Cheapest Place To Live In Thailand

Lop Buri, the Cheapest Place to Live in Thailand

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Lop Buri, Cheapest Place To Live In Thailand

Lop Buri, Cheapest Place To Live In Thailand


Lop Buri is a quite big town in the middle of this beautiful country. I have now visited Lopburi for the second time and learned quite a lot about monkey town. I heard an offer, a small house, right in the center of the old town but at a spot that beats all the rest. If I didn’t already have a place where I live I would buy it right away. (My place in the countryside I would not sell under 2’000’000 Baht)

Beautiful Walk Along The Water

Beautiful small alley along the Water

The small house needs some redoing for sure but for the price of about 500’000 Baht, I would take it on the spot. 500’000 is a bit more than $15’000USD and to find a place with a house and ground right in the center of Lopburi and next to a beautiful canal with view on the water and not much traffic is just exceptional.

Walking distance to the famous monkey temples is about 500 meters but to this place, the monkeys do not come. The alley is so narrow, two cars have to find a wider spot to cross each other. I am just in love with the place down there. Most other habitats of the street have built a small porch across the road at the riverbanks for relaxing evenings and some free fishing fun.


Lopburi, a nice place to stay

The way this town looks to me, it must be a good place to live in. I met some foreigners at my friend’s place, they all live in Lopburi old town, they have built their own houses and are very happy and optimistic about their future there.

Wednesday Street Market

Wednesday Street Market

A big surplus for me I think is, Lopburi is a little bit of a tourist magnet but not near any proportion as places like Phuket or another famous southern beach towns. Those places are expensive as hell and other than tourists you don’t see many people. Lopburi has the advantage of having some places where you can eat western food, meet western people and hang out in some few bars like we are used from home.

Preparing for ten days of funfair

Preparing for ten days of funfair

The center of the old town is a really chill place, with a lot of parks, old huge trees, and most buildings are maybe three stories high or less. There is a lot still old-fashioned wooden building all over the old center which gives the downtown a sympathetic ambiance. Small streets and not that much traffic is another plus point.

Still, during the 7 days, I spent in Lopburi, a lot happened. There is this nice street market every week and this week was a big funfair, lasting 10 days. I heard next month is already the next fair to come, so opportunities to earn a few dollars are there too.


Cheap even for a short time

"Ma Tini" Bar Guesthouse

“Ma Tini” Bar Guesthouse

It is not only this house why I say Lopburi is a really cheap place to stay. I met a guesthouse owner, he was born in Lopburi and he can afford to rent his four rooms for as little as 200 Baht a night. Just think about that, 200 a night that means 6000 Baht a month, less than $200 that is not normal in Thailand.

It is not only the “Ma Tini” Bar/Guesthouse but also the most famous place next door, “Noom”, also offers rooms for only 300 Baht. I also heard of other places that have rooms for 300. Ok, the rooms offer minimal comfort without air condition or fridge but they are clean and have a fan.

Friendly Locals

Friendly Locals

When I look at this room price I must guess that a condominium rent for a month must be even cheaper. To start a living in Thailand or just to try out how it is to live in Thailand I think Lop Buri is a great city to start with. You can experience the real Thai way of life in an original environment but still, have the possibility to talk to a lot of people in the English language.

I met a lot of English speaking Thais here, a lot more than in other places where tourists also frequent. I think Lopburi is an open minded easy going town, maybe because of the monkeys. Maybe the people there are more tolerant than elsewhere because they have to live with the monkeys what not always make life easier.

Anyways, we the foreigners are very welcome in Lopburi and treated nice and with respect. Although most of the visitors are Thais and most of the tourist income Lopburi makes with Thai visitors. Maybe it also has to do with the many universities situated in Lopburi, that the locals are more open-minded than in other places in Thailand.


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  1. Hi,Stefan…Great Info. I’ve Been To Thailand 8 Times Over The Last 3yrs And Just Fell In Love With It. Although I Got Cought Up In The South And The Money Drain Down There,My Travels Have Taken Me All Ove The Country.I’m Retired From The U.S. But Worked As A Laborer All My Life,So My Retirerment Is Only About 38,000baht A Month. What Do You Think Is My Best Way To Go About Finding The Right Place To Settle There. I’m More Of A Outside Of The City Type Of Person. I Love Street Food And Would Like A Small 1 Bedroom Apart. Maybe Near A River Or Lake. Please Email Me. Thank You For Your Time. Oh, I’m Coming To Thailand In Dec. And Staying Till March.

    • Hi Rick, nice to see you found my website 🙂

      Where to live in Thailand is not easy to answer a question. 38’000 Bath is actually enough to live everywhere if you don’t need to spend too much on party and luxury.

      I’ll mail you and we’ll have a look at this 🙂

    • Hi Jakob, You might not know but there are millions of expats living in Thailand. Most of them prefer the warm south and near the sea but there in Lopburi, I already met quite a few just in one week.

  2. It looks really cheap to live in Lopburi. I am a big fan of Thailand and have it on my bucket list to visit. I currently live in the Philippines. I retired earlier this year from California and decided to make the Philippines my home.

    Thailand is so close to me that I plan to visit and now that you have told me about Lopburi, I surely will visit there. This is an area I would like to live possibly.

    I am glad that many people speak English there. That would be a very high consideration when I am deciding on a country in Asian to live in.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome information.

    • Hi, Nate sounds fantastic, the Philipines is really not far. I have some friends living there too. As far as I know, Lopburi can be named international a bit. Although there are just a few tourists coming and going on a daily basis. But over the years the citizens got used to a steady stream of foreigners and expats. Today to speak English is more common there as in many other places of Thailand.

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