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Water fun park is the answer to this puzzle. Its weekend and hot like hell and we want to do something together, the whole family enjoys. I discovered a nice relatively uncrowded but fun water park right here in the center of Thailand. If you, by accident, don’t happen to be nearby, don’t worry, look for a water park near you.


MJ Resort, Nong Pai, Phetchabun

MJ Resort, Nong Pai, Phetchabun

MJ Resort and Water Park, Nong Pai, Phetchabun, Thailand (Review)

Last Sunday, a friend of ours came up with the idea of going to a swim together. He told us about this waterpark not far from us where the kids could have fun and us the adults can relax for a few hours too. I heard of the place before but never made it there yet.

MJ Resort Nong Pai

MJ Resort Nong Pai

We agreed to go with and around one in the afternoon we took of. It took us about 30 minutes to get there. It was a really hot day and luckily our friend’s van has a working air condition.

When we got there, I was surprised at the size of the nice car parking, the first one I remember being under a big roof. Not a lot of cars I was happy to determine. Only big and new cars, what told me the place is probably not cheap.

Right I was, 100 Baht for people entering and playing in the water and 25 Baht for just entering the site. For us, this seems not too expensive but for the ordinary Thai 300 Baht is worth a days wage and by far too much to spend just for the entry fee.

While driving inside I also realized there were many bungalows for rent there on the same compound. All different built and different sized pretty separated bungalows, looking clean and in good shape. We didn’t have a look at the rooms as we were anxious to get in the water.


Inside we find a big open water landscape, partly sheltered

A large round and a smaller square basin awaited us once we entered the water park site. We were pleased to see that a lot of the area is under a large aluminum roof high above our heads. Mainly the sitting area where some comfy wooden hang out deck chairs were positioned is covered. Plastic tables and sitting chairs are also in this area.

MJ Resort Nong Pai

MJ Resort Nong Pai

What I always miss in these water parks is a grass area where we could hang out and have a picnic. It seems this is not in fashion here in Thailand. Even to bring your own food and drink is actually not allowed. But still at least a green area where I could lay out my towel and do a bit of sun, shade bathing would be fine for me.

After changing in the quite neat changing and shower room we finally had to hit the water. The temperature was really refreshing but not cold of course. The water looked clean and had definitely enough chlorine mixed in. A bit too much for my taste, as it was almost impossible to open my eyes under water.

First, we checked out the children’s playground basin. It is a quite large but not deep basin, surrounded by an about three meters wide swimming channel with a depth of 1.3 meters. Several small bridges help the small kids to get to the big central pool which is about 0.8 meters in depth.

Many bigger and smaller slides invite to play, the bigger ones occupied by staff taking care and providing instructions. Most of the slides are watered and the sliding thrill is great and fast. My daughter was scared of the highest slide first but eventually could not resist giving it a try and then wouldn’t want to stop sliding lol.

I really think the water depth is measured well, as small kids are able to walk easily and play amongst them selfs and don’t need a parent helping all the time. Three to four staff are watching the scene all the time as well and can jump in and help if necessary.

MJ Resort Nong Pai

MJ Resort Nong Pai

Water jets placed in many locations ad another pleasure to the sliding and ball playing fun. There is a huge cup hanging above some smaller slides and gradually fills with water. Once it is full it turns over and the whole cubic meter of water splashes down over a small roof and builds a strong waterfall for a second. I enjoyed sitting there and watching my daughter running up the slides and screaming with joy.

For at least an hour we checked out all the features and crawled around the basin. After an eating and drinking break, we went back in with a light ball we bought there for only 20 Baht and kept playing until we were the last visitors around 6 pm and had to leave.

Of course, in between, we also had to check out the sports basin. This normed sized sports basin is also not very deep, maybe 1.7 meters. That day it was divided by two by a blown up running obstacle course. Great fun to run there but very tiring. I once more realized my condition is not as it was a hundred years ago lol.

For bigger kids that learned to swim already, this sheltered pool must be a lot of fun. That day when we were there I didn’t see any persons of that age, only parents with rather small children. As I said, the entry price leaves only a few people that want to spend this amount on entertainment.


Restaurant and Shop

Right behind the pools an average Thai shop provides the most needed food and drink supply. The average part is the presented assortment, the price is slightly on the upper level of average. You can buy all kinds of snacks and bottled drinks, also sun blockers and toys for the kids. Beer is only sold in small cans and strong alcohol is not sold there.

MJ Resort Nong Pai

MJ Resort Nong Pai

The restaurant prepares fresh food like rice dishes, french fries, salads, and soups. Some fried chicken wings or boiled eggs and other Thai favorites can be eaten as well. We actually found the kitchen not overwhelming and a bit on the expensive side but I think this the norm at places like this. We didn’t plan to go for a nice lunch there but to have fun in the water.

Luckily I ate at home before leaving and was fine with some beers and a small bag of salty fried pork skin, my favorite snack. These were actually very fresh and crispy.


Upshot of the MJ Resort

For me and my family, it was well worth the experience. We will certainly be back again. My daughter already asked when we would go there and I think for her it was an unforgettable pleasure.

Although it was a quite money spending afternoon, 4 adults and two kids, about 1300 Baht we all came home relaxed and satisfied.

It will be an exception to the everyday routine we will afford to please ourselves with once in a while. As it is the only attraction like this in the greater area we are very pleased to have been presented to the water park.


Dragonfly Farm Resort Chon Daen Moo8

In the evening I invited my friends over for dinner where we ate some real fresh french fries and self-made hamburgers rounded up with a nice bottle of red wine at the Dragonfly Farm Resort.

I hope you liked my small blog and wish you all a great time.

See you later alligator, Stefan


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  1. HI!
    I hope to appreciate the requirements than the other can be. Then for the visit. While driving inside I also realized there were many bungalows for rent there on the same compound and strong alcohol is not sold there.

  2. Hi!
    Nice to read this whole blog as it has some quality information which is very beneficial for people like me. I hope you will post more such as that, By the way, Thanks for sharing such a great experience with us.

  3. That place looks amazing, myself and my family love going to waterparks but living in Britain we don’t really get the weather to do so. We only book our summer holidays around places that have waterparks but it does make things a bit more expensive. You say is 100Baht per person but how much is that in British pounds?

    • Good morning Matthew. Thanks for the visit. You will be surprised, the price for you in Pounds is only £2.30.
      I guess that isn’t much for where you live but here its worth about three meals lol.
      Have a great time and please come visit again.

  4. I have been to Thailand and it can be hot! The humidity has a way of reaching under your clothes and gluing to your body. I experienced this feeling when I was in Thailand and it could be miserable. Unfortunately, I never visited this water park when I was there. It sounds wonderful. I will come to this water park the next time I am in Thailand. Thank you for sharing this in depth article.

    • Hi Alex, it is hot here, even now it’s starting to get cool. We still measure over 30° during the day but at least it’s not that humid around here.
      Sorry, I forgot to place a link to a map on my post, we are in the center of Thailand and you will probably not be just around the corner when you visit Thailand. You can visit our Resort though, the Dragonfly Farm Resort, which is near this water Park.

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