Kao Sok National Park Floating Bungalows

Khao Sok National Park Floating Bungalows

Kao Sok National Park Floating Bungalows

The great adventure of Kao Sok National Park Floating Bungalows is just one of many things to enjoy in the region

For people visiting the southern part of Thailand, I must suggest you hop by the Kao Sok National Park. From Phuket, it is an about 150 km long drive through beautiful nature. Once you arrive, you find yourself in another world.


Cheow Lan Lake

Cheow Lan Lake

One of the most popular activities is a boat ride on the Cheow Lan Lake and one or more overnight stays in one of the many bamboos floats resorts, inviting for an exceptional experience. The artificial lake, Dam, built only in 1982 is huge. It covers a space of 169 km² in the middle of the dense rainforest and is surrounded by amazing nature.

The building of the dam was a big project in the 80s and had almost four hundred families relocated. The idea of the lake was to develop the region in different ways. Irrigation systems were built for rubber, vegetable, and fruit plantations, freshwater fishery and electricity were introduced. The large lake also provides flood control in this rather rainy region.

Today nature has completely recovered and the lake is also used as a recreation site. Thousands of Thai visitors come by, mostly for weekend excursions but slowly the region gets known by foreign visitors wanting to enjoy the beautiful National Park.

My friend, who lives in Kao Sok told me there were more people, mainly younger, adventure seeking visitors from all over the world arriving and some staying for even months at a time. It is a fantastic place, green, lush and wild. The infrastructure is slowly growing but as for today, you find Kao Sok as a very small village in the middle of the tropical forest.

The only place to access the lake by boat is near the Rajjaprabha Dam, “the light of the kingdom”. You will find several boat operators at the beach and can choose what offer you find most interesting. A better way to organize and book your lake adventure is when you stay in Kao Sok village for a night or two and check out all the possibilities offered there by locals.

Onc you stay on a floating resort, I heard, that one should find a boat trip leaving early morning. This time the chance to see some of the wild animals coming for a drink at the lake is best. Several monkeys and nice big birds can be seen all day long but the more shy and rare bigger mammals like the wild elephants or the siam tiger or some tapirs come out only in the early morning when it is still quiet or at night when you won’t see them.

Fresh Water Fishing In Kao Sok

Fresh Water Fishing In Cheow Lan Lake

The water in the lake is clean and fresh, you will need to take a dip in this unforgettable scenery. If you love to do some fishing there, I must say, the wild fishing is officially not allowed. You can try and find a boat owner with a smaller boat though and maybe convince him to take you for a more private trip. My friend told me he did some fishing trips with friendly locals and they enjoyed great fish meals in the evening. Or check out this opportunity I found on the net. (Click here)



Khao Sok National Park Floating Bungalows

For 3000 Baht a night and person, you can get a standard tour all inclusive with three meals and boat and bungalow. The stay in one of these exotic bungalows is quite basic. You will find a mosquito net over a double bed and a van in your room.

Cheow Lan Lake Bungalows

Cheow Lan Lake Bungalows

Of course, there is a small shop where you can buy the most basic and essential stuff like water, milk, sodas, and beer, snacks aso. Food is being prepared fresh. Some fruit will be available too I guess. The restrooms are on shore but kayaks are there, free to use.

The peace and quiet at night are exceptional and the fresh air you wake up in the morning is something you won’t find in many places anymore today. Bring some good shoes, a hat and maybe a mosquito spray with. Don’t forget your camera lol.

There is always a more luxury and more expensive offer available, some of these charges up to 30’000 Baht a two/day, one/night trip per person. I don’t want to go into details here but you find these on the internet, looking for Cheow Lan Lake Bungalows.


Kao Sok Green Valley Resort

I got a great Thai friend in Kao Sok too. He is the owner of the Kao Sok Green Valley Resort. The place is really beautiful and not even expensive. From there you can get the best information on lake adventures and park hiking, canoe rides and so forth. (Check his video here.)

The place is clean and the price is fair. Only 1000.00 Baht a night for a bungalow for two, which is ruffly $15 a person.

Kao Sok Green Valley Resort


Check out more about Kao Sok National Park

This is all for this time. I will be posting the second part of this post very soon and describe the Thai National Park itself with its greatest virgin forest, fauna and flora and more about the sympathetic village of Kao Sok.

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  1. Hey I’m just wondering where you can book bungalows for 3000 a night?

    • Hi, Bungalows for 3000 Baht a night you should find about everywhere. Check out my booking .com search engine, add a destination and see the offers. 3000 Baht equals about $100 I think that should be easy to find. If you want me to check more specific information send me an email and tell me some details so I can ask my friends down there.
      All the best, see you, Stefan 🙂

  2. I’d simply love to go to Thailand. It’s in my list and I won’t be going there without referring to this site. This place Kao Sok looks amazing! Thank you very much for putting this together. See you there!

    • You are welcome, Marcus.
      I hope you make it here and let me know. We might meet and I can show you some hidden gems!!!
      Thanks for the comment and I wish you all the best.

  3. Hi Stefan,
    Thailand is number one on my list of top places to go. All of my friends have been and they say it is absolutely amazing. Kao Sok looks beautiful and I can’t imagine how wonderful it would be to see wild elephants and tigers drinking at the lake. (As long as you stay out of sight I guess ha ha). And I love the idea of staying on a floating bungalow, as it is probably something you would never get to do again. Thank you for all the information, now I must get saving because I can see the British pound is not worth much so I’m guessing I will need more money than others.

    • Hi and thanks for your visit Stefanie.
      I heard a lot of the pound has dropped in the last years. But you know you are still in quite a good position compared to the Thai people.
      We don’t go for holidays often but when we enjoy them a lot.
      The stay on the floating bungalows is not exactly the cheapest way to live in Thailand but for a night or two it’s affordable I think.
      Have a great time and see you

  4. Hi Stefan,
    Thanks for this post. It’s good to learn about Kao Sok National Park as it sounds to be a beautiful part of the world.

    I was interested to read about the artificial lake and that so many families were relocated. We have a similar lake in the North Island of New Zealand. It was a very strange feeling when the lake was completed knowing that the bottom of the lake was once a large residential area.

    However, your description of the beauty of the Cheow Lan Lake with its floating bungalows, beautiful scenery as well as the animals makes it sound like somewhere everyone should plan a visit to. A place to rest and relax far away from the hustle and bustle of life in cities throughout the world.

    • Thanks Valerie for the comment.
      I thought so too, that the commitments for those people living there before were big for sure although the Thai government paid good compensation.
      Now they can work in the tourist industry and have their big farms they got presented.
      Now it is really quiet there and the perfect place to relax.
      See you and have a nice time.

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