Cottage by the River in Pak Tako, Chumphon

“Cottage by the river” Pak Tako, Thung Tako District, Chumphon 86220


One of the friendliest and nicest places I found in a long time.

Chapters: How to get there, The Guesthouse, Things to See, Reservation

On our trip from Bangkok to Khao Sok, we decided to take it easy and go explore some of the coasts along the way. The beaches below Chumpon seem to be quite unknown to foreigners but are in development by the Thai government right now. The things we could see and experience today are probably not the same anymore in just a few years from now


How to get there

To get to the small town of Pak Tako you need to take the small road No. 4096 from the Highway 41 in the village moo 8 (see map). The wonderful area is mainly natural mangroves and coconut or palm oil cultivation. If you look closely you will see thought that all kinds of fruit grow very well there.

The small village moo 1 or Pak Tako lays along the riverbanks of the river Tako and behind the beach. If you like fresh seafood you are in the perfect place there. To get western food around this place is probably pretty impossible at the moment as there is not even a Seven Eleven nearby yet. Luckily we found the ATM at the municipal building a bit out of town. The people are very friendly and help find things but I guess they only speak little English and you need your hands and feet to communicate.
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Let me introduce the Cottage by the River

Now once you found the village, it will be easy to find the Cottage, Resort, Bed, and Breakfast. I guess it is the only place in town where you can stay overnight with real comfort.

These are the buildings seen from the street side. There is a lot of parking space and the eleven rooms are located behind the car on the pic on the left. The main area to stay, eat or just relax and enjoy the view is behind the buildings towards the river. Although there is a lot of water all around I did not experience any mosquito bites. These original and quite old buildings were before used as docks for unloading fishing boats, which is still happening up and down the street.

The rooms at the Cottage are the average Thai guesthouse rooms. Very clean, no pets allowed, with fridge, TV and air-conditioning. Not very big but not too small as well, with a double bed or the bigger ones with three beds. There is WIFI on the whole compound and the TV has English channels. The evening we arrived we bought our dinner outside at a food stall, of which there are several nearby and ate on the porch, but some other guests ordered menus a la carte. The breakfast is included and on the second day, we were invited to order breakfast of our own choice.

We were told a lot of Thai bicyclists like to stay at the Cottage overnight. I can fully understand that because the surrounding area is really beautiful and easy to get around with a bike. Up to today the Cottage and the village do not yet have any bikes for rent but that is to be changed said Mrs. Boss. (Name changed by the author:)
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What can you explore around Pak Tako

To tell the truth, we only stayed for one whole day in the resort at Pak Tako, we arrived in the evening and left two days later in the morning. What we experienced and saw though was unforgettable.

Route 4198, a scenic route that is the way we came here. A wonderful route along with many absolutes lonely beaches, through forests and palm tree farms. We saw little monkeys and lots of flowers and exotic trees. The guide we met the next day told us if we had more time he could bring us to farmers, having professional monkeys picking coconuts for them.


Happy shell eating party

Happy shell eating party

Unloading fishing boats we had the chance to watch the next morning. A longtail boat full with shells was unloaded right next door. These black shells are farmed in the sea on ropes matched to bamboo stuck in the ground. They wash the shells and heat them in hot water for a short time before taking the meat out which they sell by the kilo. In the evening we were invited to eat a nice plate of these shells for free at a small party we organized for us and the guide on the porch of the Cottage.




Successful harvest

Successful harvest

Longtail boat with shells

Longtail boat with shells

Washing and packing

Washing and packing









Around 10 AM the same day, A guide came picking us up. A very friendly and funny person. I don’t think he speaks a lot of English though, no problem for me as I speak Thai.

We did a short trip to the small island “Kho Pitak”. The guide sat in our car and I drove for about 15 minutes to reach the peer, where a longtail boat brought us to the other side. The boat ride takes some minutes and costs 40 Bath/pers. go+come. The island is so small, there are no roads and no cars. There are some dormitories one can sleep overnight but no single rooms.

Area Map Kho Phitak

Area Map Kho Phitak

Ferry to Kho Phitak

Ferry to Kho Phitak

Village on Kho Phitak

Village on Kho Phitak








After we walked a trail for about ten minutes through a wonderful light forest we reached a small beach with not a single person at the time. A sandy beach surrounded by rocks really inviting to stay a day. There is no shop or anything nearby but I was told we could order anything we wanted and it would be delivered by the only motorbike on the island.

