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This is actually a post on which I am looking for people to help me protect the environment around me.

Here in the heart of Thailand people are very poor. I try to improve their situation not by giving money but by giving work. Around here live mostly elderly people which don’t get jobs and have to look for their grandchildren. So what do they do for money, they go into the woods, cut trees and make charcoal. Every single individual I can employ has enough money to not need to make charcoal. I already invested tens of thousands, almost 200 thousand dollars in land and work. My plan is to grow trees that can be harvested in an environment-friendly manner.


We use as little chemicals as possible. My wife and I go regularly to workshops, provided by the Thai government or private to learn new techniques of environment-friendly farming, “permaculture” and protect the environment.

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Normally, in this world, it is all a matter of money. If we can pay income, the people will follow and help protect the environment. If not they go on using their long known ways to improve their life. The sad part is, most of what they have done in the last years was not exactly improving nature and health and environment. At the moment there is a big movement into BIO production in Thailand, also pushed by the government of Thailand.

So what happens with your donations?

My work that is already going on, is going faster. I can employ more people, they learn how to produce environment-friendly and you too can live in a cleaner world, eat high-quality products and worry less about losing forests.

All the wood you see here is cut uncontrolled. Forests get cut down every year. These people are doing this to survive and because they don’t know better.

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Six easy tips that everyone can follow to protect the environment

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  • Separate your garbage and throw away only what can not be recycled. Also, see this link 

    Most of our waste is useful in one way or another. Fabrics, glass, metals, electronic devices or wood can be used second hand or recycled.

    Plastics today, are mostly made out of recyclable materials.

    Green waste can be used to create fertilizers.

    Batteries are extremely dangerous to the environment and should be returned and recycled.

  • Try to avoid creating tons of waste. Image result for flea market pics

    Sell your stuff second hand or give it to thrift stores or friends, family or let it get recycled. Selling stuff at flea markets or garage sales is a lot of fun. You can’t imagine how many interesting people you can meet on a Saturday at the flea market.

    Don’t buy stuff you do not really need.

    Go shopping with your own bags and buy open products, they are healthier anyway.

    Try to leave as much packing material as possible in your store, maybe then they change their packing policy.

  • Try to use things as long as possible. Image result for pic iron pan

    There are new products on the market every day. If you use your old, good working products longer, you save a lot of money and the environment. Better take a holiday in wonderful Thailand.

  • Try to get your broken equipment fixed. Image result for fixing stuff

    This creates jobs in your community and helps to protect the environment. I know, today most new products are not more expensive than the price of fixing. But remember, cheap products don’t work long and soon you’ll have to buy the same item again. Also, see this link

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  • If you have a little garden or even a bigger piece of land, learn to practice permaculture.

    Do not use chemicals. All you need in your garden you can produce yourself. Google permaculture and get all the information you need. You can have beautiful flowers and natural tasty food you can eat without worries about getting sick. More the opposite experience, healthy, BIO fruit and vegetables are on your table every day. Also, see this link


  •  Save electric energy and try to buy sustainable energy.

  • Use modern lighting systems, like CLF or FL Also see this link

    Regulate room temperatures wisely. Very warm rooms and very cooled rooms do not contribute to your health.

    While cooking, cover your pans, most energy while cooking is wasted out of your pans, so just put a lid on them while cooking and save a lot of your energy. Also, see this link.


Was this of any help to you?

Me at home

If you have any questions or something else you would like me to know, please feel free and comment at the bottom of this page. Thank you!!!


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Dragon Fly Farm’s Donation Plan

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  1. I love the concept of your website and few sites I have encountered with that are much concerned about the environment and its society (people). Your post gives a real view or perception of the place which you wanted to protect with. The website in its entirety is awesome, also it has choices of language for the readers which they can select from. What else? Just keep it up and I look forward to visiting Thailand soon. It’s a nice place pretty sure. I am supporting you in protecting mother earth and Thailand.

    • Thank you for your positive comment. Why Don’ you give me your URL and I can look at your site too.

      I hope when you visit Thailand you come see me, so I can show you some unique incites.

      see you and have a wonderful day


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