Beach Holidays in Thailand

Beaches in Thailand

The first thing most people think, when they think of Thailand is, making beach holidays in Thailand.

No wonder, Thailand is the home of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. All over South Thailand, you find the beaches. Famous crowded beaches, unknown romantic beaches. Long white sandy beaches and small bays surrounded by palm trees or forest. On mainland or on islands. What all these beaches have in common is, great weather all year long and lovely Thai people that take care of you.

There are two sides of the Gulf of Thailand. The east is a little less popular to western visitors than the west. When you come here for a few weeks beach holiday, I would choose one side. The areas are so big, you won’t be bored and to get from one side to the other is very far. that’s why I make two sections here. First, beaches south-west of Bangkok and beaches south-east of Bangkok.

 Beaches South West of Bangkok

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Beaches South West of Bangkok.png

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  1. Ah the infamous beach holidays! Love this section as the tropical beaches are my favorite. Thanks so much for sharing these great getaway destinations. I can’t wait to visit some more of them next time I visit.

  2. Hi Stephan,
    I was lucky enough to spend a month in Thailand about 5 years ago,and went to most of the places you mention, absolutely loved it,and after reading your site i was to go back,nice read by the way,Bryce

    • Hi Bryce
      I’m happy that you liked to read my stories. One month Thailand is a nice start. I am sure you can see a lot more the next time. Where were you five years ago? It probably changed a lot too.
      Hope to hear again.

  3. Hey really love all the cool pics of your travels and was really excited with your story. Cheers

    • Thank’s Nate
      I am glad to have entertained you a little. I will get more stories published as time comes. Have a nice time and please visit again.

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