Beach on Kho Phitak

Beach on Kho Phitak

Restaurant Kho Phitak

Restaurant Kho Phitak









Too bad we did not have the time to relax and enjoy a day at the beach. We took an entertaining walk around the island and ended up at the peer just about right for lunch. I never ate as fresh horse crab som tam as I did here. A huge portion of seafood fried rice and a squit salad, it was amazing. For 500 bath all four of us were fed well and had to take some of the rice with us back home.

That last night, we enjoyed a small party I organized with some beers, a lot of food and two or three locals chatting and listening to all kinds of music. It was great fun and I felt like I knew the people a long time already. After a wonderful relaxing sleep, we then took off to our next destination, Khao Sok which I will write about in a next post.
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Now If you find this place interesting and would like to experience it your self, there are some ways to do so.

No.1 Get there by yourself and rent the rooms when you arrive. At the moment they charge 800 Bath for the double bedroom or 1200 Bath for the one with three beds. Here breakfast is included.

No.2 You get there by yourself as well but confirm first with me or the owner: Me, exploringrealthailand@gmail.com  The Owner, 098 929 6151 by phone. Like this, you can be sure of a reservation and have the option of getting a package for 1300 Bath/pers. which includes breakfast of choice, dinner of choice, water, cafe, hot chocolate and fresh fruit all day long and the guide at your service for just a tip.

No.3 If you would like to have an English, French, German or Spanish and Thai speaking guide, (that would be me) plus a driver with the necessary car and driving experience, with local sites experience and so on (me) plus your western food cook (my wife) then this is your choice. We can pick you up at the airport and discreetly guide you to all the places you would like to see in the timeframe and speed of your choice.

For this version, all inclusive except alcohol and special needs things we charge 3000 Bath a day and person, min 2 people. Interested? Please contact me at “exploringrealthailand@gmail.com” at least one month in advance.

Car, driver, eat and drink, boats and resorts all-inclusive.  Are you interested in all incl.? Check this out click here.

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  1. Looks like a really nice little spot with lots to see and comfortable accommodation.

    Is it safe to swim in the river? Can you fish in the river ?

    What would you say would be the ideal amount of time to spend there? Is it quite civilized ie can you draw money from a cash point and buy bottled water?

    • Hi, Roy thanks for the visit.
      First, I haven’t seen anyone swimming in the river, but that’s maybe due to Thais are not too well swimmers. The beach isn’t far away though only a few minutes walk.
      To fish in the river is no problem at all. from the shore or from a bridge not far.
      An ATM is there and bottled water you find everywhere in Thailand and yes it is civilized but not modern.
      How much time to spend there? I think it won’t be boring for a week or so. But the longer you stay at a place in Thailand the more people open up to you and you will be invited to further adventures and activities.
      I hope that answers your questions if you need to know more, feel free and contact me per E-Mail. Thanks again and see you

  2. I really haven’t heard of this area before, and before I even read this I wanted to go and visit Thailand, but now I want to go more and i have a great place I should go and check out based on your review – Pak Tako.

    Sounds really cool Stefan! I wana get on the fishing boats! What time of year do you think is best to go there?

    Thanks for informing about this awesome place!

    • Hi Marley, to get on a fishing boat is a great idea. I think it will be possible if you talk to the fishermen for a few days and show your interest in going with them. They do the fishing overnight like most places and early morning they come back and sell their catch on the fresh market.
      The best time to go there is probably from November until the end of January. This is the cool season when it does not rain normally. You can get a more detailed insight on times to visit Thailand when you click here.
      Thanks for the comment and have a great time.

  3. I have heard about this place before, it seems to be pretty amazing, So wonderful to travel and have a different experience. Your post is a great help and very informative.

  4. I’ll be honest, if I didn’t think of going to Thailand before, I do now. I am more impressed with your liberal use of imagery above everything else. I always thought too many photos would ruin an article but your organized use of photos is amazing.
    I don’t know much about Thailand but you’ve reiterated several times about how nice the people around Pak Tako are. I’m guessing it’s not just all hype at this stage. I’m very glad I could learn a thing or two. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi, Derrick, I am glad you like the post. I think when writing an article about something that is depending on the optical quality it is quite ok to use many pictures. In fact, I would like to show even more pics but that would be too much even for me:) These places are so beautiful and colorful, it is hard to describe just by writing. The Thai people are famous for their being friendly but the more they get in touch with tourists the more their friendliness gets calculating. Here in Pak Tako are very few foreigners and the people are really happy to meet people from other places and communicate about things they never saw before.

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