Best Lightweight Hard Shell Luggage



Best Lightweight Hard Shell Luggage

Whenever we talk Luggage we talk SAMSONITE. The new Samsonite-Invoke-2-Piece-Nested-Hardside-Set is available at last. It is available in two colors, black, and navy blue.

Samsonite has established a brand name through long successful experience and innovation. The famous name stands for quality luggage and confidence.

This new product consists of one lightweight, 11.5 lbs, hard-shelled 28″ suitcase and one lightweight, 6.8 lbs, hard shell 20″ suitcase. Both cases role on new tech 360-degree multi-directional spinner wheels and are equipped with an adjustable ergonomic pull handle system.

The Samsonite-Invoke-2-Piece-Nested-Hardside-Set is only available since the 3. of October 2017 but already No 1 on the top-selling rank of luggage sets on Amazon.com. This new Samsonite suitcase set is only sold by Amazon.

The unique lifetime warranty is guaranteed by Samsonite. Service centers are located all over the world, you can find them here on these websites: “www.samsonite.com” for inside the US: “shop.samsonite.com”





Samsonite-Invoke Order Here



360° Turning Weel Technique

360° Turning Wheel Technique

Better spinner wheels than ever

No more two-wheel tip over pulling technique.

The solid 360° turnable wheels of the Samsonite Invoke allows an upright, smooth moving in every direction.

No more balance act and heavy weight on your arms.

You can now pull your fully loaded luggage safely and upright where ever you need to go. The strong high tech wheels don’t break when rolling down a step or rushing along the gates at the airport.


Ergonomic Handle

Ergonomic Handle

Samsonite-Invoke Retractable Handle


The contoured handle tailors allow a perfect adjustment to the users hight and walking position.

An infinitely variable leverage is easy to use and helps you keep an upward position without carrying much weight in your hand.

A perfected ergonomic nonslippery handle provides a comfortable grip even when your hands are hot and tired.



TSA Lock

TSA Lock

The best lightweight hard shell luggage comes with a safe TSA lock

The bigger of the two suitcases, the 28″ model is furnished with a safety combination TSA lock.

The TSA, Transportation Security Administration, in the US asks for TSA approved locks on your luggage. These locks can be opened by airport security agents without the passenger present.

It is Travel Sentry that approves the locks and marks them with the red diamond mark.



Better Loading Proportiones

Better Loading Proportions

Optimized loading concept

For a better packing experience, the new Samsonite-Invoke travel case has revolutionized the proportions of the packing volume inside the suitcase.

The new concept leaves a lighter suitcase lid with only 20% of the total weight stored. 80% of the luggage can be stored in the bottom part of the case and leaves the user with a less heavy lid to lift when closing and opening the suitcase.

Furthermore, you will get the advantage of a flip opening of the hard side case, which was inspired by Samsonite’s soft side luggage.





Samsonite Invoke 2-Piece Nested Hardside Set (20″/28″)

Overall Ranking


In my opinion, this quality product is very convincing. So far it is not on the market for a long time that’s why there are no other reviews yet.

It is the most sold “luggage set” on Amazon already what does mean something.

The Samsonite-Invoke is surely a great new release by Samsonite and deserves the price asked for. I have not heard of any complaints thus so far and if you have a problem Samsonite is always there as your trustable service partner in charge.


Click below and get all quoting details

Samsonite-Invoke Order Here

Samsonite-Invoke Order Here


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  1. This is a luggage that has been around since I was a child. This luggage has really made a name for itself and is still going strong. I would invest in a luggage like this that is such great quality.

    • Hi Norman, You say exactly what I think. Samsonite has been developing suitcases as long as I live and I think I can trust the brand. I hope you have a great time Norman and thanks for visiting.

  2. Hi Stefan,
    I really love this new suitcase. It is the kind I have always tried to find before but haven’t been able to the features are great and everything you need a suitcase to be, light, spacious, and wheels that swivel all the way around. It’s always such a nightmare in airports trying to lug your case about when it usually has a mind of its own. Also, love the security lock. Great invention and I will most definitely be book marking your page, and when I go on holiday next I shall order them. Thanks

    • Hi Stefanie, welcome to my site.
      I am glad that I could introduce a good product to you. Me, my self, am convinced of the Samsonite hard shell suitcase because of its quality. Of course, it is not a cheap product but you get what you pay for.
      I wish you all the best and hope to hear from you again.

  3. HI Stefan, Sawasdee Kap! =) Thanks for this great review. The holidays are near and I am actually in need to refurbish, or better yet upgrade, my 5-year-old luggage. You gave me a good idea and I’ll definitely look and consider this thoroughly. Super thanks Stefan =)

    • You are very welcome JR, I am sure you will be fully satisfied with your purchase. There are loads of hard shell suitcases out there and surly light ones too but with a Samsonite, you stand on the right side of the road.
      I wish you nice holidays and hope to see you again.

  4. Hi Stefan,
    Thanks so much for the great information. My husband and I are planning a world trip in 15 months time and we need high quality luggage that’s light, easy to move around and durable enough to take down stairs, and this product ticks all those boxes. The great thing is, unlike other Amazon products, this product ships to New Zealand. Thanks again for the information.

    • Hy Gaylene, I am happy to have been able to help you here.
      I personally can only recommend the Samsonite collection and especially this new quality product.
      I think if you can afford it you are best off with the Samsonite suitcases.
      Thanks for the visit and have a great time.

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