls on the right side of the palace until we reach one street before the Lop Buri riverfront. This is where we turn left again and look for the Wat Choeng Tha (5). This is a practicing temple today but well worth a look at and walking around the compound.

Lopburi City Gate

Lopburi City Gate

We leave the temple through the Wat Choeng Tha Alley to the palace walls and there turn right. At the corner of the palace, we take the Phra Ram road straight to where we can see some remains of the old city walls. There we walk along the Pratu Chai road and find an old city wall gate (6). We go on walking straight until we reach the rails.

We cross the rails same direction and walk along the remains of an old fortress and further to a small watergate on the right-hand side (7). After the bridge, we take a left again and start our stroll back to the train station. On the way near the river, I found this newly opened restaurant (8), a really neat and sympathetic place where they serve nice food also on a sheltered platform some meters above the restaurant.

Nice Food Nice Place Nice People

Nice Food Nice Place Nice People

At the next corner, you take a left again and reach the train rails which you can follow back to the train station. To cross the rails is a normal thing here in Thailand, just look out for leaving or arriving trains!!!!

On this little journey, we didn’t see the monkey center jet, this is going to be the second stroll around downtown Lopburi.




Historical Sites and City Jungle Tour Nr.2

This, my second stroll also took me about half a day. It is a bit more walking and less staying at one site. This time I went to see the monkeys. I suggest doing that as early in the morning as possible. The monkeys wake up shortly after sunrise and at this time they are less aggressive and it is much more fun to walk around them. Still be careful with your belongings, they like to grab things and run.

One of the smaller ones climbed on my shoulder while I was taking pics and took my cigaret out of my mouth and threw it on the floor:). I was there 6 Am already and took some pics as the monkeys were still asleep. I then watched them slowly one by one get up and start wandering around and looking for food and playing around.

Lopburi Thailand Map 2

Lopburi Thailand Map 2

Phra Prang Sam Yod

Phra Prang Sam Yod

This trip starts from the 7Eleven (1) near the train station and the first destination is the monkey temple (2) Phra Prang Sam Yod. There are a lot of monkeys and some people only look from the outside. When you want to enter they charge 50 Baht, and you can walk the inner of the Sam Yods (three Towers) there is not a lot to see but some small bats hanging from the seeling and some almost destroyed stone carvings and a Buddha statue.

Just opposite is where the monkeys are getting fed, San Phra Kan (4). You can walk around it and see the monkeys eat tonnes of bananas behind the shrine. (3), Wat Nakhon Kosa is the next site, which does not really show much anymore.

From here I like to walk to a small but very beautiful street along the canal (5). I found this street because members of my wife’s family live there. It is like a small piece of jungle. On the right side of you see a wild lake, river, where people are fishing or just hang out. If you are lucky you can see quite big varans in the water. Beautiful big old trees give shade to the walk and some old residents do old-style meat preparing along the way.

Beautiful Walk Along The Water

Beautiful Walk Along The Water

Once you arrive at the end of the alley you can enter an old but still in use temple (6). Wat Tong Pu is a nice place to look at with some very old buildings. To enter the antique rooms you will have to visit at the weekend.

When you follow the road I signaled you walk past a nice Hanuman statue and some old style wooden buildings with food stalls where you can try the dried pork meat seen before with sticky rice, a nice breakfast. Before passing the rails turn right and visit another nice glamour full temple (7). I recommend these sites more for the walks to get there than for the sites themselves.

After exiting the temple, the same way you enter, you cross the rails and go straight till you have to turn left into the Sura Songkhram road, walk straight until you reach the corner of the Bon Mueang Alley and turn right. After some 50 meters you reach the biggest fresh market of old Lopburi (8), where you get the chance to eat all kinds of original Thai treats like duck soup and many more.

Walking further some meters on Bon Mueang Alley you find the two more or less interesting historical sites (9)+(10). For the (10), Ban Wichayen you would have to pay another 50 Baht if you didn’t already buy the pass for 150 Baht, but I would save this money, there is not really much to see.

Prang Khaek

Prang Khaek

From here you walk back to the Starting point. Passing the Prang Khaek (11), in the middle of the road where you take a right turn until you reach the Ratchadamnoen Alley where you turn right and walk up to the train rails and the 7Eleven.

I hope you will enjoy my small walkabouts through the heart of old Lopburi. I know there is more to see in this special town but for this time I had only time for these strolls. Next time I get the chance to come back I will discover more and you will know for sure.


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  1. This is a wonderful overview. I’m looking forward to the food. It’s my favorite cuisine!
    I’ll be there in July 2018!

    • Hi Zaid, If you are in Thailand next year you will have a great time eating all the fantastic food here.
      I wish you a great time over here and hope to hear from you again.

  2. I alway thought about visiting Thailand but never knew what they had to see there. Now I am excited by reading these post to make it a reality!

    • Hi Jeremy, you will be surprised how much Thailand has to show and offer. For me, Thaiand is one of the best holiday destinations in the world.
      Pack your bags and check it out. It is not even very expensive here.
      Have a great time Stefan

  3. Thailand sounds so beautiful. I really want to go see these monkeys! Before noon. lol. About how much is 50 Baht?
    The large food market sounds so awesome. I love open air markets like that where you can get local fruits and vegetables and dishes cooked right in front of you. Just watched the video…it’s so pretty there! And I saw the monkeys!! Thanks for the post. What a wonderful place to live:)

    • Good morning Jennifer, thanks for stopping by.
      You will love Lopburi, there are markets and food shags everywhere. Fresh fruit and vegetables are essential to the Thai kitchen and are being sold everywhere and all day long.
      50 Baht is $1.53 today, there is a currency converter on my website:)
      The monkeys are great and material for a good story for every visitor lol. I would love to live in Lopburi but now I have my Dragonfly Farm in the Phetchabun province and here it is very nice too.
      I wish you all the best and hope to hear from you again
      See you Stefan

  4. HI Stefan, thanks fr the post guiding us on the historic places of Thailand. I have visited Thailand but more than 12 years ago so there must be a lot of change now. Love the Thai food.

    • Hi, Deepika, nice to meet you. As I see it, in old Lopburi has not much changed in the last 12 years:) It is a tranquil place and I guess it is not well seen tearing down old buildings there for new constructions. All around the outside of the town center, of course, there is great constructing and development going on all the time.
      Luckily the Thai food stays delicious as always.
      Thanks for the visit and have a great time.

  5. Wow!!!! Great post, I was planning on visiting Thailand next year so this is really helpful thanks

    • Hi Salvador and thanks for dropping in. You are welcome to check out all of this website and get a better picture of where and when you want to visit this beautiful country.
      See you and have a great day, Stefan

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