Best Cold Places in Thailand where it’s not so Hot

To find the Best cold Places in Thailand where it’s not so Hot is a bit of a challenge.

Up’s got ya, cold places in Thailand, for me as an ex-Swiss, do not really exist.

This is not in Thailand

No, this pic is not made in Thailand:)

If you don’t like it too hot in Thailand it is important to choose the right time to come. Here we are slightly north of the equator and that means we have also the coldest season at the end of the year. From October until January is the cool season here and at least at night and in the morning, you might find it a bit fresh.

Around December my neighbors often lite a fire in the morning and you can see them covered in blankets and warm jackets luring around the small fire. They smile at me and say, “its very cold today” Haha. It really is a bit cool then, maybe 15-20°C, but around 9 am. we are back to 25-30°C  and in the afternoon it is again too hot for me to work outside.

A big difference also, makes whether you go up on higher grounds, which is much colder than at sea level. To go north or south doesn’t really change things, Thailand is just a little above the equator and therefore hot almost everywhere. A better way to outrun the heat is to find the best cold places in Thailand and stay in one of the many rainforests or get on a mountain all over the country or to visit a cave near you.

Of course, about every resort or hotel provides air-conditioned rooms and to take a swim in any of the waters around the country can down your body temperature as well.


Best Cold places in Thailand

  • Caves

Thailand has many beautiful caves to visit. Some are involved with climbing and are not that easy to access, others you can sit on a float and enjoy the ride inside the cold mysterious holes in the mountains.

Tham Lod at Pang Mapha

Nam Lod Cave at Pang Mapha

Depending on where you decided to explore Thailand you find caves in different locations.

Some caves are temples now, others are left natural. In some, they found relicts from people of the stone age and others are used to harvest the valuable ingredients of the bird’s nest soup.


All in all, to visit a cave here in Thailand is very exciting and will definitely let you cool down for the time being.

Visit my post about caves in Thailand and get more insight and directions of some of the most beautiful and famous caves in Thailand.

Thai Cave Promo

Three nice little caves to discover are right here near our Dragonfly Farm Resort.

Cave near my home Phetchabun

Inside cave near the Dragonflyfarm Resort

The caves under coral mountain






A wonderful thing to do on a hot day here at the Dragonfly Farm is to visit some nearby caves. Here right next to my house we have some beautiful caves that are not much known. The site is called Coral Mountain because it is also or mainly a sightseeing point on top of the caves. Very special looking rock formations, really reminding on corals are to be explored by foot, up hundreds of stairs.

The beautiful Coral Mountain

Coral Mountain near the Dragonflyfarm Resort







If you want to visit this site you best contact me personally, I can arrange a tour and ensure there are people that care for you. For flashlights, climbing help but at least to show you the entrances to the caves you can use the help of locals. There are so few visitors that no one actually is in charge of this site.

It is not possible to enter the caves during rainy weather, but that is very rear here anyway.

You find the exact position “here” on Google map. More on the Dragonfly Farm Resort, click here


Hills and Mountains

Chapters: Chiang Mai, Central Thailand, Southern Thailand

A great way to flee the heat is to go to higher grounds. There are several mountainous regions around the country, some higher some less. Many of these mountains are natural parks and offer accommodations and attractions for the visitors to have an entertaining time.



Chiang Mai Region

In the Chiang Mai District, you find several mountains loved and visited frequently. For all of these sites, it is recommended to go when there is no chance of rain due to the steep and narrow roads.

Doi Inthanon, (check location)


The mountain rages from heights of 800 to 2565 meters and the average temperature are around mid-ten’s.

Doi Inthanon National Park features Bird watching and hiking to waterfalls and other sights. You can find beautiful flower gardens or walk through tropical rain forests. It must be a great experience to drive up to the top with a motorbike.

Guided tours from Chiang Mai are around 4000 Baht.


