Beaches South West Thailand

Lonely beaches in Chumpon

Lonely beaches in Chumpon

Beaches south-west of Bangkok

I would like to introduce some of the main beaches in this region. I won’t get into details too much, so there is still a lot for you to explore yourself. There are more than a thousand kilometers of beaches in the south-west of Thailand. I am sure the one you like is here too.

My journey starts right below Bangkok on the east coast, leads down south and comes back up on the west coast.


  • Cha-Am Beach

When you follow down Highway 4, from Bangkok, the first beaches you will find around Cha-Am. Cha-Am is a favorite to people from Bangkok. On weekends it is full but during the week it’s wonderful because the main foreigner tourist center is a little down south. Here is the place Thais enjoy their weekend. Nice beaches and many food shops at the beach. Have a look around right here. 


  • Hua Hin (Head Stone) Beach

A little further on #4, you reach Hua Hin. A great tourism center, people from all over the world meet here to enjoy the beach, weather, and food. There are more the still young than the really young people around here. It is quite expensive and very modern. Many long-stay retired foreigners like to live in Hua Hin.

A great selection of beautiful resorts, hotel complexes, and great restaurants await you here. Actually, you can find about everything you might dream of during a holiday in Thailand. The only thing hard to find is a quiet place with only few people.

For me, it’s nice to go for a one-day visit, have a look around, do some shopping and go back to Cha-Am. There is a big Tesco mall in Hua Hin where you can get all the food you like and maybe already miss from home. Have look.

Hua Hin view

Hua Hin View

Just a few kilometers down the beach you find Ban Pu Pen. Worth a visit I think too.


The next 2-300 kilometers are beaches, small towns, villages, where you can stay for little money. Not crowded, not famous but perfect for exploring real Thailand. If you have a car you can just turn left on #4 on the way down and check some places out. If you travel public, you rent a vehicle and go to discover.


  • Chumphon

Image result for free pics of chumphon

The Chumphon Archipelago stretches over 200 kilometers of coastline. Enriched by 44 smaller and larger islands. You will find lonely quiet beaches, large wild forests, and mangroves.

On some one-day tours, you can discover waterfalls and rivers on the mainland. The town of Chumphon has a population of about 33’500 people.

In Chumphon, you also find a boat, ferry ride to the islands Ko Tao, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Samui.

I discovered a beautiful spot along the beach above Chumphon. Click below to see details.

Pak Tako banner


  • Nai Phlao Beach

South of Surat Thani I found this beach which could be some fun for you. It doesn’t look too expensive and not too overpopulated. Have a look here.

Surat Thani itself is very industrialized and not really a beach paradise. Sure you find here and there a secret little beach but I leave this to you to find. The main take off to the three islands, Ko Tao, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Samui is also here south of Surat.


I follow down the gulf coast all the way to Malaysia before coming back up on the Andaman coast. Actually, the whole way down is more agriculture and salt production along the coast. Nice to take a ride once but I think not the place you want to spend much time.


  • Ao Nun

The most southern part of the eastern coast of the Archipel is hardly accessible because of its mangrove forests. The first beaches direction north again is Ao Nun on the western side of the boot. It is surrounded by a national forest and looks very tranquil to me. Have a look yourself.


  • Pak Bara Beach

About one kilometer to the north you find a long beach with little restaurants and guesthouses. It looks pretty much visited mainly by Thais. Beware, here you are in a Muslim area, please respect their customs, like not to show too much skin or drink alcohol.

The south of Thailand here is Muslim dominated, Malaysia, down the road, is a Muslim country. This should not be any problems for you, as a tourist, just show some respect and don’t argue. Thai people are a very open-minded society. Some incidents happened here against the Thai government but not against innocent tourists. Take a look.


  • Ban Bo Chet

The next beaches to the north are around Ban Bo Chet. Beautiful white sands and long beaches, archaeological sites and a large river delta to discover. With not many tourists, I find this area very attractive. have a look. Not to forget all the islands located in front that make a wonderful, exotic view experience. 


