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Moo Kata, the most enjoyed food in Thailand

This dish is often served in huge restaurants for hundreds of people partying and enjoying the cool nights around big cities. Many times there is entertainment like concerts and dance performed on stage. It is a night filling happening where a lot of alcohol and food is consumed, enough for to refill the batteries for another tiering long week of work.


This is the Thai way to celebrate a birthday” moo kata”, pork pan.

Moo Kata some tasty stuff

Moo Kata some tasty stuff

Moo Kata, eat whatever you like

Moo Kata, eat whatever you like







You get a metal special hot pan on your table. Either its heated electric but mostly with charcoal. This pan contains a soup, in which you can cook your favorite ingredients. In the center, the hut, you fry, roast your meats. Around the outside is a kind of soup cooking, into which you put the veggies or mushrooms or just anything you rather like cooked than grilled. This is what everyone likes to eat in Thailand. It is buffet-like. There are many, many things to chose from.


 In front of our guesthouse, we eat many Moo Kata, the famous food in Thailand.

Your kids will love it too. It’s not only pork but all kinds of meat, vegetables, mushrooms, seafood, sauces, salad and desserts all for one price. You will pay a little more than an ordinary everyday meal but still not expensive. For around 4 to 5 Dollars, 150 Thai Baht, one person can eat as much as he can as long as he wants. Go there when you are really hungry and try all you like. Be a little careful, go eat where Thai people eat, the fresh food is more likely guaranteed than in restaurants made for tourists.

We do pork pan at home too on special occasions. It’s fun to sit together in a big round and eat till you can’t eat anymore. Thai people LOVE to eat.


First, you need to buy all the fresh meat. All meats are allowed but you should at least have some bacon like pieces to get the hat nice and greasy so nothing sticks to it. Then vegetables like soja shoots and water spinach, different types of fresh mushrooms and seafood, sausages or fish. Some herbs like spring onion and fresh coriander and dill math well in the soup with the veggies and the noodles, even some peppermint leaves can be very tasty. Actually, you can walk through the market and get about everything you and your guests like to eat. All these fresh and tasty ingredients you will cut into handy mouth matching pieces. Place the different foods nicely in many different bowls. Don’t forget the rice noodles, they should be the very thin ones and should be ready to eat after cooking for only a few minutes.

Second, you need to cook a stock. It does not have to be very spicy as while eating a lot of different ingredients are being cooked in the stock and the taste gets stronger all the time. Every kind of stock is possible, up to your favorite taste. You choose either a pork stock or maybe a chicken stock, even vegetables or fish stock is possible. Just make sure it is not very salty or hot. Try to have enough stock, because while eating the soup ring will have to be refilled many times. When you start to eat, it is delicious to put a raw egg into the soup and stir it up.

Now the tricky part is the hot sauce. You can either buy a sauce in your local Thai shop or try to mix it yourself. To mix it yourself you need Garlic, small red hot and spicy chilies, lime, coriander roots, ketchup, black pepper, soya sauce, sugar, and salt some stock and sesame oil and seeds.

To prepare the sauce you follow these steps

  1. Put the garlic, chilies and coriander roots into a mortar. A mixer will do the job as well but don’t mix it too much more like 1-millimeter pieces.
  2. Get the mixture in a cooking pan on the stove and add the stock 1dcl, ketchup two tablespoons, soja sauce two tablespoons, sugar five tablespoons, lime juice five tablespoons, a little salt and black pepper and get this to boil just very softly, then take it from the heat.
  3. Before you serve the already cooled sauce you can stir in a tablespoon of sesame oil and two or three tablespoons of sesame seeds, black and white. decorate with some chopped coriander leaves and serve. Of course, check the taste before serving and if needed adjust the ingredients. Start with a few chilies first, you can always spice it up if it is too stale.

Image result for thai girls eating moo kata pic

Image result for thai girls eating moo kata pic


All you need now is the Barbeque Set

Now I think your mouth is watering and all you want to do is a delicious Moo Kata. What you now need and probably don’t have is the aluminum original Thai BBC stove. Luckily I found one you can buy at Amazon. I know it is more expensive than when you buy it here in Thailand but I think the price is reasonable.

Original Moo Kata Sove Set

Original Moo Kata Stove Set


Once you have this nice stove, all you need is to get some charcoals and find a nice place where you can enjoy your Moo Kata party with your friends and loved ones.


If you buy from Amazon off my page I will receive a small commission, which will not influence the price you pay though.


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  1. I have traveled all over but not to Thailand. It’s on my bucket list. I’m pleased to read your article about Moo Kata. Sounds wonderful and the intriguing part is the amount of variety that this dish invites.
    When I finally get to Thailand I will certainly seek out a local place and try Moo Kata.
    Thanks for the great article one of the great foods of Thailand.

    • Hello Mr. Tucker, thanks for the comment.
      You rea exactly right, Moo Kata is a menu that everyone can enjoy. There are not many dishes like this with such a variety of choice and a great buffet to choose the raw ingredients but there are some more and I will write about them too in a post to come.
      I wish you all the best and hope you will be able to try the dish here in Thailand soon.
      See you, Stefan

  2. Oh wow, I’ve been to Thailand several times but I haven’t tried this one. I feel excited to try this out as I feel I missed a big culinary experience by not having tasted this. Thanks Stefan for this. You made me look forward to my next trip to Thailand =)

    • Good morning JR
      If you haven’t tried the moo kata you really miss out on something. I just love the dish, and you can mix it as you like, for example, if you don’t eat pork, you just don’t use any pork products or seafood or whatever. It is a lot of fun eating together with a bunch of people when time doesn’t matter.
      I am glad I could show you something new from Thailand.
      have a great day JR and I hope to hear from you again someday.

  3. Hope to visit sometime, but in the meantime we do love the Thai food and will be checking in here to find out more about it.

    • Hi John Vine
      You got that right, Thai food is one of the best in the world. Asap I will post more tasty posts so you can learn what to order in your favorite Thai restaurant.
      Thanks for the comment and have a great time.

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