Best Places in Thailand where it’s not so hot

Places in Thailand where it is not so hot

Up’s got ya, cold places in Thailand, for me as an ex Swiss, do not really exist.

This is not in Thailand

No, this is not in Thailand

If you don’t like it too hot and looking for the best places in Thailand where it”s not so hot, it is important to choose the right time to come to Thailand. Here we are slightly north of the equator and that means we have also the coldest season at the end of the year. from October till January it is most cool here, at least in the morning.

A big difference also makes whether you go up on higher grounds, which is much colder or at sea level, Thailand is almost on the equator and therefore almost always hot.

Best cold places in Thailand

  • Caves

Thailand has many beautiful caves to visit

Cave near my home Phetchabun

Cave near my home Phetchabun

Inside cave near the Dragonflyfarm Resort

Inside cave near the Dragonflyfarm Resort

The caves under coral mountain

The caves under coral mountain

A wonderful thing to do on a hot day is to visit some caves. Here right next to my house we have some beautiful caves that are not very known. The site is called Coral Mountain because it is also or mainly a sightseeing point on top of the caves. Very special looking rock formations, really reminding on corals are to be explored by foot, up hundreds of stairs.


The beautiful Coral Mountain

The beautiful Coral Mountain

Coral Mountain near the Dragonflyfarm Resort

Coral Mountain near the Dragonflyfarm Resort

If you want to visit this site you best contact me personally, I can arrange a tour and ensure there are people that care for you, flashlights, climbing help and even the entrances to the caves you have to know. There are so little visitors that no one actually is in charge of this site.

It is not possible to enter the caves during rainy weather, but that is very rear here anyway.

You find the exact position HERE on Google map.

  • Hills

Just recently I explored a new region quite near me. It is called Kao Ko and lays behind Phetchabun.


The steep roads make it a nice driving experience, for bikes or cars. The clime was definitely much colder than here in the deeper region.


There are hundreds of resorts and guesthouses, even hotels. It is a very big area where you can look around for days. It was here too where I found the most beautiful toilet so far.

Beautiful flowers and exotic trees surround the streets.


In the morning you might look into a see of fog, which is the reason for the name, Kao Ko, Mountain Islands. If you like to eat a strawberry, you’re in paradise there. Everywhere they sell fresh sweet strawberries along the road for just about 50 Bath per kg.



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Me at home

If you have any questions or something else you would like me to know, please feel free and comment at the bottom of this page. Thank you!!!


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