Mon Jam, (check location)


Closer to the city of Chiang Mai you find this not that overloaded mountain site. A steep curvy road leads up to where you find scenic picnic spots where you can enjoy local food sold at a local market on top.

There is a restaurant that serves Moo Kata and a neat clean resort where you can stay for a few days.

Other than that it is nice for a few hour trip with a moped, car or motorbike that has a bit of extra power.



Doi Ang Khang, (check location)


A beautiful place along the valley in the Daen Lao Mountain rage, with a 1928 meters altitude and close to the border with Myanmar to the very north of the Chiang Mai District.

Another favorite for motorbike fans. From Chiang Mai city it takes about 200 km. up 107 through may scenic regions up and down in forests and hills.

The close town at the foot of the mountain invites for a nice holiday close to many attractions like waterfalls, caves, natural springs, and walkabouts through a lot of untouched nature.
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See Lopburi Monkey Town

North- East, Isan Region + Central Thailand

To tell you the truth, in this flat and hot region you will have a hard time to find a cool place apart from under the water or in a cooled room. The highest elevation you can reach in Isan is when you climb a palm tree and there it is still quite warm:)

Flower fields in Loei

Flower fields in Loei

One exception is the mountains around the Nam Nao National Park and the region above direction Loi. (See Map).  I drove the roads from Phetchabun to Khon Kaen and to Loei and really enjoyed the scenic drive. On the way to Loei on top of the high plateau you find lots of nice resorts, Thais like to stay at for the fresh air and a rather cool climate.

Phu Phan Mountains range is a bit higher than sea level, the peak, Phu Lang Ka is 624 meters high, is not really worth going if you are looking for a cool place.

A bit further to the west on the same map above you can see another popular higher area which Thai people love to visit. The Thung Salaeng Luang National Park gets you from Phitsanulok to Phetchabun on a nice curvy and partly huge scenic road. On the hight of the hill, you see grasslands with cows and wooden chalets, that let me as an Ex Swiss feel a bit homesick:).

The eastern end of the park borders a very nice not yet too popular region called Khao Kho “Island Mountains”. (See Map). When the weather is right only the hilltops reach out of the fog in the morning and make the landscape look like a sea with lots of small islands. The hilltops are not really cold but even in the valleys, the temperature sinks overnight to a comfortable low. The region is being developed at the moment and wants to get a more popular tourist magnet in future.

Morning in Khao Kho

Morning in Khao Kho

The hilltops are not really cold but even in the valleys, the temperature sinks overnight to a comfortable low. The region is being developed at the moment and wants to get a more popular tourist magnet in future. For a family holiday where it is not too hot in Thailand, this is a great choice. Many nice and quite new accommodations are everywhere to choose from. For activities like walking, bicycling or sightseeing is the place a paradise and small lakes and rivers you will find at many locations as well. You kids will love it there due to the many strawberries being cultivated in these cooler regions.

Khao Kho Banner


In another region of central Thailand, near the border with Myanmar in the Tak District you can find another absolute paradise with lower temperatures due to elevation. Even to get there lets you experience an unforgettable adventure. The R1090 which brings you from Mae Sot to Umphang has quite some stories to tell. Not is it one of the curviest road, with 1219 corners, of which some of them I had to change in first gear. But also it is famous for the high death toll counted on this road. Not for nothing, it is called the Death Highway.

Check out this great little movie and get a small impression of what will await you if you decide to visit Umphang.

Once you arrive in Umphang there is no way out than the way you came. The small village has gotten famous amongst tourists and travelers due to the remoteness and many natural adventure features. Caves, river rafting hiking or guided tours into the deep forests of the national parks.

Take your time once you are here, it might be the last time. Check the waterfalls and wildlife sanctuaries. All the information and reservation boots about the activities you will find in Umphang town. The high season is also the dry season from November till February. Before high season, the chance to have a lot of water in the rivers is greater, after the chance to have a more quiet experience with less foreign tourists is better.
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Southern Thailand

As much as there is to see and explore, really cold or fresh places are not on the top of the list in Thailand. In southern parts of the country, you will not find many areas where the climate is not just hot. Luckily around southern Thailand, there is a lot of coasts and refreshing seawater and the chance to get a rain shower even in the winter months is a bit bigger than in the north.

