Dragonfly Farm, Bed and Breakfast in Central Thailand


Dragonfly Farm Resort (Farm Maleng Poh)

Dragonfly Farm Resort

Dragonfly Farm Resort

The Dragonfly Farm, Bed and Breakfast in central Thailand is a small resort near Chon Daen in the Phetchabun province with one guesthouse, a fishing pond and many areas where you can set up your tent. The operators are a  Swiss/Thai couple, Suriwan (Oh) and Stefan Vogt.

Advantages of the region are a beautiful view, nice for bicycle or motorbike tours, a secret cave site not far, and great places to visit within a one-day trip distance.

Advantages of the resort are, it’s not crowded, ordinary Thai lifestyle, multilingual, international kitchen, great view, family environment, and a nice Bungalow and beautiful camping sites.


Where is the Dragonfly Farm?

Our address is 67 Moo 8, Salalai, 67150 Chon Daen, Phetchabun, Thailand. (see map)

We stay in a small valley facing a hill range in front and two pretty boob hills at the back of the house. During and after the rainy season everything around is lush and green. When it dried out around April and Mai things look rather desert-like but at night we can observe pretty wildfires moving along the hills.

Dragonfly Farm Resort

Dragonfly Farm Resort

The whole region is dominated by hills and farms growing all kinds of products like sugarcane, corn, beans, mango, sweet tamarind or manioc. A small river is crossing our 83.000 square meters of land and after a strong rain it is flooded and doesn’t let us reach the back of our terrain.

Our village is very small, only a few hundred people live here. All of them are farmers and many are the parents and kids of the middle-aged generation that left to find better-paid work in Bangkok or other emerging places. There is no ATM closer than 15 km and the small shops around here all sell the same few everyday items like oil, sugar, salt, some vegetables and ice and drinks and snacks n sweets.


How do you get to the Dragonfly Farm?

The easiest way to get here is when you have a car with GPS and give in our coordinates. Otherwise, you follow the map and find it or we meet in the nearest towns.

By bus or minibus, you have to get off in Chon Daen or Nong Phai, the closest towns and bus stops. The drivers will know the stops. From there I can pick you up with my car.

If you want to get picked up at an airport this is the third possibility. Anyways we would be happy if you contact us in advance and let us know when and how you want to come.


The Guesthouse

We can offer a comfortable 70m² one-floor brick building.

Consisting of an open 40m² living room, a small 12m² bedroom with double bed, a shower room and separate toilet and a tiled porch of 10m². More sheltered sitting space behind the house is there to use.

Features like air condition, refrigerator, and smart TV with free WiFi around the house, a stereo if you wish and a big book shell with lots of German and some French and English books are there for you to use.

Thai people often sleep as many as ten people in the house. For two adults it is perfect and for a family with children, we can arrange a comfy space for the kids to sleep.

Inside the house, it is quite fresh due to the brick walls and when there are mosquitos they have to stay outside due to the screens in every window.

Right behind the guesthouse, we installed an open-air kitchen which you can use if required. To barbeque on the porch or outside is a nice thing to do and there is more than enough space to do so.


The Camping Sites

The terrain behind the house can all be used for camping. We haven’t installed any special infrastructure yet due to the large area where you can choose to put up your tent.

Shower and toilet in the guest house can be used and an exterior toilet is in planning. Water tabs are spread all over the yard and electricity can be provided.

We offer a quite adventurous camping experience, really in nature. Therefore we also don’t charge a lot.


Our Cuisine

Like most Thai women, my wife is a great cook. She knows how to prepare the famous Thai dishes even not too spicy for people that don’t like it. Very delicious curries, soups, steamed or fried vegetables and different meat, fish or seafood prepared in many ways.

