How to feed my family

Food stalls and take away shags and grill in Thailand

The takeaway noodle soup shop.

My friend selling best noodle soup

Shops like these you can see everywhere in Thailand. My friend makes a nice lunch for just 30 Thai Baht.

In shags like these, you can eat many different foods every day and not expensive too. Mostly they serve some rice plates and some noodle soups. You will only pay about one dollar per meal.

My favorite is guai tiau which is the common noodle soup. You choose between different noodles, big or small or between different meats. Sometimes they have minced pork or chopped pork, sometimes fried bacon. Some shops have chicken, duck or seafood. Beef is rear and mostly you get only beef meatballs.

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The second meal I like to eat is “kapau moo sap kai dau”. This is spicy minced pork on steamed white rice with a fried egg. Mostly served with a sliced small cucumber. I liked with a “kai dau”, which is an egg sunny side up.

All these menus you can have to take away or eat in if they have tables. Be careful, the soup for takeaway you get in a small plastic bag so you need a cup to eat it from. Here it’s the same, if you don’t like it hot, say “my pet” (not spicy) and look very concerned. After eating several meals you will know how many times “my pet” you have to repeat to get your food how you like it.

In small shops like this, when you drink a coke or something with your meal, you don’t pay more for the coke than when you buy it in a regular shop. Iced water is normally served for free and clean. Remember, these food shops live of Thai customers and cannot risk people getting sick, means, they are mostly quite clean.


Grilled chicken shop

The grilled chicken is served Isaan style with sticky rice and “som-tam” (papaya salad) if you like that. The chicken is one of the meals everyone can easily eat, as it is not spicy. Som-tam, on the other hand, is, when original very exceptionally spicy. You are free to order without chilly though.

How to feed my family

How to feed my family

Chicken Liver spits are the best

Chicken Liver spits are the best







These shops we find most often along the road, highways, where they provide a perfect lunch during a tiring ride. It is a bit more expensive to eat there but to sit down in the shade and have a rest is well worth it.

For one person you can order half a chicken, for about 90 Baht and sticky rice for then Baht. Som-tam would be about 40 Baht and is enough for two. If you are not a big eater half a chicken is even enough for two and like that, you will eat lunch for two for only 150 Baht.

Sometimes they also sell the tasty small spits with either marinated chicken or pork pieces. These are only 5 to 10 Baht a piece and with sticky rice a great snack.

You have to try the chicken liver spits, they are the best.


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