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What is the main industry of Thailand?

What do you need for a normal cost of living over there?

Please, how can we use moringa to improve our memory?

What would be your #1 recommended site to see other than the beaches?

Are there any locations for a first timer?

Where is the best cuisine produced?

When would be the best time of year to go?

What would you recommend for a family of 5 with 3 kids under 10?

It sounds like medication and hospitals are everywhere. Is that the case or are they hard to find?

Quick questions – how much is 1,000 baht in $US?

I’m interested to know if there are any special places to go or special attractions at Dragonfly Farm Resort?

I was wondering, is it a tonal language similar to some Chinese languages?

Curious to know how much Koh Samui costs per night for two?

Is it a better experience to travel adults only?

Do people use bikes or mopeds to get around in the cities?

Do you need to take vaccines (if yes, which ones)?

Is it hard to book a hotel room during the period of the Songkran festival?

Thai rice fields

What is the main industry of Thailand?

My first impression was that Thailands biggest sector contributing to the economy would be agriculture. I was wrong there, only just 8.4 % of the GDP is generated by the agriculture sector. The biggest contributor as for latest numbers is the service sector which is responsible for 52.4 %. Second is the industry sector with 39.2 % of the GDP.

The main industries today are the car and car parts industry which make out 11% of GDP. Other industries are financial services, electronics, computers, and accessories, as well as textiles and garments. Plastics, cement, and tourism and footwear and furniture oil and gas. A growing sector is the processed food industry.

Talking about agriculture, Thailand produces a lot of rice, rubber, corn and sugarcane and coconuts. Tabaco and beverages are big industries here too. Shrimp and fish and other seafood is a great export branch and therefore also belongs to the main industries of Thailand.

Interested? For further in-depth information click here
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Thai money

What are the normal costs of living over here?

The Thai people, most of that I know, live off what they have. When they have more it’s gone and when they have less it’s enough too.

Us, my wife and kid and me we spend about 20.000 Baht a month. That is a bit over the average here in the village. My neighbors, also families have maybe around 10.000 Baht to spend. We are people living in the country, owning our house and have a car and or a motorcycle and have only a few possibilities to spend money. Most is used for food and drink and a bit gas. A small electrical bill and even less for water.

Not the same opinion have people that published the newest numbers of living costs in Bangkok. This sum does not include rent (7000-40.000 Baht/month) and they say you need 75.000 Baht for a decent living for a four head family. That would be around 100.000 Bath for four people.

Another published estimate sum of 25.000-33.000 Bath a month and person all inclusive seems quite realistic to me.

I have written a post about the cost of living in Thailand if you want to know more click here. There I write about the cost of a monthly cost for tourists in Thailand with enjoyment and all the country offers and say that about 100.000 Baht is really enough for one person.
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Drum stick tree

How can we use moringa to improve our memory?

First of all, for those that don’t know the moringa or drumstick tree. This very healing tree grows in many countries in the hot regions all over the world. It is very modest in its demands but provides a great number of health benefits. See my post here.

Now to the question. The moringa tree leaves contain a big concentration of vitamin E and C which reduce blood oxidation which helps neurodegeneration and with this helps the brain functioning. Another quality of the consumption of the dried or fresh leaves is, it normalizes the neurotransmitters as Serotonin, Noradrenalin, and Dopamine in the brain and by that optimize and regulate things like mood, reaction to stress or depression, memory and organ function. It also helps the whole body and by doing so the brain experiences more joy in life and therefore ends up with better results and functioning.

Warning: Moringa tree products are not strong medicine in common sense but the overconsumption can lead to unwanted reactions of the body.
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Khao Sok Lake

What would be your #1 recommended site to see other than the beaches?

For me, this would definitely be one of the many mountainous natural parks all over Thailand. The nicest I visited so far was the Khao Sok National Park.

This beautiful region lies in the south of Thailand not far from some of the greatest beaches around Krabi, Surat Thani, and Phuket. The park itself is located west of Surat Thani city, (see map). With a size of 739 km², it is the biggest untouched rain forest in the south of Thailand. They say it is more diverse and even older than the Amazon forest in Brazil. In the middle of these mountains is the largest reservoir of Thailand, 165 km² named Cheow Lan Lake.

So far the region is not too popular amongst tourists. Of course, there are thousands of visitors, Thais as well as foreigners, especially during high season. For this reason, you will find a lot of activities offered like river rafting, jungle hiking, overnight boat trips on the lake, kayak rent, fishing trips and a lot more. There are enough guesthouses and resorts available at several locations near the lake and the forest headquarters.