  • Yao Beach

A not famous place with only a few guesthouses. Near the river delta of Lat Chao Mai river, you can enjoy the real Thailand at the beach.


  • San Beach, Yong Ling Beach

A little to the north of Yao Beach also on the coast near Tran I discovered these isolated beaches. They are quite hard to get to but if you like being by yourself I think here you can.


  • Cao Mai and Chang Lang Beach

About two kilometers of great underpopulated beach. Not far from Krabi, 150 km, but only a few visitors seem to go there. You also have islands right in front of you and endless nature around. See yourself.


Further north is not really much I can recommend visiting. Until you reach Krabi. Krabi its self is a big town where you can get supplies and western food. You find an Airport and all the medical support you hopefully don’t need.


  • Railay Beach and Nang Cave Beach

Railay Beach

Railay Beach

Many people like to go the beaches around Krabi. There you find wonderful, not too crowded dream beaches. Strange looking limestone rock mountains grow out of the sea and on land. A very special, very Asian landscape.

Railay beach, for example, is like from another world, you need a boat to get there, and enter a never forgotten paradise. See mapTo and from all of these places you can get tickets or just check average prices right here.


  • Noparat Thara Beach

Is a long sandy beach with lots of resorts and guesthouses. It is about three kilometers north of Railay and there you probably find cheaper accommodation. A little to the north lays the big Hotel Sofitel Krabi, Have a look. It is quite expensive but features all a family needs.


  • Thalane Beach

Thalane Beach Adventure

Thalane Beach Adventure

The about the last beach before the great mangroves of Phang Gna Bay start you can enjoy at Thalane Beach. Here, for me, is the about most beautiful landscape of Thailand’s south-west. All the small islands and lime rocks, the mangroves and beaches, what I think Thailand represents, here I find it.


The next group of beaches, we are looking at, are around Phuket. The most famous and most attracting place in the whole of Thailand. 

Millions of people are going to Phuket every year. The main reason, sun, and fun, party.


  • Chalong Beach

In the south of Phuket, you find the almost ten-kilometer-long beach of Chalong. I would not say it is not very quiet but sure not as busy as Patong. Loads of resorts and eating places invite to a peaceful stay.


  • Ravai Beach

Also to the south, Ravai Beach. This is a smaller beach, ca.2 km. Get an impression. A typical Thai beach promenade with food stalls along the beach, where mainly Thai visitors at the weekends enjoy their pic-nick.

You can eat all the seafood here, but I would say, be a bit careful. Best choose yourself what you eat. You can touch and have a smell test the fish and crabs before you order them. Or you buy your seafood in a market and let a food stall prepare it. Still, watch carefully that you get prepared what you bought. Here, on Phuket, as a tourist, is the risk of getting ripped off a little bigger than in places mainly frequented by Thais.

Around here you find many little beaches within motorbike distance. Look around a bit and find your favorite place to hang out between meals and nightlife. 


  • Kata Noi Beach

Another not too big place, some resorts, some restaurants but not the top tourism center.


  • Kata Beach

Now Kata beach is almost totally occupied by the Club Med Phuket. Its huge village fills out almost the whole bay.


  • Karon Beach

The closest to Patong. If you like the nightlife and busy streets of  Patong but want to have a more quiet place where you can relax, that’s where you want to stay. The beaches are nice and not very busy. Plenty of guesthouses and resorts to choose from.


  •  Patong Beach

Pathong Party Mile

Patong Party Mile

This is world famous Patong, as it lives and parties all year long.

Patong is a great destination when you come to Thailand the first time. A lot of Thais speak English or French… and you find loads of stranded foreigners having their own business now.

You get all the food you are used to and can slowly try the Thai kitchen one menu after another. At the beach, there is all the entertainment possible and in the places around Patong, you can still find some less busy beaches and scenic places if you are looking for that.

Resorts, Guesthouses, and apartments are plenty to chose from, only if you want to see the real Thai lifestyle you will come a bit short in Patong. Also if you don’t like crowded tourist places, this is not the right place to go.

I came here many times before I got married. It paid out for me, as I met my wife there. I met several girls before her and got pretty ripped off as well, my fault, but that’ the way I learned.

