Exploring Real South West Thailand

Kho Pitak Chumpon

Kho Pitak Chumpon

Our Private Guided South Thailand Trip

Exploring Real South West Thailand is a carefully organized trip from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the south-west of Thailand and back.

My special is to visit places not most popular with tourists. Exploring real Thailand means to me to see things and places that have not changed much jet by tourism. To visit places Thais visit and still remain original and untouched.

What do you get for your money?

All you need to do is to arrive at Bangkok airport. We take care of you from there on. Depending on how many people you are we will pick you up with an SUV or a Mini Bus. From 2 to 8 people, everything is possible. We speak German and English, some French, Italian and Spanish, and of course we communicate in Thai.

We are driver, translator, adviser, and broker. We know where the nice places are and how you get there for a reasonable price. If you like, you will learn how to cook some Thai dishes with my wife and go shopping in real fresh food markets to get what you really like to eat.

Every trip will be put together individually. For a non-binding quote please contact exploringrealthailand@gmai.com . Or direct with Stefan Vogt, tel.  +66(0)96 515 5943

We can offer these trips from Oktober to March, as long as we have open vacancies. My suggestion would be to have about three weeks time but we can easily adjust to your time plan.

Please confirm early, so we can get the necessary organization work done. One month in advance would be great.

Image result for cha-amMy suggestion for the south-west exploring trip would be:

Cha-Am – Pak Tako –  Kho Tao – Khao Sok – Phuket


To stay for the first night around Cha-Am at the beach is a nice thing. From the Airport it takes about 2.5 to 3 hours by car, depending on traffic. Within a few hours of arrival, you will reach the sea.

I prefer to stay in bungalows near the beach with a little garden and a nice big room with air condition and fridge. A nice place to relax a little after the long traveling and time change. The beach is right across the street and great food you find are all over.

Image result for Tham Khao Luang

Tham Khao Luang in Phetchaburi

From Cha-Am, you can visit many great sites on day trips like the caves Tham Khao Yoi or Tham Khao Luang or the interesting fish market of Samut Sakhon. Phetchaburi town is also a place worth visiting, old architecture and culture in an interesting center. Choose as you like. Beaches you will find on your trip throughout all the time here in the south-west and the water gets cleaner the further down we go.

Maybe 2-3 nights we would stay in Cha-Am or Hua-Hin and get ready for the next trip.

Pak Tako Beach

Pak Tako Beach

Pak Tako

On the way further down I discovered a wonderful coastal region not much known to tourists which I would recommend a visit. The place is called Pak Tako (check here) in the Chumphon District. It’s about a 400km. drive and like this a nice hop to get closer to the south. In Pak Tako, you can easily spend three days and enjoy the untouched nature with a small island trip and learn about some techniques of Thais making a living.

Kho Tao

Not far from here we would then take a boat and ride to the beautiful turtle island (Kho Tao). It is one of the three famous islands in the region, Kho Samui, Kho Pangan and Kho Tao. I choose Kho Tao because it is the smallest of them and mainly visited by people that prefer nature and beauty of the underwater world.

Image result for koh tao

A few days of relaxation and end enjoying the clean warm sea.

There are car ferries to all of the islands. And I know the nice spots, where you can enjoy the sunrise, the big red sun rising out of the magnificent turquoise sea.

We will get you to the nicest places where you can enjoy the island life in Thailand. By the time we leave this beautiful area it would be about day nine and you probably already feel like never going back home.

Never forget, with us, you also have your private cook. So you never have to worry about having to eat Thai cuisine every day. My wife is an expert in adapting her cooking style and learned a lot of how to prepare western meals.

After these wonderful days on the beach and the water, we would be excited to see some extraordinary natural phenomena around Khao Sok. Jungle, rainforest, lake adventure, waterfalls and limestone rocks standing out of the ground and water, all the exotic scenery you can imagine.

But first, we would have a look at one of the oldest cities of Thailand and its sites in Surat Thani Province. Chaiya was the regional capital of the Srivijaya kingdom during the 5th till 13th centuries.

Cheow Lan Lake

Lake Cheow Lan

Khao Sok

The Khao Sok National Park is a great opportunity to see the great diversity of nature in the region. The park covers 739 km² of which Lake Cheow Lan 165km² takes in.  

The untouched forest is known as the largest in south Thailand and a holdover said to be even more diverse and aged than Brazils Amazon forest. Steep limestone formations we will pass on the way, they are covered in evergreen and look absolutely spectacular.

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park

The park invites to join exciting jungle hikes, exploring the lush rainforest and its flora and wildlife. Caves can be sighted and Kanu rides to the huge lake are offered. The lake itself is worthwhile for an overnight boat trip. In the foggy morning, wild animals can be watched drinking along the lake deep inside the bush.

The park harbors wild elephants and tigers, over a hundred different birds and Malayan sun bears. With some luck, you can watch some of these impressive animals.

The village of Khao Sok is not yet very big, mass tourism hasn’t arrived yet to this rather secluded area. Still, there are nice resorts to stay at one of them the famous tree house resort.

Looking back

By now we have had about 2 weeks of excitement. We were swimming, snorkeling, floating and hiking through ancient jungle forests. We went to some islands, saw caves and waterfalls, visited old temples and colorful markets. We ate food cooked in bamboo pans and other delicious Thai specialties.

You’ve might even have your first cooking lessons and a really nice barbeque or two we enjoyed as well by now. Fresh fruit and seafood we tasted and watched monkies pick coconuts for their owners. We stayed in not posh but nice, clean and comfortable resorts, guesthouses and bungalows, sleeping to the sound of waves or the music of the jungle.

We traveled about 755km. And we want more!!!!

