Amazon.com Review

Product name:          Amazon.com

Service:                         Selling Products at best conditions

Where to find:           Internet, Google, Yahoo search or …..

Price:                             Free

Guarantee:                  Amazon.com, A-to-Z guarantee is a very safe selling site  

Ranking:                       95 out of 100

What is Amazon.com

Amazon.com is, a tool very easy to use, to buy or sell any kind of Products. Thousands of merchants use Amazon.com to sell their products. Millions of customers use Amazon.com to buy their products for the best price. You will find Products for all purpose and need in your daily life. For most products sold on Amazon.com, you find reviews and rankings of these products. You can also post your own review and give rankings.

Why buy with Amazon.com and not in a common store?

You probably know how much costs come together just to stay in your apartment. What do you think, how much money a store has to earn just to pay off its location and employees? Amazon.com can save all these costs. You do not have to help pay a nice decorated shop or mall. This is why Amazon.com can offer you products at far lower prices.

A store or mall, that wants to sell as many products as you find in the Amazon.com shop must be very very big. If you are a bit short on time and need something special, you don’t have to walk your feet numb but just sit down and check your Amazon.com

Reasons why not to buy with Amazon.com 

I understand, there are some reasons why you might not want to buy online.

You miss out the shopping experience. Going shopping maybe with a friend is a social activity. You walk around, talk about products and can even sit down and have a cup of cafe. You see and get seen. No one wants to take this experience from you. On Amazon .com you can buy things after you checked them out in real. Maybe your life is very busy and you need something you already know, why not buy it online and even cheaper.

You need new clothes and you haven’t bought clothes in a while, so you want to try things on before you buy. I understand. With Amazon.com you can buy for example jeans you already bought several times, you know the type, size and what you paid before in the shop. My favorite is this Levi 501, I already have some and am happy with them. But look, I never bought them as cheap as they are sold here.

I can’t smell this perfume or I don’t hear the sound of this instrument or actually everything you need in your life. First, you check things out and if you like them you check Amazon.com.

But there I have to pay a shipping fee. This is again my jeans $24.99 + $5.00 shipping. There is, not always, a small shipping fee added. But for real, If I go buy this product myself in a store, I spend these 5 bucks too.

There are some cheap products sold on Amazon.com too. Please take your time to check items of interest and read reviews.

Overall credibility and ranking 

For me, this service is a great opportunity. Amazon .com lets me buy things so much easier and cheaper too. My personal reason to buy with Amazon.com is, I live quite far from stores that sell quality products. I would loose half a day and spend a lot of gas money for this 160 km. I’d have to go.

I give Amazon.com an       AAA 

stefan vogt

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