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As you know, Thailand is a large country. As a result of this, there are many kinds of weather at the same time but different places. We have three weather seasons here in Thailand. The hot, the rain and the cold season. Mainly it is hot and humid.


Hot season in Thailand means really hot. It can easily get over 40 °C/ 104 °F all day long and at night it does not cool down much. The hot season starts early as the end of February and lasts till around June, normally. For many western visitors, it is hard to stay in the hot season, and you should really think about coming to Thailand during this time of year.

It is not only hot but humid too. I start having a sweat attack, only from sitting outside and smoking a cigarette. If I want to work outside during the hot season, I have to get up early. As the daylight here is always about the same, around 12 hours, the time to do something outside in hot season is very limited. At about 10 to 11 am. I am back in my air conditioned room.

You don’t have to wait till evening, thinking then is another cooler time. Won’t happen. After sunset everything is so much heated up it can only cool down a bit towards morning.

A beautiful thing about the hot season is, most trees are in blooming and the mango season starts. You don’t need more than a shirt and shorts and no one blames you when you are a bit lazy.

The Rainy season, also called monsoon season, starts officially in June and lasts till October. In the southern parts of Bangkok, it is possible though, that the rain already starts in April or May. The Andaman sea is fairly wavy during the rainy season and the long tail boats are secured in inland harbors.

Thailand looks great during the rainy season. It is my personal favorite. Everything is green and growing full power. Normally it doesn’t rain all day. In the afternoon or evening heavy, real heavy rains fall and temporary can flood everything. Everything is a bit extreme here, when it’s hot it is hot and when it rains it rains. Only when they say it is cold, I think this is not cold.


If you explore Thai nature during rainy season be aware of flash flooding. It can easily happen, that a riverbed you cross in the morning, is not crossable after a two-hour rain in the evening. I had to sleep in a guesthouse once because the street to my home was flooded. So never leave the house without a little money during the rainy season, you never know where you get stuck.

Cold season, or as I prefer to say, the not that hot season. It never gets really cold around here, although it might feel like that. In the morning around new years, it might be actually comfortable to light a little fire outside and sit around it and have a chat. This is what many Thai people in the countryside do. They even might grill some egg drenched sticky rice for breakfast.

The so-called cold season starts around November and lasts till February. Around this time most foreign visitors are in the country. It is a great time to visit Thailand too. At home, where most visitors live it is cold now and here it is not that hot.

What does it mean, cool season? In the morning, till maybe 9 am, you might want to wear a sweatshirt with your shorts and flip flop. During the day it will also get 30 ºC or 86 ºF. It is the high season at the beaches and many fresh fruit and vegetables are available.

You can check this link to get another picture 

The average temperature, Bangkok

These numbers do not accrue all over Thailand

The average rainfall in Bangkok

These numbers do not accrue all over Thailand

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Me at home

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I like the look of this Jacket and think it can be useful on a trip to Thailand. It looks not too heavy and can be worn on the way here too. Sometimes it is nice to have a nice raincoat because when it rains here it rains heavy. In the morning it can be a bit chilly at times and you get used to being warm here very fast. For me, when I stay in my air con room, 28 C. I feel pretty cold.

This is also a very nice Jacket, available in different colors. It is much lighter than the one above and also a lot less expensive. Still, the quality is great.

Now, this is a little backpack I would like to have. 40 lit. and you can take it as hand pack on the plane. There are many colors and the price is very good.


stefan vogt


  1. Stefan, You have brought Thailand into my kitchen… It sounds like a magical place.. My niece met her husband there last year. They were both travelling in the ‘not so hot season’ and met and fell in love. Within three days they were engaged and after a nightmarish path through US immigration got married six months later! maybe someday I will be fortunate enough to travel there. I like your raincoats, they would be good for Ireland too…. FGS

    • Hi Fiona, great to have you here again. Uh, many couples find together here in this romantic and magical country. May I know, did your nice marry a Thai man?
      I am sure, if you read some more posts here on my website, you will not be able to withstand the urge to visit this wonderful country.
      The raincoats I chose, should not be too warm but also useful in your country, Thanks.
      Hope to hear again and wish you a great time, see you

  2. This very enlightening for pre planning a visit I would feel much more comfortable if I had a review like this for places I choose to visit.

    • Hi Maurice, Thanks for your comment. I am sure before you visit Thailand you will have a good look at my website. There is a lot more to learn before going to a far country.
      I hope to hear from you again and wish you all the best.

  3. I visited Thailand when my children were quite young. That must have been about 18 years ago. Wow!
    Anyway, I thought Thailand had the friendliest people in the world. Bangkok was quite overwhelming, but the countryside was lush and green. It must have been the “not so hot” season, because I recall being quite comfortable most of the time.

    I did make the mistake of saying I liked spicy food. Tiny little peppers the size of fingernail clippings were nearly the death of me. I was so-o miserable!

    Thanks for bringing back so many wonderful memories.

    • Hi Elisabeth, Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, the people of Thailand are very friendly, this also comes with their religion. What we sometimes forget, they are human beings too, they have feelings, sometimes bad feelings too, but they don’t show them. A lot of negative things move behind our backs, they are not used to open confrontation.
      About eating hot or not, That is quite important here too. Some people can get sick of the spicy food here. You have to say “my pet” and better, you say it several times.
      I wish you a great time and hope you get the chance to visit Thailand again some time.

  4. Hi Stefan, great article & I really learned a lot about Thailand and the weather seasons there. If I were to take a vacation there, I think the best season for me would be cool season because all you’d have to do is bring a jacket & sight see. I wouldn’t want to travel when it’s raining because you can’t go outside and look around, & when it gets to hot, I just don’t want to do anything.
    This is a great review in this part of Thailand, but I’m interested to know if there’s any special places to go or special attractions at Dragon resort?
    Thanks for the post Stefan & keep up the great work.

  5. Thank you for the post Stefan,

    Thailand is on the bucket list for the family, my wife in particular wants to visit as one of her closest friends migrated from Thailand.

    It is good to know what the weather is going to be like, so we can plan our trip accordingly.

    Thanks again.

    • You are very welcome Brendan. Thank you for your comment. I am glad if you got some value information here and hope you can make it to Thailand one day.
      If you have any questions, about any subject concerning Thailand, feel free to ask. I will try my best to answer to your full satisfaction.
      Thanks again and have a great time.

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