Islands in the South West of Thailand


Kho Pitak Chumpon

Kho Pitak Chumpon

Now you get to see most islands reachable from the west part of South Thailand. Some have their own airports, most you reach by boat.

I again start on the top east coast and follow down, then get back up on the west coast. I have to reduce the number of islands I can show, there are too much. Some small islands are secret and can not to be visited by everyone. Here the most known and easy to get to Islands. For the special smaller ones you can get informed at the tourist centers in Thailand.


  • Ko Tao (Turtle Island)

A wonderful island especially if you like to snorkel or dive would be Ko Tao. You get there by speed boat and can by your trip right here.  There are many different resorts to stay on Ko Tao so it’s worth to have a look around.

I stayed on the back of the island for a few months in a resort which wasn’t open then but sure is now. There I enjoyed the most beautiful sunrise. It was very isolated and a bit hard to get to, steep streets to a rocky coast.

Image result for free pics koh tao Image result for free pics of koh tao

Ko Tao is a divers paradise, not a party island, and not too much to see on land. The water is amazing, clean and clear, you see all kinds of coral fish just looking in the sea from a rock on the coast. Rent a motorcycle to get around, or stay at the entry village with many diving schools.

Beware you visit nature, try to respect guidelines that are made to protect this nature. Ko Tao is a breeding ground for green turtles and hawksbill sea turtles. Around the island live more than 220 species of coral fish and 130 different species of hard corals. Ko Tao is one of the worlds most beautiful diving sites and likes to stay like that. There is a lot of effort taken to improve the unstable situation. So please don’t just think of yourself, but for a future generation that might want to enjoy the beauty of Ko Tao too.


  • Ko Pan Ngan

This Island with a perimeter that you can walk in one day, 40 km. has bays and beaches all around. It belongs to the Samui Archipelago and stays in the middle between Ko Tao and Ko Samui. Here a lot of backpackers love to come and enjoy the not too expensive offers.

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Ko Pan Ngan is famous for the full moon parties that are held regularly at Haad Rin Nok Beach. Once a month you can count on a party with around 30’000 people at the beach. Another party, half moon party is held in the bush near Ban Tai. Today, Police are more careful with controlling drug possession today, so be careful and don’t use drugs.

The government is trying to make the island attract more families, as it has so much attractive nature sites and a good price level.


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  • Ko Samui

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Ko Samui is the biggest sister of these three. It is also the most exclusive and expensive one. If you want to stay in a really beautiful clean beach resort and don’t think about money too much you want to look for it on Ko Samui.

The island is not only that of course. Thousands of tourists enjoy the easy island life on Ko Samui. You can find places in all price categories.

The infrastructure is well built out on the island where you can get western food and all conveniences families and “normal” tourists don’t want to miss.

Ko Samui is quite big and has its own airport. There are also ferries, on those you can easily bring your car or bike. To have a vehicle on this exciting island is of great benefit due to the size and the many small bays and beaches you might want to discover.


  • Ko Tarutao


Image result for Koh tarutao Image result for Koh tarutao

Ko Tarutao is one of the last untouched islands you find in the Andaman sea. With a  size of about 26*11 Km., and most of it is a natural park, you still find bungalows and rooms in a price range of 500 to 8000 Thai Baht. Get more info. A diverse range of wildlife survived on land and in the water.


  • Ko Lanta

This island belongs to the Krabi Province. Beautiful mangroves and limestone formations together with rain forests and many beaches make this wonderful island a top destination.

Image result for free pics of Koh Lanta Image result for free pics of Koh Lanta

Booking.com offers deals from as little as 350 Thai Bath per room and night. If you like snorkeling, water fun and nature pure you might want to spend your holidays or at least a few days on this island.


  •  Ko Pipi (Pipi island)

Image result for Free pics of pipi island Image result for share pics pipi island

These pics show the difference between high and low season on Pipi Island. To Pipi Island, you get from Phuket town by boat, ferry. It is a very small island and full of resorts. A small village, and many beaches, snorkeling sites and diving opportunity. You don’t need a car or bike there. If you travel without a woman, be careful, every girl, woman will love you.

During high season, it can be very crowded on Pipi. Make sure you have a reservation if you want to spend Christmas or New Years on the island. The island is very popular for one-day trips as well.

I was on Pipi once, I loved the ambiance and I must say it is worth seeing. A lot of nightlife, beautiful beaches and not expensive rooms. There is a Muay Thai place, very entertaining.

Boat rides to small close by islands like the famous Beach movie island can be arranged here. Another favorite for many tourists is to join boat trips around the island to beautiful snorkeling sites or just enjoy the great views at the exotic island from the sea.


  • Ko Racha Yai

A small island you also reach from Phuket, has been developed only after the big tsunami. A very beautiful place to snorkel and dive and enjoy the whit beaches and clean water. There are some few places you can stay over night.

Most visitors come here for a day trip. Food and drinks are quite expensive and not always of best quality, maybe bring some of your own. But the corals with the amazing fish make that up many times. Have a look.


These were a few of the bigger examples of wonderful islands in the south west of Bangkok. I hope you enjoy the selection and find the right destination for you.


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    • Hi Fiona, Thanks for your comment. Today, the currency converter of my website said, 29.12 dollars for 1000 Thai bath.
      I hope you have the chance to visit one day.
      Have a great time and see you.

  1. Hi Stefan,

    Another post with so many wonderful places to visit. Thank you for the great information. I have added one or two to my bucket list to visit.

    Though you have piqued my interest with the secret islands. Would love to see a post about them and why they are secret 🙂

    Have a wonderful day


    • Hi Brendan, Thanks for the comment. If I get information of the secret islands, I will definitely write a post. I only know, that they host endangered species of animals and are off limit for tourists.
      Have great day too, and I hope to hear from you again

  2. Hi Stefan

    Secret islands hmmm, that sounds really tempting to explore! I am someone who doesn’t like to travel much but always say depends on the location and this could definitely be the location 🙂
    After being in the city smog for so long this looks and sounds like a great getaway, one that might be hard to return from.
    Curious to know how much Ko Samui costs per night for 2?

    This really looks amazing Stefan and thank you for sharing this wonderful part of the world with us.


    • Hi Kamil, glad you like my post.
      About Ko Samui, first most resorts here in Thailand you pay per room. One to four people are normal, Thai people sometimes use a room for ten people. They are not worried sleeping on the floor.
      The room price on Ko Samui I would guess start around 1000 bath up to 30″000 Thai bath per night. When I was last there I looked at some awesome resorts but when I saw the price….
      I hope that helps you and if you really want to go and want a offer, just ask again and I’ll look into it.
      I wish you all the best and hope to see you again.

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