Dragonfly Farm Resort

Dragonfly Farm Resort

Because she is married to a “farang” she also learned to like and cook westerner style food. From spaghetti to burgers, steaks and fresh salads she can produce about everything you like. She even makes great baked potatoes and homemade french fries. If there is something she doesn’t know you can teach her:)

It has to be said, we need to know when people come to eat so we can buy all the fresh ingredients. We are not a regular restaurant but only by orders. Like that we can guarantee the best quality and fulfill all the special wishes of our clients.


The Fishing Pond

One of our biggest treats is the about 2000m² big fishing pond. You can sit in the shade, enjoy some beers or whatever you like and start fishing for our already quite big fish. The fishing tools and baits you get here and for the real party to get started I can provide a nice sound system.

Catch your fish and we will prepare them. Served with salad, french fries or rice. And Hot Sauce!!!

We installed a few bamboo huts where you can spend all day and order your favorite food from up at the kitchen. It is a great pleasure hanging at the lake, start the grill have great sound, no neighbors to worry about, and enjoy life deep into the night. There is a small pool for the children to play in or if you are not afraid you can joint the up to 8 kg. fish in the fresh pond. The water is clean as we don’t use any chemicals but only natural water purifying agents.


Why Farm?

All started about ten years ago. Then the idea of having paying guests was not born yet. I wanted to build a BIO fruit tree farm. Now we have grown trees everywhere on our land. We still follow the rules of biodynamic and permaculture techniques but, had to learn the way we produce, is not lucrative enough to live off.

Dragonfly Farm Resort

So now since last year I developed the fishing pond and guesthouse and started to earn a living by other means than farming. Catering guests and show interested people from all over the world the beauty of central Thailand.

Right now, in Oktober, we can enjoy grapefruit, bananas, papayas, moringa leaves and lime harvested from our BIO plantation. Most of our land is covered with trees planted in the last ten years. Up, near the forest covered hill, we have some fields we give for rent to grow corn and things. I planted trees there before but the wildfire kept burning them every year so I had to give that up for the moment.

Dragonfly Farm Resort

Right now, in Oktober, we can enjoy grapefruit, bananas, papayas, moringa leaves and lime harvested from our BIO plantation. Most of our land is covered with trees planted in the last ten years. Up, near the forest covered hill, we have some fields we give for rent to grow corn and things. I planted trees there before but the wildfire kept burning them every year so I had to give up for the moment.

The cutting down of natural forest is a great concern of mine that is why I decided to grow trees instead of field products. It is a great joy to eat our own products as the seasons let them ripe. I can’t wait until March, April when the different mangos are going to be ready.

There are edible things to harvest all year long around here. Once it is the bamboo shoots that grow wild in the forest, other times it’s a wild kind of tamarind or my favorite the mangos and grapefruit. Last year, 2016 we had an exceptionally dry year and there were only a few types of plants giving fruits. A lot of trees died as well due to the long period of no rain. This year though is a great rainy year, I hope you will join us enjoying the fruits of our work and the great help from mother nature.


What to see and visit around here?

The list of things you can explore around here is quite big. As we are right in the center of Thailand there are interesting trips to be made in every direction. Just to learn to know the near neighborhood is already worthwhile and can entertain you for a few days.


Coral Mountain and Caves

First I always recommend visiting the Coral Mountains. This beautiful mountain can be seen from our house and reached by foot or vehicle.  It is not a high mountain but very special in its structure.

Coral Mountain Phethabun Province

Coral Mountain Phetchabun Province

You can walk up to different viewpoints over hundreds of steps. The rock itself really looks like corals with deep sharp swaths created by rain over thousands of years. Strange looking trees grow out of the holes or crawl along the knife sharp rocks.

Not well known but also worth seeing are the caves underneath this mountain. There are three entrances to the three caves and if you don’t know where they are you will never find them. I will help you arrange a guide for a few Baht and you can explore this almost secret site. You will see it is quite an adventure as there are not a lot of people going there and bats call it their home.


Holy Temple

Another nice thing to see and experience is a temple in a neighboring village. It is not old, it is not fancy but it is real. They practice many Buddhist rituals there and if you are lucky you can be among the guests or even join in if you feel like.

