My Dragonfly Farm your small Resort in the middle of Thailand

Dragonfly Farm Resort

Have you ever thought of visiting some fishing lakes in Thailand? Well, I can offer you just that. My little paradise is called “Dragonfly farm fishing resort “ and lays right in the center of Thailand, see map. We are a small family business that provides one guesthouse, a wonderful Thai/Western kitchen and for sure a nice little lake to fish and swim in.

  • See the lake and happy people fishing

The banner of our fishing resort is written in Thai because around here there are not many people that can read English. We have many customers from around here, they come to relax and have a fishing fun. For 100 Thai Bath, you can fish as long as you want and also take two kilos of fish home for the same price.


My little girl is a pro when it comes to fishing.

I finished the digging of the surrounding of the lake just before I took these pics, in  Jan. 2017, there is not much green to see yet. Gradually I am planting flowers and trees around the pond.


Groups of people come to enjoy the lake. Some like to grill their fish right there. I love it when people come with their kids and hang out and play for a day.

The most delicious fish you can eat is the one you just caught. We provide the grill, charcoal and a set of things Thai people eat with the fish. Fresh salads and a spicy sauce and rice of course.


Three little huts are ready to be used for pleasure. During the day it can be very hot and everyone likes to sit in the shade. At night there is light and always a plug to charge your phone. Snacks and other food are served at the lake, as well as beverages.

We also have this little pool we fill on special occasions. The kids love it.

Proud fishermen.


There are fish up to 8 kg in the lake. So the challenge is big to get a big one.

  •  Visit our guesthouse


  • Take a look at our cuisine

We try to use the real fresh ingredients. Either from our own garden which is totally chemical free or from fresh markets which are delivered with fresh food every day.

Thai kitchen uses a lot of vegetables, which are grown locally and very fresh and tasty. If you like to eat vegetarian here, this would make no problem. Many dishes can be made with only vegetarian ingredients. A big plus at our guesthouse is, you can actually order anything you like to eat. My wife is a great cook and will prepare food exactly how you like it.

Very nice sometimes are noodle dishes with a cream sauce, either with pork or chicken.

Spaghetti bolognese with a pork steak from the filet is a great dish when you get a bit tired of eating rice dishes every day. Of course, we serve french fries or potato dishes too. The only thing here you have to get used too is, we do not have everything in stock here. If you stay here we talk about what you would like to eat the next day, so we can organize everything fresh. Normal food is around all the time.

This is very a delicious filled omelet, filled with veggies, meat, and mushrooms. With rice or bread, you won’t be hungry after that.

Of course, you can eat all the original Thai rice dishes here for a good price.

  • Our surrounding area invites for some nice trips


The nearest point of interest is our own house mountain. The sight is called “Coral Mountain” and can be reached by foot in about an hour or by car in half an hour. Google map has some nice pics, you can see hereWhat Google does not know, there are also three beautiful caves under the coral mountain.


  • Other opportunities to fish around here


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Me at home

If you have any questions or something else you would like me to know, please feel free and comment at the bottom of this page. Thank you!!!


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