How to travel to Switzerland

Instructions for how to travel to Switzerland from Thailand.

See you later Chon Daen

See you later Chon Daen

It is 43 C° and the clouds start dropping their load. A heavy rain is pouring down, six hours before I get on the bus to Bangkok.

My feelings are jumping around since days. I have to go to my home country to earn some money. My family here in Thailand lets me do this because earning a living for a foreigner is not that easy here.

I love the idea of going to where I was born and at the same time I hate leaving the place I belong. My wife starts preparing the last meal I will eat here, with the ones I love. For now, until in a few months. It’s gonna be one of my favorites, “moo nam tok”. A pork steak in a spicy marinade get grilled or fried, then sliced in nice pieces, together with a bunch of raw vegetables and sticky rice. For dessert, sliced mango with sweet coco sticky rice.

Me and my wife, we are not really sad for the fact that we don’t see each other face to face for a while. It is the second time we practice this and know, time runs fast. I will be busy and her as well. We have contact, thanks to modern technology, on video chat and can be together a little every day. My daughter doesn’t seem to have a problem with me leaving. Not yet.

I can’t wait until I get the first piece of Swiss bread in my mouth.

It’s dark already and we wait for my bus. It leaves at 10.30 at night and I arrive in Bangkok around three in the morning at the bus terminal. My flight goes’s at twelve thirty the next noon. To arrive in time at Suvarnabhumi airport, I need to take the last bus this night.

It is the cheapest way to get to the airport which is about 400 kilometers away. From my hometown, I pay 180 Thai bath which is about 6 bucks. From the bus terminal to the airport with a minibus, one change, I pay another 150 bath.

Now we have to say good-bye and are sad after all. The first text message I get half an hour later, sweetheart, I miss you.

It is a long ride to Bangkok and the bus is quite full. Still, I can sleep for a little while. Around halfway, we take a rest for toilet and to buy something to drink or smoke a cig. Next stop Bangkok.

Three in the morning and busy like always. Only the pharmacy, where I should buy some meds for a friend, is not open. I hang around for a while to decide whether I should take the minibus that found me, or wait. With a yogurt drink and another few cigs, I get to the conclusion, that there is no better way to get to the Suvarnabhumi airport.

I climb into the full packed minibus and we take off. They seem to have waited for me, it was packed and stood there for at least half an hour. After another 40 minutes, the bus driver stops and tells me to change to another minibus. He tells me to go ask first if that one really goes to the airport. All this happened in the middle of a road and I was happy it wasn’t rush hour.

Safe and sound I arrived at the Bangkok international airport, shortly before five in the morning. Almost another eight hours till take off. Luckily I found a direct flight to Switzerland, for 555 Euros. But until then, some long lasting hours to get through. I drank some sodas, ate went to several toilets and checked every pharmacy for the ordered meds, just to find out, they were sold out. Anyway, I checked in, passed border control, where I met an immigration officer I know and went close to the gate to lay down a bit and listen to an audiobook story with my mobile, free LAN.

Suvarnabhumi is a great airport. Food and drink everywhere, nice treatment at the border and bad smelling smoking languages. Before the border, I could smoke outside but I was getting a bit tired after more than 24 hours without real sleep and just wanted to get as close to my plane as possible and lay down for a while. The laying chair area is a great service for this purpose. Mobile battery charging stations everywhere and a lot of space for privacy.

Twelve o’clock, boarding time. One o’clock lunchtime and one thirty sleeping time.

Have a nice trip yourself, take care and don’t drink and fly.


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