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All my favorite Trips start here at home, Dragonfly Farm near Chon Daen, Phetchabun. I choose this take off point first of course because it is actually where I lift off for my trips from A to B with me and second, it is right in the center of Thailand.

My first favorite Trip: A, Dragonfly Farm to B, Umphang

This is a trip that can take you up to three weeks easy. If you are in a hurry you manage to do it in about ten days. Each stage can be made by bus or car or bike of course.

Here we go. First, we hit the road in direction Phetchabun. Shortly after  Chon Daen, we climb our first mountain. It’s not that far but quite curvy and some people get already sick the first time. At the top of the mountain, we use the horn three times to honor the spirits.

Along the way, we can see shops selling local plants, small trees, and orchids.

When we reach bottom again, we arrive in a small town named Meh Moi where we can get our breakfast in a market behind seven eleven.

From there it takes about an hour to reach Phetchabun. For me, this is the town where I find the nearest center of big shops. So if I want to buy cheese or bread, which are something special in Thailand or eat a pizza, I have to go there. More than that and some government business I don’t go to “Phet” much.

On the trip, I drive right thru Phet and turn left on 1967, on maps it is still called 2258, but that changed, direction Khao Kho, See map.

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You can do all these trips by car or bus. If you travel by bus you can rent motorbikes at all your stays and get a closer look at the scenes. All, on the way, though you could find small interesting sites. Forests, mountains, lakes or temples.

  • Phitsanulok

Phitsanulok is a big town around the Nan River. It is one of the oldest cities in Thailand and has many historic sites.

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It is a busy town, but you will find nice restaurants along and on the river Nan. The prices are not over the top as long as you stay away from the “high so” places. If you eat in common places the food is more original and often fresher. Places, where Thai people eat, are more trust-able.

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This is a view from the terrace right in the center of “Pilo”, as people call it here. Here you find bars and a lot of markets. Everything opens in the evening. Small guesthouses you can find down the river, as well as more floating restaurants.

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These are some pics of the temple Wat Nang Phaya, which is divided by the bridge. See map.


Great wall paintings you find, on the left side of the bridge looking at the water, inside two very old temple buildings. These are some pics of the temples Wat Nang Phaya and Pra Si Maharthat

Image result for phitsanulok girls pic Image result for phitsanulok pic

Pilo is also a modern town with an airport and a big hospital. The train station is there in another center of town. Enjoy the unique three-wheel motorbike taxis to get around.

  • Sukothai

The temple of Sukhothai during the water festival


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If you have any questions or something else you would like me to know, please feel free and comment at the bottom of this page. Thank you!!!


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