How To Protect The Environment

Dragonfly Farm, Always Some Work To Do

Dragonfly Farm, Always Some Work To Do

How to Protect the environment also in Thailand

This is actually a post on which I am looking for people to help me protect the environment around me.

In return, I want to present you a selection of products produced here in Thailand on BIO farms around my place. Health products like Moringa leave or Tamarind or Coconut Oil or some healthy roots berries and nuts I will review later.

We luckily live in a country that has not lost the connection to the old traditional knowledge of the power of nature. Still, like everywhere natural products struggle under the competition with new style pharmaceutical products. luckily, the old people still know whats good for ya.

These healthy products ironically often grow by them selfs, for free, but the more monoculture exploits healthy ground the lesser space remains for the wild growing food supplements.

Within a permaculture, we can reserve enough room for trees and bushes to grow on their own. The quality of products produced in BIO, permaculture projects is proven much healthier and richer in their character. Many natural medicines only grow in the wild and cannot be cultivated.


My Donation Program

Cafe Grown in Permaculture

Cafe Grown in Permaculture

Here in the heart of Thailand people are very poor. I try to improve their situation not by just giving money but by giving work, engaging them in a project that will help them even after we are long gone. Around here live mostly elderly people which don’t get jobs and have to look for their grandchildren. So what do they do for money, they go into the woods, cut trees and make charcoal.

My goal is to employ these people, for a wage that allows them to stop producing charcoal. Things have bettered already since I’m here, every now and then we plant new trees and people from the village help keep the fields clean. We try to find a good mixture of trees that can be harvested and trees naturally grow in the region.

I already invested tens of thousands, almost $200 thousand Dollars in land and work. My plan is to grow trees that can be harvested in an environment-friendly manner.


The word is spreading

Whole regions in Thailand have already changed into environment-friendly areas, where the use of chemical help is not appreciated. Most of these projects are lined up by the Thai government. They chose places where they think many visitors come by. The focus has not yet reached our region which was pretty much left to its own till about a year ago.

Mixed Permaculture Garden

Mixed Permaculture Garden

But like with everything in Thailand, these things as well can change fast. My wife joined a group of permaculture instructors, she and I took part in education weekends and started to produce at our home. The thing is, permaculture needs a lot of investment, not particular money but time. In a place though where money is hard to earn anyway, it is very difficult to change the system from monoculture to permaculture.

We now already have a few followers in our village and the understanding of the pros of using fewer chemicals is growing. There is still a long way to go. That’s why I ask for your support.

Donate some money and get BIO health products in return.

Normally, in this world, it is all a matter of money. If we can pay income, the people will follow and help protect the environment. If not they go on using their long known ways to improve their life. The sad part is, most of what they have done in the last years was not exactly improving nature and health and environment. At the moment there is a big movement into BIO production in Thailand, also pushed by the Thai government.

Right now I am at a permaculture practice center

How To Protect The Envirnment

How To Protect The Environment

I am at my teacher’s place in Khao Kho, Phetchabun Thailand. He owns this farm since generations and is producing in an economic manner. It is interesting to learn about all the old fashion plants he is growing here. Nuts and leaves I haven’t seen before but are sold to Austrailia for good money.

Here in the region is also cafe arabica produced, all natural and without chemical herb- or pesticides. Mushrooms are another product


So what happens with your donations?

I employ more people. Our permaculture project grows faster and fewer people need to cut trees to survive. The opposite is happening, we will plant trees.

With your money, the forest will grow back and people learn to grow their food environment-friendly.

My work which is already going on is going faster. I can employ more people, they learn how to produce environment-friendly and you too can live in a cleaner world, eat high-quality products and worry less about losing forests.

The average wage of a worker in our region is only around $300 a month. To be self-sufficient we will need help for about the next 10 Years. By that time our farm will have grown into a long-term sustainable project. The plan is to use solar energy and wind wherever it is possible.


All the wood you see here is cut uncontrolled. Forests get cut down every year. These people are doing this to survive and because they don’t know better.

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Six easy tips that everyone can follow to protect the environment

There is always something we ourselves can do to help the environment. The small things that many people practice are the things that count in the end. Of course, there are big institutions, charities as well, that do help Nature and the world. We try to do the small stuff but direct. We don’t need a big administration and all our action is directed straight to the purpose.


