Best Time Visit Phuket

Having fun in Phuket

Having fun in Phuket

The best time to visit Phuket depends on a few factors

The most popular time to visit Phuket is definitely around new years. From December to the end of January the place is packed. The climate is modest, hot, an average of 32°C but not much rain and the lowest humidity of the year. Millions of tourists flood the rather small area of Phuket Island and the parties in places like Patong Beach are endless.


December till January

So if the most important factor for you is the weather and the public holidays, you will find the best time to visit Phuket at the end of the year. 


For me and for many others, from September till the end of October is a great time to plan a stay in Phuket. It is the rainy season, everything is clean and blooming. It is about the coldest time to be in Phuket but it is very humid. The main reason to go this time of year is, there are not a lot of tourists, the prices are still low and we, the visitors are much appreciated.

September till Oktober

So if you not only want to enjoy the beach life but see the beauty of this great nature and save a lot of money, have a little privacy and like to sing in the warm rain, you choose this time of year.


Now my total favorite time is between February and March. The weather is great and the crowds have left. Everything is possible during this time of year. The sea is warm and there is almost no rain. The places are getting empty and with that, the prices fall to and you can choose where you want to stay. All the attractions are available but the businessmen are not as hungry anymore as before the winter holidays.

February until March

So if you are like me, I like to swim a lot and do not like too many people, also I appreciate the lower price level and can choose the time of my vacations, this is the perfect time to visit Phuket.

 Weather statistics for Phuket


What is there to see in Phuket Province

For the Beaches click here

Most people that visit Phuket come for the beaches and nightlife in Patong. There are several attractions to see though.

Big Buddha of Phuket

Bird view of big Buddha of Phuket

First and most famous, because it can be seen from far away is the Big Buddha of Phuket. It is near Phuket town on a hill and gives and once on top of the hill you have a great view over the island to the beaches and small islands to all sides.

The 45 meters high sitting Buddha is a wonderful photo object, covered with white Burmese marble. Lots of stalls sell souvenirs and food and drink.


Thao Thep Kasattri Thao Sri Sunthon Monument and the Thalang National Museum are just a few hundred meters apart. The monument shows the two sisters who heroicly saved the island from Burmese invaders by dressing all women in man’s fighter uniforms. The small Thalang Museum shows artifacts of the old life and history of the region.

Chaithararam Temple.png

Beautiful view of the Chaithararam Temple


In the Chalong Quater of Phuket town, you find the big temple site of Chaithararam Temple. It is the biggest temple on Phuket Island and is well worth seeing. A big market around the temple invites to see Thai boxing events and listen to Thai pop music.



The old Phuket town

Street in old Phuket town full with happy people.

The old Phuket town invites to a street life within old Portuguese architecture. Around Yaowarat road the old buildings look like they break down any moment but give a nice lively atmosphere.


The Phuket Aquarium at the south-east end of the island, Cape Panwa, between beautiful bays and small islands is quite famous and the only aquarium in the region. It is also a monitoring and research center of the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources.


Promthep Cape, the most southern point of the island is greatly appreciated for the wonderful view, especially during the sunset. It can be part of a round trip around the south end of Phuket which is a great drive with many nice places for an eating or cafe break.


Our unique guided trip to the southern Thailand

All inklusive trip


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    • Hi Gary, I am glad you like what you see. To answer your question, where I would suggest you, to go, is: Start out in Phitsanulok, then go to Sukhothai, from there to Tak and to the border of Myanmar. Near there you will find a small road leading to Umphang, which is in the middle of mountains and forests, very beautiful and not very crowded. Or just come visit me and we decide where to go next 🙂

  1. Thank you for this informative post! i think that I would like to visit Phuket during tourist season, so I can participate in whatever is going on…it sounds very exciting! The temperatures are fairly warm all year long, but I think I would like it best with less humidity. I wanna go now!!

    • Hi Irma, I am glad you like it. You know, to get the full share of attractions you can visit Phuket from November to about March. The most crowded time is around Christmas, then it is really crazy. Watch this

  2. It sounds a great idea to visit Phuket when there are not so many tourists. It helps to learn more about the people who live there and their culture.

    I did not expect to have lower prices but it makes sense. Definitely one of the places that I consider to visit this year.

    • Hi Ilias, thanks for the comment. If you want to learn about people and culture, I would say Phuket is maybe not the right place to go, no matter what season. Phuket is a tourist mecca and differs a lot to the rest of Thailand. But still, to learn a little about this great country it is a good compromise. If you like it you can still come back and visit more original places. If you want to know any more details let me know and I will gladly try to help.

  3. This sounds like a great place to visit. Your recommendations for times to travel and the types of seasons are very helpful. I definitely would like to avoid the more crowded times.

    • Thanks Donnie for your reaction.
      I am glad to give you a little insight of weather and crowdedness of this beautiful country. If you need any more details feel welcome to ask anytime.
      Phuket is a great place to visit but some knowledge of the situation while you plan to visit will definitely not hurt.
      I wish you a great time and hope to hear from you again sometime.

    • Hi, Shannon, you are right, Thailand is the place to go once in a lifetime at least.
      The first time I came here, I went to the turtle island, Kho toa. It is a bit quieter and mostly visited by nature freaks. If you like to play in the water, like snorkel or swim or dive, that is a place I would recommend. Especially for a holiday from a 5-9. It is not that expensive and not too developed.
      For food, if you ask me, I would say the north eastern kitchen is my favorite. A lot of barbecues and sticky rice, fresh raw veggies spicy minced meat and other delicious specialties. Of course always much different fruit. You can find Issaan food everywhere throughout the country.

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