How much Money do I need in Thailand

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Is Thailand expensive?    What can I buy with 100 $

100$ is ca. 3000 Thai Baht. I show you what you can afford if you have a budget of 3000 Baht a day.


A lot of people ask me how much money do I need in Thailand

This question is not easy to answer. Everybody has a different lifestyle and different needs to satisfy. In Thailand, you can live on a quite low budget or you can spend an endless amount of money.

At times I have spent more than 10’000 for a night out. Drinks and especially inviting friends can eat up your budget quite quickly. Last week we, the two of us, went for a short trip holiday about 150km away from home. We spent around 4000 Baht a day and that included everything.

Here at home, I get along with an average of just about 300 Baht a day. Where I live I can live with a pocket money of 30 Baht a day and my wife prepares food for about 200 Baht for all three of us.

3000 Baht per day and person I would say is a good average budget for you who want to enjoy a nice relaxed holiday.


Let’s say you arrive at Phuket airport in the morning and want to stay somewhere at the beach on the island for three weeks. If you do not already have a hotel booked I suggest you find a not expensive guesthouse at the beach of your choice and pay for one night, just to get rid of your luggage and take a shower before you go out exploring.


  • Airport- Patong beach transfer                                      Mini Bus 180 Baht/pers.  Taxi 800 Baht
  • Resort one night one room for at least two ppl.        1000-1200 Baht
  • Lunch easy Thai take away 1 pers.                                50-100 Baht
  • Motorbike rent 1-2 pers per day                                    300-350 Baht
  • Dinner in average restaurant 1 pers.                             200-500 Baht

If you travel alone total                                                              1730-2950 Baht

Two ppl., each                                                                              1080-1775  Baht



One bedroom in guest house


You see, even on the first day you have some Baht left to spend on things like snacks, beer, sodas, ice creams or a bit of nightlife.

Check out for a better accommodation.

There are loads of apartments or small houses for rent. You best rent for a month, that is the best deal. Prices can range from as little as 8-10`000 Baht a month for a one-room app. to maybe 15-20’000 for a small house with kitchen, living room, bedroom, and porch or front garden.

These are not very luxurious accommodations and you will need to get your own dishes and stuff but all these offers are furnished and you will have a fridge, TV and air condition.

You have to bargain for a good price, don’t be shy but reasonable. Probably you will meet Thai people who want to help you find a place to stay, they don’t do that for free. I would ask in restaurants or bars, also Thai people but with a job, everyone knows places or at least knows people that know places to stay.

There are many agencies where you also can get a picture of what is available. Do not rush with this research, you will spend your vacation in that place and a significant amount of your holiday money.

Places, where there are lots of tourists, attract all kinds of people, try to be a bit skeptical at first and don’t believe everything you are told. Thai people do normally not actually steal your money or stuff but they have no problems with overcharging high end if someone is not careful.


Why do I need 100$ a day if all this is so inexpensive?

Thailand is a country where you get invited to spend your money in every second building. Everything you want, you have to pay for, here.

Lots of activity at the beach

Oil massage ca. 400 B/hour

Deep sea fishing with Burmaa






You are having holidays and want to enjoy yourself, that is very easy in Thailand and you have lots of time to spend, no work, and everything you do will cost a little bit of money.

Example: Jet Ski, 20 min. 800 Baht     Oil Massage 1 hour 400 Baht   High sea fishing a day about 2500 Baht/pers.    or a trip with a Longtail Boat all day 1200-1800 Baht/pers.     Beauty salon dying your long hair can cost around 2000 Baht

Nightlife can cost you quickly a leg and an arm if you are not careful

Some places in Thailand are very concentrated on nightlife. Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya just to call a few. There you have everything from eating, drinking to shows, karaoke, and animation, games and music, dance or just PARTY. If you decide to enjoy a night of this kind of entertainment you should expect to easily spend 2000 baht or more.

Shopping your daily stuff

Most people use the convenient way of shopping in the many 7Elevens on every corner in Thailand. Better deals you find in the smaller privately owned shops all over. Beer, coke, cigarets and almost everything you get in different small shops owned by Thai people. They all have a different range of articles, so you might need to look a bit longer to find what you need.


Some price examples     

(prices are changing with time, don’t blame me, please.)

Coke, 0.5 lit   12-15 Baht     Water small bottle 10-15 Baht     Snacks big bag 20 Baht       Beer big bottle 55-70 Baht       Cigarets domestic 60-80 Baht     Cigarets foreign 80-100 Baht       Whiskey big bottle domestic 250-400 Baht       Whiskey big foreign 1000-1300 Baht     my tobacco big bag 30 Baht      cheap dangerous rice whiskey big bottle 110 Baht      Bread slices big bag 37 Baht    Burger in 7/11, 30-50 Baht     Gas for bike 45 Baht/lit.      Diesel 36 Baht/lit.     Shirts from 150 Baht up       Shorts from 150 Baht up      Flip-Flop from 100 Baht up      Credit for mobile Internet by Truemove from 89 Baht a week      Internet shop 1 Baht a min.     Pizza ca. 400 Baht     Thai fast food 30-50 Baht      Fruit 30-80 Baht/kg.      Veggies 30-40 Baht/kg.     Pork meat 140-160 Baht/kg.       Farmed fish 70-100 Baht/kg.

All prices and cost vary very much depending on where and when you are in Thailand. See more best time to visit.

Thanks, Rob, a great video.

What I wanted to add, is, if you come here often you better open a bank account here in Thailand. The Banks offer that very easily, maybe take a Thai friend with but I did that a long time ago, before I really started living here. Then you can send money per e-banking from your bank at home to the bank account here and like that you have the cheapest deal. You use the Thai bank card at the ATM and get a charge of 20 Baht.

Other than that, the man is right on all points.


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  1. Excellent information and I am now enticed to go to Thailand 🙂 will definitely recommend this page as its well researched and has recommendations for all interests, thank you!

    • Helen, thanks for your comment. I am glad you like my website. Please if you have any more questions, just ask. I will more than happy to find answers to every question you might have.

  2. NIce content. I will definitely recommend this page for the quality info. What a beautiful country to visit, and it’s not expensive of course the amount of money you are going to spend depends of the lifestyle of each person. But it’s nice to have some tips from someone who really knows about the culture, food, places.

    • Hi Emeling
      thanks for your comment. I am glad you like my post. If you need any further information just drop a line and I will happily try to find answers. Have a nice day and I will be looking forward to hearing from you again.

  3. It is really cheap. I want to make all the activities you mention on this post like Jet Ski and Oil massage.

    When I go for holidays in a place, I usually stay there 10-15 day and I think that I will pay less money in Thailand than other places.

    • Hi Ilias, for sure you can have a quite cheap holiday in Thailand compared with many other countries. Package offers are really good too flight and hotels offer very good deals. Activities you will find a lot more, it is fun.

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