Patong Beach

Our final destination is in reach now. Another 160km through bush and finally along the beaches of the Andaman sea, the western part of south-east Thailand brings us to the famous Patong beach on Phuket island. The impulsive town with its famous nightlife is a great hub for many extraordinary activations and trips. One day deep sea fishing excursion, a longtail boat trip to very secluded small islands and a visit to the famous Pipi islands can all be done from Phuket.

Image result for Pipi islands

Kho Phi Phi Leh

Here we spend the last week of our holiday and for sure you will find enough time and beautiful places where you can relax and get the power you need when back home.

I say Patong beach because I know the place quite well and have some friends there that will help us get the best options on adventures using boats. On Phuket island are many other beaches we can choose to stay if Patong is too busy for you.

Phuket island is also quite interesting to discover. A trip around the isle offers beautiful views and shopping opportunities. There is Thai boxing every night and a huge white Buddha on top of a hill with an impressive temple. Furthermore, if you miss some favorite foods from home, we couldn’t through together, here in Patong you find almost everything a man can eat.

Three weeks over, time to get back to Bangkok.

Time passes fast when you enjoy life and life go’s on and everything has an end. To get back to Suvarnabhumi its a long, almost 900km drive. I suggest you book and I pay a flight back to Bangkok and save your time and nerves you would need sitting in the car.

We made sure we saw the things we wanted to see on the way down and sightseeing on the way home is somehow not very relaxing.

Of course, you can add on a few days in Bangkok, it’s an amazing city. But sorry not for me, I need to be in nature and can not enjoy the big city life.

Now I hope I was able to make this trip to the real south Thailand tempting to you. We definitely present an exclusive offer coming from our heart and performed with love.

Three or more, or fewer weeks of excitement, beauty and lots of sea adventure. Without the troubles coming with visiting a country with different language and culture. Do you feel addressed? Please contact us as soon as possible, then we can start arranging details. This exclusive offer can only be arranged six times a year so get ready to get your confirmation early.

Check out some more of this trip.

For Contact: exploringrealthailand@gmail.com

Or direct with Stefan Vogt, tel.  +66(0)96 515 5943

Me at home

Of course, there would be a lot more to tell and show but I want you to have surprises and adventures when you get here. If you have any questions or something else you would like me to know, please feel free and comment at the bottom of this page. Thank you!!!

stefan vogt


  1. I love this currency conversion calculator. This site gives me everything I need to know to have a good time in Thailand and gives me a head start with the conversion calculator for my other travels while down there! Cheers!!!
    This guided trip sounds really interesting, how much do you think it would cost.

    • Thanks, Bruce, I’m glad you like the post.
      I thought the currency converter is a must on a travel website.
      About the price of a unique guided trip with us we would have to discuss the details but somewhere between 5 and 3’000 Baht a day and person should be enough.
      Thanks for the request and for further details please contact me by email.
      See you, Stefan

    • Hi Darren, Thanks for the reply. For a family with three kids under ten, I would recommend traveling in a minibus. The kids have more freedom of moving and baggage is also no problem.
      I would involve the kids long before leaving. The better they are aware of what is going to happen the easier they will cope with the changes.
      The route itself could be made as I put it together. Some sights or day trips might not be for everyone but if you travel with us, my wife or I can easily take care of the kid, kids for a few hours or even a whole day.
      If you do not expect all high-class resorts, you should calculate about 12000 Thai Bath for all five per day for our service. That is for hotel, resort or guesthouse and transport, like the minibus, and all boat trips. This would even include quite a lot of food and drink on the way. Cooking lessons and other insights into the Thai tradition and culture are also included as we would stay together for quite some time.
      Please if you have interest contact me by E-Mail exploringrealthailand@gmail.com then we can discuss further details.
      I wish you a great time and hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Hi Stefan, this tour looks really great. My brother has been to Thailand last year and he said it was awesome! I would like to go soon after hearing his adventure and reading your post has made me even more determined t go! I think Phuket is where I would like to go the most.

    • Hi Harjit, thanks for your comment. I am glad you like my trip suggestion. Phuket is a great place to go, as it is a good hub for many other sights to visit nearby.
      I wish you a great time and hope to hear again from you.

  3. Hi Stefan, this looks like a great tour! I’m planning on staying a little longer than 3 weeks, would you also be able to recommend other things to do with an extra week if I have one? Cheers.

    • Hy Shirly, Thanks for your comment. Another week in the south-west of Thailand will definitely not be getting boring. I don’t know what you like best to do in your holidays but many people would hang another week at some beach to it. Another possibility is to check Bangkok out for a week. There are so many great things to see in that huge town, one week is not even enough. Another possibility is to go even further south with us as a guide and explore less frequented but as beautiful places. You see, it would be up to you to decide and to us to help you realise the plan.

  4. Hi there – my wife and I will be heading across to Thailand later in the year for a 3 week break holiday, these pictures and suggestions you have are really awesome, we can’t wait to go now! Thanks and cheers for the helpful tips in getting around

    • Hi William, thanks for your comment.
      I am glad I could make your excitement stronger. If you like to know more about any topic just let me know and I will try to answer all your questions.
      I wish you a great break holiday and would be happy to see you there.

  5. hi Stefan, amazing itinerary! =) I have been to Thailand several times, even worked there for a reality show, and I must admit that the country is spectacular. Your Southwest itinerary is something I’ll definitely consider, this time with my wife. When the plan comes up, I’ll keep you updated. This is great information. Thank you very much =)

    • JR Andrade thank you for your comment. As a connoisseur of Thailand, you will probably not need a guided tour. I am extremely happy to hear that you like my suggestions. You are very welcome to get in touch once you get closer to your next trip to Thailand.
      By then I will also have concrete travel tips to other parts of the country which might interest you as well.
      Have a great time and let me hear from you.

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