Nether than less, there is one more mountain I would like to introduce here in this article. Khao Luang.

Khao Luang

Khao Luang lays in the province of Nakhon Si Thammarat, somewhere near Krabi and Surat Thani, (check here). The mountain peak is in the middle of a huge rainforest, referred as the green roof of south Thailand. With a hight of 1835 meters above sea level, it is the highest mountain in southern Thailand. To get up on the mountain you must walk and hike and camp. It takes three days and two nights at least to do the round trip guided by rangers. The starting point is the Ban Khiri Wong village from the southeast.

Try these numbers for confirmation

Tel. +66-7530-9047, +66-7530-9644-5

Ban Khiri Wong Eco-tourism Club. Tel. +66-9501-2706

The park also offers some waterfalls to see and campsites where you can rent all the equipment to stay overnight. Resorts and restaurants around the park office are open all year. The hiking season is from September to January.


More Places Where It’s Not So Hot. (Click Here)

Our unique guided trip to southern Thailand

All inklusive trip



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  1. Thailand is a place I would like to visit in the future, I have several friends who have been there and they all loved it. You are very lucky to live there and you know it so well.
    When I do visit Thailand, your site will be on the list to check out.

    • Hi Andy, I am happy you like the site. You are very welcome to contact me for more insight. On my site, you find many helpful posts you can read before coming to Thailand. I really enjoy living here although it can be very hot in summer 🙂
      I wish you all the best and hope to see you back.
      Stefan 🙂

  2. Hi there,
    I did smile about the finding a cold place that’s not so hot! We have a similar challenge here at Victoria Falls Zimbabwe. It is hot almost year round – just the degree of heat differs! lol!
    The caves and rock formations look interesting. I’m sure this would be a great opportunity for explorers out there who are looking for travel off the beaten track. Well all the best in your not so cold Thailand!

    • Hello Tracy, Thank’s for looking in. I guess, in Zimbabwe, it is the same as here. Hot, hotter and hot again. It is a great relief to go to places where it is not that hot. These places are very popular with Thai people especially. Doing hikes off track is possible here but you will need a guide due to the vast size of the forests. Now in January, it is a bit fresh even here where I live at the Dragonfly Farm.
      Have a great time, Stefan 🙂

  3. Amazing looking place and would love to go and explore the caves. Beautiful land and awesome looking caves, with great looking rock structures. The route 1090 would be great to ride on a motorcycle, them guys look like they were having so much fun.

    • Hi Fred, You are totally right. The death highway is one of my favorites here in Thailand. I am going to write more about it in my post the top 10 things to do in Thailand, (coming soon). I hope to see you here again and wish you all the best, Stefan 🙂

  4. I think I would find exploring the caves pretty interesting. You probably would see life forms you never even seen before and that would make it interesting.

    • Hi Ronnie, It is true, the caves in Thailand are fantastic, they are quite untouched and if you are very attentive, you might find some unknown lifeforms 🙂 I am glad you like it.
      Have a great time Ronnie, see you, Stefan 🙂

  5. Hi Stefan. What an awesome looking place to visit. I would love to visit Thailand and do some diving there. I like Thai food as well and would love to hike the mountains there. It looks beautiful. The temperatures sound actually good to me, I am from Africa, it gets hot, lol. How long are the cave rides on a float? Are the caves really big? Floating through a cave sounds awesome. Thanks for some great info.