Khao Sok village is a friendly small village where you have ATM, small shops, and quite a few restaurants, some western food is served as well.

More detailed information on Khao Sok you will find here.
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Patong Beach

Are there any locations for a first timer?

My self as I came to Thailand the first time I went straight to Kho Tao. This is a rather small island in the Gulf of Thailand. I found it amazing as it was not overcrowded and offered wonderful beaches and crystal clear water where you can watch many colorful coralfish right from the sure. At the back of the island is a more rocky coast which I love to climb around and the sunrise on that side is amazing. The island itself is actually a famous diving paradise with diving schools and business where you can rent equipment and go for guided diving trips.

For most first time visitors to Thailand though is Phuket the main destination. I can relate to that as there you find really all features Thailand has to offer. Beaches, nature, some cultural and historical sights and all the food there is in Thailand and nightlife of course.

An icebreaker for first timers is probably also the more tourist-oriented attitude of the people on Phuket island. Many people speak English or French or German and so on. There also are a lot of expats doing their businesses, like that you can find things like real Italian food or steakhouses that serve real hamburgers and fries. Id say on Phuket island you find a bit of an exceptional situation for Thailand, the whole world meets there and parties together. and after all, it is just a little more expensive than other, not so popular places.

If you want to visit a place in Phuket for the first time I advise to make a booking in advance at least for the high season during the end of November till the end of January.

Are you interested to see more wonderful beaches in the south of Thailand? Then go and check this.
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Thai Food 1

Where is the best cuisine produced?

I asked around a bit to get an answer to this question and the most popular answer is the best cuisine is produced in central Thailand. Here, because that is also where I live, people eat dishes from every region of the country. Why it is better here than elsewhere is because the central Thai people cook all the typical menus with the original tastes.

If you eat in the northeastern region, Isan, they might have great Isan food but when it comes to dishes from other regions they don’t know how to prepare them correctly. I love the Isan food, it is typically served with sticky rice and comes with a lot of tasty dishes like the famous spicy minced beef or pork or fish called “laab”, which can be eaten raw or fried. Other popular dishes from the Isan are grilled fish, chicken or pork.

When it comes to the ordinary steamed rice with the many different curries, you are talking about the central Thai cuisine. These dishes are prepared around here the best. Probably you already know, the Thai kitchen is rather spicy and hot at least for the western understanding. When you order you best ask for something not hot or get dishes a la carte without the piquant chilly ingredients. Most Thais know tourists or westerners, in general, don’t eat spicy hot and will normally be considerate with you or at least ask.

I got some interesting posts about the Thai cuisine and eating culture which you can find here.
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Great weather in Thailand

When would be the best time of year to go?

The best time to come here for a holiday is high season, between the end of November and end of January. This is the coolest season without rain or storms except for the storms of tourists. There are loads of not so popular places where high season does not matter too much. At places like Pattaya, Phuket, and Bangkok it is stuffed around these times though. Make sure you have a reservation or you will have to stay at the places no one else wants to stay.

I have alternative best times to visit these popular places when the weather might not be perfect but for me, the totally crowded beaches and streets are just not too attractive. The time between September till November is actually the rainy season. But, it is also the most colorful time of the year and the rain is not falling for days around the clock but mostly for one or two hours in the evening and this can be rather refreshing too.

The other alternative for me is after high season from February until March. Now, this might be a bit tough on some, especially from the end of February it gets hotter and hotter by the day. Around April is the hottest time in Thailand and for you, that isn’t used to this kind of climate it will be a bit disturbing hanging around with 45 degrees in the shade and no rain in sight for months.

More about the Thai weather you can learn here.
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Family visit to Thailand

What would you recommend for a family of 5 with 3 kids under 10?

I would recommend, “GO FOR IT”, do whatever your family likes doing in a vacation. In general Thai people love children, especially when they come with blond hair:). Guesthouse and resorts welcome kids and often you don’t have to pay extra when they stay in your room ( you can ask for additional mattresses to lay on the floor). Most guesthouses are paid by room and you can be as many people sleeping in one room as you like. Food stalls and restaurants can prepare foods for kids that are not spicy and consider what your youngsters love to eat.

Food stalls and restaurants can prepare foods for kids that are not spicy and consider what your youngsters love to eat. You can also get small portions for smaller people but most times I eat what my family cant cope with:).

Of course, if you are a bit worried and or would like to have some private parent time you are always welcome to make use of my service, that includes taking care of children. See more here.