Wat Sapmuang

Wat Sapmuang

My sofar most extreme ritual I exercised my self there was to sit in a box of 1m³ at night for three hours meditating. Not enough, I was companied by about ten huge phyton snakes crawling and hissing all over my body while I was not being allowed to open my eyes or move.

People from all over the country, even from abroad, come here to meditate and learn to live with their fears or let them go. It is one special monk that was here some years ago and stayed for as long as it took to teach the local monks and lift the temple to a higher level.


Natural Lake Fun

About 15 km. from here near Chon Daen, is a rather big natural lake where people go to have fun. There are bamboo floats on which one can eat ordered meals while pulling one’s self on a rope to the center of the lake or further. While relaxing, eating and drinking the ones that like can jump off the float and play in the fresh water. Truck tubes are for rent and at the beach is a small karaoke bar which plays music on weekends.


Exploring the region on a Bike or Moped


A lot of fun is just to jump on a two-wheeled vehicle and explore the small villages and farms around here. There are some ups and downs on the way but nothing really steep. Offroad sometimes and getting lost belongs to the adventure. Just make sure you have a working mobile with you and my number. People around here know me and can help you find the way back. This is a nice way to get in touch with some locals as here and there you can stop and buy something to drink or even eat lunch in a small shag.

People around here have little money so they will probably not be able to invite you for a treat. They will certainly be happy though if you offer to share a beer or two with them. Then you might get into a chat and learn a thing or two about their life.

If you are lucky my Phantom chopper is ready when you come here, then I might let you take a ride:)


Fresh markets

To visit a bigger fresh market early morning is something you should not miss. There are several “talat nat” on different days at different locations. To see and try the many local specialties, smell and look at strange things people eat here is interesting and entertaining every time again.

There are morning markets that start around six AM, and others in the afternoon, more for pleasure at the weekend. One thing they all have in common, you can find delicious fresh prepared mouth treats. Sweet, hot, sour, salty or the best all together. You can also find cheap clothes or plastic stuff, shoes, and knives. Fruit, vegetable spices, and mushrooms. Life fish and turtles or fried frogs beetles and grasshoppers. Even sometimes prepared field rats and birds.


A bit further from the dragonfly farm resort


Phetchabun Golf course

About an hour drive from here is the next bigger town. In Phetchabun, you get entertainment like nightlife and golf. It is nice to go there for a day trip and enjoy some parks and eat in a well-frequented tiger prawn restaurant.

Also reachable in a day is the Khao Kho National Park. If you leave early in the morning you can get a good impression of the region and be back to sleep here at night again.

Khao Kho Banner


Phitsanulok and surrounding

The Phitsanulok district is also not too far. Again if you want to come back at night it is better to leave early morning. Phitsanulok is a historical town and well worth seeing. Old temples and a nice location along the river Nam make a day trip interesting and fun.

Only a bit further would be Sukothai. I think though to go and see Sukothai one day is not enough. Check out the post below and get more insight on the region and what there is to do.

From A to B with Me, Khao Kho to Umphang


Our unique guided trip to the southern Thailand

All inklusive trip


More interesting stuff

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How to get around Thailand

Was this of any help to you?

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  1. You have a very nice home Stefan! I think it would be awesome to visit your farm. Is it required that visitors bring their own food, or do you provide all the meals for each day? Do you have a menu or is it just a rotation of local cuisine? Your pictures of food make me want to jump on a plane today!

    Also, is it recommended to rent a car to access the other communities nearby? Or if you want to go shopping?