    • Hi Carl, I know you would love Thailand. Some of the caves are really huge, you can spend hours in them. If you want more information about the caves, just have look at this post, here, I write about the ten greatest ones in detail. The hikes through the mountains are beautiful but unlike at home, you will probably need a guide. The Natural parks are huge and one can easily get lost.
      Thank’s for visiting, have a great time, Stefan

  6. Once again your expertise of the island shows. well I think Thailand, I do not think cold weather, but for those who wants to visit a cooler Thailand I guess you can say that, then you have showed them the way.

  7. What a beautiful place! thank you so much for sharing all of the gorgeous photos. My daughter and I both LOVE Thai food, and have been learning how to cook it. It would be so fun to actually visit Thailand, and eat the real deal! This site gives us great information on when to visit and where to go. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information with us.

    • Hi Shelli, I am glad you like my site. Thai food is my favorite cuisine, although after eating it every day I sometimes miss a nice pizza too 🙂
      You learned to prepare Thai food already, I would be interested what you think of the real thing here. It is probably a tiny bit spicier 🙂
      Please feel welcome to visit my site again, as I am updating every day.
      Have a wonderful time, you and your daughter, see you, Stefan 🙂

  8. Thank you for these great suggestions. Here in New Zealand it is not a hot place so when I go to Thailand I want a place that feels close to home, somewhere where I won’t feel hot and bothered (to the point where it will ruin my trip). I love nature so I think I’ll stick to the AMAZING caves, hills and mountains!

    • Hi Brandon, Great that I could show you a side of Thailand where you can feel comfortable. For you, coming from New Zealand, it will still be quite warm here, but in the caves, you can cool down for sure.
      Thailand is a huge country and if you like nature you will definitely not come short.
      Thank’s for the visit and have a great time, Stefan 🙂

  9. Amazing! I have never considered going to Thailand.

    Well, not because, I never wanted to. It just never crossed my mind until, last year when I seen some video of one of the Thailand islands and the water and scenery was so pretty.

    Now after visiting your site and reading your awesome articles. I know for sure that Thailand will be one place that I have to put on my vacation list, the day that I am able to take one.

    I never knew Thailand also stayed warm most of the year. I am use to heat as I live in Texas so it gets really hot here, so, maybe I’ll be able to deal with the weather. Who knows!

    The Death highway seemed a little scary…lol but, it had some interesting views out there. The caves sounds interesting. I only been to one cave in my life and it was so cool that I wouldn’t mind seeing other caves.

    Thank you for sharing this information about Thailand. Have an awesome day!

    • Hello Lakisha, welcome to the other side of the world. I am sure you will be able to take a holiday soon.
      Thailand stay’s not only warm all year long but can be really hot even in December. I wrote this post for the many people having a problem with the heat. But if you like it hot, you can easily visit southern Thailand during winter and will never find the need to lite fire 🙂
      It is very interesting to visit northern Thailand as well though. It’s not as popular but guaranteed worth seeing.
      You have an awesome day too, see you, Stefan 🙂

  10. Wow! I want to go to Thailand now. I will definitely add this this to one of the top places I want to visit , Thank you!

    • Hi Joseph, I’m glad to make you curious. Thailand is definitely a place to visit, at least in my opinion. If you like it hot, you can go to the south and enjoy the beaches too.
      Have a great time, see you, Stefan 🙂

  11. I wouldn’t care what the weather was like in Thailand, it looks such an amazing place, who cares if its a little bit chilly

    • Hi Matthew. You are right, a bit chilly in the morning and fresh nights are a pleasant thing, especially here in Thailand where you have hot days all over the year. I love the cool season and love to go to places where it’s not so hot sometimes. 365 Days od temperatures over 30°C are a bit stressful, especially in the hot season here, when we have temperatures over 40°C over many months.
      Have a great time and please look in again.
      Stefan 🙂

  12. Thailand seems to be a pretty amazing place that has so much to offer, It seems like this country makes a great tourist destination.

    • Hi Norman, you are right, millions of people visit Thailand every year. It is interesting, fun and very friendly and there are so many different ways to enjoy your holiday.

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