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Welcome my name is Stefan                                                 


I am a Swiss guy who fell in love with this great country.

Before I came here to stay, I traveled all over the world. First I checked out Europa, Paris, London Munich, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and Great Britain. I’ve been in ex-Yugoslavia and Hungary, Austria and Germany. Already then I never liked to go to northern countries, I just like it hot. When I was twenty-one I left for 18 months to discover north and south America. Later I was in Cameroon, Tunisia, and Morocco. Six Months I stayed in India and three months in Indonesia. Of all these different countries, regions and people, I chose Thailand. Before I came here for sure I visited the country for many years for months at a time.

I went through many adventures here in Thailand, some of them I would like to prevent you from having. I love this country, it is beautiful but like everywhere there are some things one should know.

I now live in the countryside in the center of Thailand near Phetchabun. It is a dry and hot area. I live with my wife and my daughter, now seven, in a small village in the middle of nature. We have some land, a lake, and a guesthouse. Soon I started learning the language because I like to communicate with the people around me and knowing the language is a form of showing respect and therefore very appreciated.

On this website, I will share some experiences and stories. I’ll talk about behavior, customs, and rituals, weather and seasons. I’ll teach you some Thai language and talk about prices. I’ll show you some mouthwatering pictures and advise places where the mainstream fa-lang (westerners) don’t go or go.

We do regular trips to interesting places where normal tourists don’t show up. We travel by plane, buses but mainly with our own car. I like to travel and see places where I find a domestic situation. It’s good to speak English here but as soon as you leave the mainstream, people don’t speak English or just a very little.

Many times I see visitors from other countries and remember when I first came here. We pay too much, we don’t get what we want, we don’t get the right information. I would like to make your trip to Thailand a bit easier and less frustrating.

Please if you have any questions don’t hesitate, ask me. Get in contact and I’ll try my best to help you.

Please if you have any comment, let me know. I’m an interested person who likes to learn more every day.

For now, I wish you a pleasant stay on my site and a wonderful trip to the beauty of real Thailand.

sa wa dee krap  Stefan




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Please, if you have any questions, suggestions or opinion, I am very happy to hear from you, Please leave your comment here on the website or send an E-Mail to exploringrealthailand@gmail.com, THANK  YOU!

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  1. Hi Stefan

    What a fabulous website. Full of information and the food pics are so enticing!

    There is enough info. here to provide all potential travelers with enough facts to decide where they want to eat, drink and stay for a while.



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