    • Hi Irma, thank’s for asking. First, The meals thing, we would gladly prepare all meals for you according to your orders. My wife is an excellent cook and can produce all kinds of western and Thai dishes. We just have to discuss the menus in advance so she can go buy all the fresh ingredients. Some ordinary food is in the house all the time but if we need a lot of something or special things we have to go and get them, some as far as 80 km.
      A car is probably not bad here, you might rent our car sometimes or our motorcycle or we find something suitable for you in the nearest town.
      As I wrote in the post, we are a small resort and want to take care of our customers in a very familiar way, means, we will discuss all your wishes and look together how we solve every issue to your maximum satisfaction.
      Take the plane alright, I’ll be waiting at the airport lol.
      I wish you a great time, see you, Stefan 🙂

  2. Hi Stephan, I visit the Philippines at least once a year, and I have always wanted to visit Thailand as well. This sounds like a beautiful place to stay and visit the Country. Thanks for an awesome review and a great recommendation as well!
    -Mike Duihamel

    • Hi Mike, thanks for the visit.
      To tell the truth, I haven’t been to the Philippines yet. It must be beautiful there too of what I heard and saw. There are similarities to Thailand I guess as it also is an Asian and tropical country. I would surely miss the Buddhist aspect there though.
      I hope you get the chance to come here once I am sure you’ll love it.
      I wish you all the best Stefan

  3. Hi Stefan,

    Great and thorough post. Sounds absolutely amazing. I will pass on meditating with pythons though!!

    Never been to Thailand but most people I know have. Lots of Australians get out there and love it so I better get my skates on. Your partners cooking sounds lovely too. many thanks for this post.


    • Hi Kevin.
      I know a lot of Australians come here for their holidays a lot. I also hard a lot of Thais go to Australia to earn money in seasonal jobs.
      Get your water skates on and come and visit lol.
      See you and have a good time.

  4. Your website is very good. I hope that I will one day be able to visit Thailand and would defintiely make Dragonfly on the top of my list.

  5. Oh I loved your site. I can’t wait t visit. It all looks amazing especially your wifes cooking. We will pass on the 3 hour meditation in a cage with pythons. Everything else sounds wonderful and your pictures tell it all.
    I am book making this site so that when we do eventually get to Thailand we can visit.

    • Hello Judy
      You are always welcome here at the Dragonfly Farm. There are other, less challenging meditation rituals if you want to try the first time. The phyton thing is a later step before which you have to do a lot of other rituals.
      I hope we see one day Judy and wish you all the best.

  6. Hello Stefan, your farm is absolutely beautiful! I clicked on the map and you really are right in the middle of Thailand! Just wondering, how long do people typically stay with you at the Dragonfly?
    I have wanted to travel to Southeast Asia for a long time and Thailand has always been near the top of my list of desired destinations. I am bookmarking your site so I can learn more. It seems like you have a lot of amazing information here. and who knows, maybe you will see me next year when I can afford to do some traveling.
    All the best to you and your family,

    • Thanks Leah for the visit.
      So far I can not really say numbers of days people stay here, as the official offer just started now. We had some private guests before, mostly Thai friends and they didn’t have the time to stay more than a weekend.
      To come and visit us is a great idea and I will have a great offer for you, especially if you would be the first guest from overseas.
      I wish you all the best and see forward to seeing you again.

  7. Dragonfly resort looks like a lovely place to visit. How far is the resort from the airport? I am especially interested to try the cuisine prepared by your wife as I love the occasional spicy dishes. Does she also teach Thai cooking?

    How many people can the room fit? We have 2 adults and 3 kids in my family.

    • Hi Yvonne, I am pleased you like our little resort.
      An airport is not really near here. I guess you would arrive at Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok. To get here is no problem though. Either you use public transport or I will pick you up at the airport.
      Cooking lessons are indeed a possibility to enrich your stay here on the Dragonfly Farm. We thought of giving cooking lessons during our guided trips. But once you are here at the resort it is easy to learn how to prepare some meals from my wife. You wouldn’t even have to pay extra for this service.
      A family of five is easy to bring under. The kids would have to share a separate space in the living room though. Everything is possible here, we are very uncomplicated and if you are a bit easy going as well you will have a great time here.
      I wish you all the best and hope to see you one day.
      Cheers Stefan

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