Separate your garbage and throw away only what cannot be recycled. Also, see this link

Not Very Nice

Not Very Nice

We Can Do It

We Can Do It









Most of our waste can be used in one way or another. Fabrics, glass, metals, electronic devices or wood can be used second hand or recycled. Plastics today, are mostly made out of recyclable material. Green waste can be used to create fertilizers. Batteries are extremely dangerous to the environment and should be returned and recycled. Glas and metals are being recycled all over the world for centuries.


Try to avoid creating tons of waste.

Fleamarket is fun and protects us

Fleamarket is fun and protects us

Sell your stuff second hand or give it to thrift stores or friends, family or let it get recycled. Selling stuff at flea markets or garage sales is a lot of fun. You can’t imagine how many interesting people you can meet on a Saturday at the flea market.

  • Don’t buy stuff you do not really need.Go shopping with your own bags and buy open products, they are healthier anyway.Try to leave as much packing material as possible in your store, maybe then they change their packing policy.


Try to use things as long as possible

Try to give things a long life

Try to give things a long life

There are new products on the market every day. If you use your old, good working products longer, you save a lot of money and the environment. Better use that money and take a holiday in wonderful Thailand.

I know you neighbor has a new this and that, who cares, up to him. Think how much you have to work for buying all the new stuff. Money is time, let’s have more time.


Try to get your broken equipment fixed.

No Man No Cry

No Man No Cry

This creates jobs in your community and helps to protect the environment. I know, today most new products are not more expensive than the price of fixing. But remember, cheap products don’t work long and soon you’ll have to buy the same item again. Also, see this link.

Fixing stuff myself is a great satisfaction. If you have some skills use them, if not train them. Instead of watching an unimportant TV show, fix your pants or car. Beware, fixing electrical devices without instruction can be dangerous.


If you have a little garden or even a bigger piece of land, learn to practice permaculture.

Private small perma garden

Private small perma-garden

If there is a way, do not use chemicals. All you need in your garden you can produce yourself. Google search “permaculture” and get all the information you need.

You can have beautiful flowers and natural tasty food you can eat without worries about getting sick. If you have kids around, you don’t have to worry if they pick some berries or a carrot and eat them without you seeing it and washing the goodies before consuming.

Healthy, BIO fruit and vegetables are on your table every day. Also, see this link                               


Save electric energy and try to buy sustainable energy.

We are Nature, lets do it like Nature

We are Nature, let’s do it like Nature

Use modern lighting systems, like LED, CLF, or FL Also see this link. The good old Osram light technic produces 80% heat instead of light, today we are able to use much more efficient light sources than 100 years ago.

  • Regulate room temperatures wisely, too warm rooms and overcooled rooms do not contribute to your health.

While cooking, cover your pans, a lot of energy is wasted out of your pans through the open top, so just put a lid on them while cooking and save a lot of your energy and money. Also, see this link.

Try to use renewable energy. Today even small solar cells are available. Think about powering, for example, your new garden shag or outdoor lighting with solar cell sets sold in most hobby centers and mals or on the internet of course.


Now, this is about it.

Thanks for your interest and if you want to help us get going protecting the environment please leave a Donation.

I am always reachable here in Thailand while overlooking what is happening with my money.

Stefan Vogt, 67, moo 8, Salalai, 67150 Chon Daen, Phethabun, Thailand

Tel. +66 (0) 96 515 5943 

EMail, exploringrealthailand@gmail.com 

EMail, dragonflyfarm52@gmail.com 

FB-Messager, https://www.facebook.com/stefan.vogt.370

Bank Connection

Stefan Vogt, 623-0-15494-3, Krungthai Bank, KHBKBKTH

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  1. I love the concept of your website and few sites I have encountered with that are much concerned about the environment and its society (people). Your post gives a real view or perception of the place which you wanted to protect with. The website in its entirety is awesome, also it has choices of language for the readers which they can select from. What else? Just keep it up and I look forward to visiting Thailand soon. It’s a nice place pretty sure. I am supporting you in protecting mother earth and Thailand.

    • Thank you for your positive comment. Why Don’ you give me your URL and I can look at your site too.

      I hope when you visit Thailand you come see me, so I can show you some unique incites.

      see you and have a wonderful day


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