Do you need a Visa for Thailand


A question I get asked a lot, do you need a Visa for Thailand.

The Immigration Bureau of the Kingdom of Thailand provides six different kinds of visas. For every type, you must have a Passport, valid at least six months longer than you apply a visa for.

Non-Immigrant Visas you can apply at the embassy or consulate in your home country.

Marriage, Retirement and Permanent Visas you can apply for within Thailand after entering the Kingdom with a Tourist or Non-Immigrant Visa.

If you want to extend your Visa, I recommend, that you go and get informed, at the immigration office, a week before the expiration date. Rules can change quickly here and not every immigration office handles things the same way. For one day overstay you will be charged with 2000 Thai Bath.
When applying for Visas you always need a lot of documentation. Get informed in advance to reduce the runs you have to do to the embassy or immigration office.


Visa Types for the Kingdom of Thailand.


  • Tourist Visa

You get a Tourist Visa just by entering the country at any border. There are single entry or multiple entry options. The Visa is issued for max. 60 days. One extension, of 30 days, you can get at any immigration office within Thailand. To convert the Tourist Visa into a 90-day Non-Immigrant Visa you have to exit the country and apply in an embassy or foreign office in the country you left to.

I choose Vientiane in Laos, a beautiful place with an interesting cultural mix.

  • Non-Immigrant Visa

To apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa you need to visit the embassy or consulate in your country. Give them at least one week to provide the Visa, before you want to travel. The Non-Immigrant Visa is issued for 90 days and is normally a one entry Visa. Again you can get an extension for 30 days in any immigration office throughout the country.

  • One Year Non-Immigrant Visa

You can apply for multiple entries, one-year lasting Non-Immigrant Visa. With this Visa, you can stay for 90 days before you need to re-enter the country to get another 90 days, ( Visa run). You have to repeat the Visa run every 90 days.

  • Marriage or Retirement Visa also called the one year Visa.

For the Marriage Visa, you need to have proved that you are married to a Thai citizen. You will also have to confirm, every 90 days that you live at the address you applied with and live together with your wife. You will have to prove that you have 400’000 Thai Bath on your bank account, for at least three months before application.

The application procedure takes about one month. If you get approved you get a one year Visa, which you can renew after a year. Immigration officers will visit you once after you get your one year Visa for the first time.

You can get your one year Visa as a permanent stay or as a re-entry version.

For the Retirement Visa, you need to be 50 years of age or more. Other than that you have to prove 500’000 Thai Bath on your bank or a monthly income that covers about this amount in one year.

  • Business Visa

This is actually quite the same as the Non-Immigrant Visa. It allows you to work in Thailand, with a working permission for 90 days. The Visa run will catch you every three months.

  • Permanent Resident Visa

For this solution, you need to have had a one year Visa for at least three years in a row and be married to a Thai partner for at least five years. Upon this, you need the proof of a monthly income of min. 30’000 Thai Bath.

If you are not married, a monthly income of at least 80’000 Thai Bath is required.



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