How to get around in Thailand

How to get around in Thailand can be a bit of a struggle sometimes.png

How to get around in Thailand can be a bit of a struggle sometimes.png

There are many ways to get around in Thailand. Within this section, I introduce different possibilities to travel.

If you travel individually, plan at least one night in Bangkok. It’s a very big city and you rely on arrivals, departure times of buses or trains. Bangkok is an interesting place with lots to see and definitely part of exploring real Thailand. Tons of markets and temples. But not for me, too many people and pollution.

You can rent a car right there at the airport and drive in direction of your preferred destination. Don’t drive inside Bangkok the first time you visit Thailand it’s very busy and I would call it dangerous as long as you don’t have some experience in driving on Thailand’s streets. Not forget we drive on the left side.


If you have to drive through Bangkok by car, make sure to use a tollway. There is less traffic and less chance to get lost.

Floating market in Bangkok





You can get anywhere you want in Thailand with public transport and very cheap too. But you should know where you want to go. See Map. A quick way to get around Bangkok is by the sky train. Today the sky train to Suvarnabhumi Airport, the main international airport in Bangkok, is connected and in use. For your return back home from Bangkok, I have a little interesting link here.

The fastest and most convenient way to get to your next bigger destination is by plane. There are very low priced inland flights in Thailand. In fact, sometimes it’s the cheapest way to get around Thailand. Sure you miss out all the beautiful views on the way. To book your flights in Thailand I recommend to use Traveloka, which is an online booking service that gives you the best deals in and outside of Thailand. You book, pay and get your ticket all on your smartphone, easier it will not get.

thai air asia

There are several bus terminals. You can choose from a variety of bus services. The VIP, two story Bus gets you to almost every well-known destination. You can book tickets in advance and the prices are not much higher than the regular bus.

The regular bus ” rod bus ” get’s you everywhere in real Thailand. It will stop many times, so you can smoke or use the toilet. Maybe you have to change the bus sometimes but the service is very good and you are taken care of. Drinking alcohol and smoking is not allowed inside all buses. Exploring real Thailand in the regular bus adds a lot of adventure to your trip. You meet the locals, see many places. At most stops, there are local markets very close by, where you can get some food or gifts. ask the driver when he plans to take off to the next stop. Most Thais don’t speak much English but with a little inspiration, hands, and feet you will be understood.

elephant baby

Last but not least there are the minibus ” rodtu ” transport companies. These are very common for they get you from point to point. These are air-conditioned vans for max 12 people but often I am almost alone in a bench and can lie down. The prices are a bit higher than the regular bus but cheaper than VIP. You ask for “lodtu / rodtu, pai” Phetchabun, for example, and at the airport information, they should know where your terminal is located and how you get there.

A nice way to get around in Thailand is by train. See railway map.

For long distant trips, the rail is a very good choice to explore real Thailand. The train does not move too fast and you can take a ride during the day, so you have the chance to enjoy the view on the way. There are also night trains with beds, so if you are tired you can sleep and wake up at your new destination. You can move freely inside the train and food is sold on board too.

There are several different classes you can choose from, starting third class up to first, where you’ll have air con. a sink two beds in your little room. Best you get yourself informed right here on the Thailand train website, here you get all information and can also book in advance. it is advised to book sleep separates one or two months in advance.

When you use taxis, insist on meter taxi, don’t get in before you get confirmation that the driver is ok with that. Don’t get in! I know it’s very busy and hot in Bangkok and you are tired but you save a lot of money if you insist. Best way to move in Bangkok is with


For me, the best way to explore real Thailand is by car. The independence and free moving are important to me. The best offers for car rentals you get right here

Now the first words you should learn are “sa wa dee kap” and “cop kun kap” hello and thank you. For a female it is “kaa” not “kap”. If you are exploring real Thailand, you want to use these two terms as real Thai people appreciate if you say these two things. Don’t try to shake hands, no one shakes hands here.

sa wa dee kap/kaa my friend

Now let’s see some places to visit here in Thailand

I love Thailand

I  Thailand

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If you have any questions or something else you would like me to know, please feel free and comment at the bottom of this page. Thank you!!!


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  1. Hi Stefan –
    Wow – This post makes me want to travel! What a beautiful country. I have often wondered what it would be like to travel to Thailand. Your post is helpful, because now I know what to expect when it comes to traveling from place to place.
    Thanks – Brian

    • Hi Brian
      I’m glad if I could help you a little. Thailand is really a great place to travel and all the different ways to get around make it easy too.
      Please check again when you decide to visit, there are going to be a lot more information by time.
      Thank’s for the visit and see you

  2. Thailand looks like a beautiful country! I would absolutely love to visit your country some day. I thought that it was interesting to learn that air can be a way to travel within the country. But I think that I would prefer to travel by train. I like to both be able to see the views as well as have the freedom to walk around while traveling.
    Thank you for the interesting information.

    • Than’s for you interest
      I prefer to travel by land as well. Sometimes it is convenient though to hop a long distance, especially when you are not here the first time.
      Hope to hear from you again and wish you a pleasant day

  3. Looks like a great place to visit. What do you recomend, to visit Thailand with kids or is it a better experience to travel adults only?

    • Hi Ruben, thank’s for commenting
      Kids, no kids, This must you decide. There are no problems or obstacles to take your kids with you. Thai people love kids, they get the best treatment, better than adults.
      Kids in a age between three to five might not appreciate traveling too much, but you can check that by taking a short overnight trip near you.
      Thank’s for your interest and hope to see you again.

  4. Stefan,
    Thailand is on my list of places I must visit and after reading your post, I have placed it on my top three places to visit. My bucket list-if you will. I find your knowledge to be very helpful especially for a clueless tourist like myself. One of the beauties of the world.

    • Than’s Kay, I am glad you like my website.
      Your name is quite common in Thailand.
      I hope you can learn a lot on my site and will have a stress less vacation here in Thailand.
      Please feel welcome to visit My site again, as I update daily.
      See you and have a great day

  5. Hello, this is such a big country, I did not know that this city was that big. it is good to travel and see the world and to experience different cultures. You post will sure help a lot of people that has plans to travel to this city.

    • Hi Norman, nice to have you again.
      I know, Bangkok is one of the largest cities in the world. In fact it has to or three times as much inhabitants as my country of origin, Switzerland. Me, I haven’t explored much of Bangkok myself, I don’t like big cities any more. But what I saw was amazing.
      Thank’s for your comment and I’ll be looking forward to seeing you again.

  6. Great advice on the insisting meter taxi. Its a great tip for people visiting Thailand for the first time. I essentially rely on taxi when moving around in Bangkok because its cheap. Now with UBER i guess its even cheaper.

    • Hi Wendy, I see you already made your experiences. Taxis are cool in Bangkok. I like to use the tuk tuk for short distance too, there I can smoke if I like.
      Thank’s for your comment and please come visit again.

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