Some considerations, while traveling with children, I have written about in these articles. About vaccines, have look here and general about traveling with kids, have a look here.
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Thailand hospital staf

It sounds like medication and hospitals are everywhere. Is that the case or are they hard to find?

Thailand is a big and very rural country but within about 40 Km from everywhere, you will find a hospital. For easy common medication, you will only have to find a local shop, they sell things like paracetamol, flu treatment or couch syrup, something against diary or upset stomach. They have plasters and disinfection fluid.

Most small villages have something like a doctors office/private clinic, where you can get treatment for many illnesses but no surgeries. They also sell a quite big variety of medicine inclusive antibiotics. They can give you the tetanus shots or a rabies treatment for example.

Still, I would be a bit careful not to overstretch the need of doctors here in Thailand. It is always the best if don’t need one. In the hospital, it can be useful if you already have an idea of what you need and can explain to the person what hurts and what you think you have. Really dangerous it can get with snake bites, I would not think there is antagonist available fast enough. It is about 0% possibility though that you get bitten by a snake in Thailand as a visitor. If you see one run.

You might also want to read my post about safety in Thailand. Click here.
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Halfway down, Have a break and enjoy this little movie about how to spend time in Bangkok.

Quick questions – how much is 1,000 Bath in $US?

Today the 12th of Oktober 2017 it is exactly 30 Dollars and 15 cents. Tomorrow you are welcome to use the currency converter on the right side of my website. It is easy to handle and you can change all the currencies as you wish.


Coral Mountain Phethabun Province

I’m interested to know if there are any special places to go or special attractions at Dragonfly Farm Resort?

Our small Dragonfly resort (see more) is located right in the middle of Thailand. There are several famous places within about 150 Km. around Chon Daen. The closest attraction though is just behind the house on a hill we can see from here. This National nature sight is called “The Coral Mountain” There is a stairway to the top of these strangely shaped rocks with platforms that give a great view over the region.

Underneath this “mountain” are several caves you can explore. To do so you will need a guide though. The caves are not very known and some climbing is needed to reach them.

The places mentioned above are a region called “Khao Kho“, a beautiful mountainous region where the climate is much cooler than here at the resort. Khao Kho is near Phetchabun and is an upcoming tourist region which foreigners don’t know much about yet. (Have a look)

The other and even more famous site is the city of Phitsanulok and the nearby antique “Suko Thai” There you find the remains of an ancient capital city of Thailand.(Read this)
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I was wondering, is it a tonal language similar to some Chinese languages?

Yes, the Thai language is definitely a tonal language. There are five tones available and almost every word has five meanings distinguished by the tone. The tones are, a rising tone from middle to high, a middle tone, a high tone, a falling tone and the low tone.

I don’t know anything about the Chinese languages but I guess they are also depending on tones.

I haven’t gone too deep into the language thing, as it is very complex and there are may high authority sites that cover the topic. I will finally have a post about the most used words but for now, you can get great Thai lessons on the internet some even for free.
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Koh Samui

Curious to know how much Koh Samui costs per night for two?

The offers from Booking.com on Koh Samui start around 235 Baht at the “New Hut Bungalow” for example (check this) for one room for two people. There are a lot of offers for between 600 and 1500 Baht per night where you get a breakfast and have a beach view and even a pool to use. The most expensive I found for two people is 32.000 Baht at the “Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui” check here

I believe you won’t find better offers by just going there and book at sight. A room for 235 Baht is really cheap. In between the extremely cheap and the high priced offers you can find all categories. I think to remember that on sight I checked a place that was even a lot more expensive like 60.000 Baht a night:)

I recommend to book your favorite resort or guesthouse, hotel with booking .com and get the best deals possible. You will also not have the trouble searching for a place to stay when you arrive with luggage and a bit tired from the trip to get there.
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Travel without kids?

Is it a better experience to travel adults only?

I as a father of a 7-year-old daughter must say no. When we go for a vacation here in Thailand I always take my daughter with. So far we never made any bad experiences and since my daughter is about four years old she really enjoys the trips and would never want to miss out. We are not so focused on nightlife though.

Of course, there can be a reason why to travel without kids. When children are still babies it is not that easy to explore an exotic country. These small persons cannot yet appreciate the thrill of seeing new regions or visit historic sights and natural parks. Also, the risk of a baby getting sick is far greater than for children that have passed the age of about three or four. Also when you focus on partying and just want to relax on the beaches it might not be very interesting for your children and you as adults won’t find

Furthermore, when you focus on partying and just want to relax on the beaches it might not be very interesting for your children and you as adults won’t find the peace and independence you might be looking for.
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Mopeds everywhere

Do people use bikes or mopeds to get around in the cities?

