Center North Of Bangkok

Center North Of Bangkok the heart of Asia


This is where I actually live and therefore know most about. It is a region with many different faces. I like to call it the heart of Asia because it stayed quite traditional and is not that much influenced by tourist requests. My town, Chon Daen, for example, has not one bar so far. Most people traveling around here are Thai people. We have the most beautiful areas in the region and the price level is not as high as in the common tourist areas.



Let’s start by traveling north from Bangkok, you arrive first big stop at Ayuthaya. Best known for its ancient temple sites.

Image result for ayuthaia Image result for ayuthaia

Don’t be surprised if you find Ayuthaya a bit boring. For me, it is not my favorite ancient temple site. In my opinion, it is famous because it is close to Bangkok. It is a really large site with a lot of ruins. It is well organized and clean. True tourist sites as well for Thais as for foreigners.


Lop Buri

Lop Buri would be my next stop. Lop Buri is an old town where there is lot’s to discover. A real Thai city, naturally grown but not the way Bangkok did. Many temples and ruins are to visit and small streets and parks. The Phra Kan Shrine with its monkeys is a must.


Click Pick and go to Lopburi

Lop Buri, Cheapest Place To Live In Thailand

See Lop Buri Monkey Town


On the way, you must stop by my the Dragon Fly Farm.

Dragonfly Farm Resort


Khao Kho a cool mountainous region near Phetchabun

Khao Kho Banner


Phitsanulok, Sukhothai are real beauties in central Thailand

You can do all these trips by car or bus. If you travel by bus, you can rent motorbikes at all your stays and get a closer look at the scenes. All, on the way, though you could find small interesting sites. Forests, mountains, lakes or temples.

From A to B with Me, Khao Kho to Umphang


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