Patong overview

Patong overview

My best friend, Burma, where I always used to stay, was the owner of a long tail boat. We had a lot of fun. We went fishing every other day, made long-distance excursions to other very small islands or he took me to the soccer match where his team played. His home is not right at the beach but for me, it was the best place to be and meet lots of different people. Right here is a very nice little resort which I can recommend, get in that green door and find a little paradise, with swimming pool, it’s not even mentioned by Google. I don’t remember the name, but if you show the google pic to a motorbike taxi driver, he’ll find it.

Around Patong, there is plenty to discover, so that makes the place a not easy to leave.


  • Kamala Beach

Up north of Patong, still, on Phuket island you reach Kamala. Here it is already quiet again. A nice long beach, some places lonely and some places you get everything you need. Not very exciting after you come from Patong, you probably have to get used to the peaceful and remote life again.


  • Laem Sing Beach

A beautiful example of a small beach near big centers, that could keep its simple way. No road leads down to the beach and therefore it is not very populated. An insider tip.


  • Surin Beach

Not too crowded but a beautiful white sand beach.See here. Accommodations are a bit high end but for families with kids, this is a beach to be.


  •  Xana Beach

Which looks like a big gathering of high-end resorts. Golf course and lakesides make a wonderful landscape. The two kilometers long white beach looks as it is occupied by wealthy foreign holiday guests.


Beautiful long white beaches stretch up to the north for the next 100 kilometers. They are not famous but sure worth a look. See here. No name beaches where many foreign tourists don’t go.

This is the end of the beach tour on the west side of South Thailand. There are lots of great beaches as you see and places to go for every taste. I hope you enjoyed the tour and can use the information.


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  1. Life made easy… I love going to the beach. And to see a site talking about the different beaches in Thailand that is something I need to tick off my bucket list. Thank you for sharing such an amazing insight on this.
    Great post.

  2. Wow, an impressive list of wonderful beaches in Thailand. I’m quite ashamed to say that I’ve never been to Thailand although it’s just over the border of Malaysia where I’m living in. I have this affinity for nature. Definitely hoping to visit one of those awesome beaches.

  3. How tempting for me (hangout lover) !
    I extract the best thing is that got the idea of starting travel blog. Though I don’t have as much information as you have put but I can try by the kind help of Wealthy Affiliate training.
    Lovely photos.

    • Hi Arooj, sure you can write a travel blog. Once you are in Thailand you can find many places where you can stay really cheap. All you need is a laptop and a internet connection. For a hangout lover Thailand is a very good place to be. the weather is nice most of the time and living is really affordable.
      Thank’s for your comment and I wish you a great time.

  4. Beautiful beach images, feeling like going there the next earlier morning flight from Malaysia. I love Thailand, the food and friendly people around you. I had been to several times to Phuket island and Pattaya, southern Thailand and Bangkok.

    • Hi Jamin
      Seems we are neighbors. I will have to go to Malaysia once too, to see the famous turtle beaches.
      Is Thai food very different to the Malayan kitchen? I guess you like to eat hot too.
      Thanks for your comment and look forward to see you again.

  5. It looks like a slice of paradise. I got a great education on the best spots and what to look out for advice. I know so many people who go to Thailand for vacation that I bet it’s a tourist mecca like you mentioned. Going off peak is definitely the way to go. Great information about the out of the way places and village life too! Maybe will head there some day, the beaches look heavenly!

    • Thank you Linda , for your nice comment
      Really, there are sometimes almost a little too much people at once at some places. I think its a bit sad, because it spoils the Thai people a bit. The care they take has less quality because they know, next year will come the next ton of tourists.
      I hope you will get the chance to visit once and find a nice place where your presence is appreciated.
      I wish you all the best and hope to see you again.

  6. I like the images that you used and the accuweather also. having never been to Thialand I felt that I was actually there, great site with a wealth of information.

    • Hi Garland
      I’m glad you like it. Thank’s for your comment and have a great time.

      ps. Please let me know when you receive this reply, I try out a new plug in but don’t know whether it works or not. Thank you

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