Oh yes, especially mopeds are the most popular vehicle in Thailand. Everywhere in the country, almost every family has a moped. Thais can use the moped as a family vehicle and sometimes load up to five people on one. Babies and old people get moved around on mopeds and women and monks sit like lady style with both legs on one side.

Motorbike taxis are very common in Thailand too, you find them in every town and they get you where ever you want for a reasonable price. In the last ten years, the law to wear a helmet has established, at least for the driver.

Bikes are quite common too, the quality of the bikes sold here is pretty poor though. Nowadays I see primarily kids riding bikes before they get their first moped. There are still many older people that never learned to ride a bike nor a moped them selfs, that must mean about forty or fifty years ago it wasn’t that normal to have a two-wheeled vehicle.

To rent a moped is easy here and not expensive but if you want to ride a quality bike you better bring one from home or buy one in a specialized bike shop in a bigger town here in Thailand.
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Vaccines for Thailand

Do you need to take vaccines (if yes, which ones)?

I take no vaccines for prevention, I once got a tetanus vaccine after I was insured by a wildcat and the former vaccination was out of date. There is a recommendation to have these vaccines: Tetanus, Hepatitis A, and Typhoid, next to all the childhood vaccines you had or will have in your home country.

Do not try to prevent malaria with a vaccine! This immunizes the mosquitos and leaves a smaller chance of cure when an infection occurs. More about vaccines for Thailand you can learn here in another researched post I wrote.

Some other safety considerations you might take into account when traveling to Thailand. Read here.
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Songkran Enjoy

Is it hard to book a hotel room during the period of the Songkran festival?

The longer before the date of Songkran you book your room the greater is the chance to get the place of your choice. Most popular places, where visitors from all over the world want to enjoy Songkran offer huge amounts of accommodations but the best and most favorable ones are normally gone first.

I now checked for the Songkran 2018, the 13-15 April, exactly 6 months in advance for rooms in Patong, Phuket and see that there already is a run on the cheaper offers. I guess if I wait another two or three months it will be hard to choose from a lot of places to stay.

To travel to Thailand for Songkran must be planned in advance. Even plane tickets are rare and very expensive if you wait too long. If you already are in the country and think to do a short time trip over a long distance for Songkran plan and book in advance. Millions of Thai citizens are moving around the country during this time and buses, trains, planes, and streets are packed.

What is Songkran in Thailand? Check it out.
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Our unique guided trip to the southern Thailand

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  1. This is really a good place to go for markets and food or just site seeing including beaches I bet the are all so much fun. It make a great vacation place. Great website plenty of information.

    • Thanks Fred for your nice comment. I hope you get the chance to come and see yourself sometime.
      See you and have a great time.

  2. Wow, this is a really detailed FAQ page for people going Thailand! After reading this page, I’m now interested to visit Thailand. Thanks for all these info. By the way, what’s the weather like in Thailand?

    • Hello Jerry, thanks for the comment. To make people interested in Thailand is exactly what I want to do here.
      At the moment the weather changes from rainy to cool season. This year was a lot of rain, everything is green and a lot of places were flooded. But now they say it is going to be over with rain. In one way everybody is glad the rain is over, on the other hand, here in central Thailand its gonna be a long dry season now.
      I wish you all the best and hope to hear from you again.

    • Thanks, Norman, I’m glad you like it.
      I hope my readers find an answer to their questions.
      See you and have a great time.

  3. Hello Stefan!
    Thailand is on my travel list for a really long time. However, I always hesitate to go, because it’s such a different place from the one I live my everyday life. Different culture, different way of life etc. I never thought that I would need vaccines before I go and that’s something very useful to have in mind in the future! Thank you!

    • Hello Antonis, to travel in Thailand is an exciting thing to do but I would not be scared, one gets used to it really fast and the residents make it really easy to feel comfortable here.
      About the vaccines, maybe you got me wrong there if you are an adult and had all your childhood vaccinations you do not really need any additional vaccines. If you are worried you can check the website of any tropical institute.
      Thanks for your comment and have a great time.

  4. This has come at a perfect time because I am planning to go Thailand this year. One of my friends went to live there and he is having an awesome time. Phuket island seems like a good choice for people first visiting because of its tourist friendliness and the fact that many people speak english and other languages helps. Great article

    • Hi Josh, I like to see you like my post.
      If you have a friend living here you will probably visit him and get into the real thing really fast.
      If you need any help what so ever just contact me, I have some connections.
      Have a great time and see hopefully see you again.

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