Welcome to the magic World of Exploring real Thailand

 Exploring real Thailand

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Welcome to the amazing world of Thailand

You want to know more about this wonderful country, follow me and I show you.


Beaches, Historical sites, and food are the most famous attributes of this unique Kingdom in the middle of Asia. I try to cover all these topics and much more. Please explore the website to get the most insight and answers to everything you ever wanted to know about real Thailand.


The first time I arrived in Bangkok, with the intention of exploring real Thailand, it was after a thirty hour trip from Bali, India. I was tired and just wanted to go to some beach somewhere. After another never-ending twenty-four hours, I arrived on Kho Tao, a wonderful island, and a never forgotten experience. I would not recommend traveling like that, I think I slept the next two days.

Once you arrive in Bangkok I think it’s better to have a bit of a plan.



I hope you enjoyed this video as much as me. It shows a great part of what you can expect when exploring real Thailand. Many of these adventures and trips I have made my self in the ten years I live in Thailand so far and many I haven’t seen yet. A lot I have seen which is not mentioned.

A great part of the country and its residents and traditions is not shown and I like to introduce all that to you. 


 Thailand, the heart of Southeast Asia. This country with around 70 million people living here on 513″000 square kilometers is mainly a nonrural nation. Most modern life and extreme old tradition meet in every corner of the Kingdom. You see old ladies in traditional clothing sitting in bamboo hats checking their Facebook.

Some people think Thailand is the third world, behind the moon country but that is not at all so. When I came first to Bangkok I didn’t believe how modern the city was. Magnet Technic sky trains or glass skyscrapers surround the hundreds of years old temples. I never saw more ATM’s so close together anywhere in the world.

People might work their fields with buffaloes but pay their bills with the smartphone.

Thailand map

The streets are mainly well developed and electricity is arriving almost everywhere. Okay, the quality of infrastructure could be better but for the amount of money, they have to use I think it’s quite all right.

Thailand is progressively investing in the environment-friendly industry like Bio farming, Solar electricity and nature protection. People here are relatively poor, compared to western countries but the government does not take their last dollar. Health care is actually free and taxes are only charged to big income makers. Even for my 50 acres of farmland, I pay about 6$ tax a year.

Thai people are used to not having much money to spend on food, that’s why they still know what nature gives for free to eat. Many leaves from trees and bushes are eaten here on a daily basis. Some of them are sold in your country for a lot of money, like the moringa tree products for example.

For more detailed information about Thailand, you can click here

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Places where its not so hot


Places where its not so hot

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If you have any questions or something else you would like me to know, please feel free and comment at the bottom of this page. Thank you!!!    

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  1. You know, I really need to visit Thailand!
    I have been meaning to travel there for many years but I haven’t got there quite yet!
    Checking out your website definitely, gives me the travel lust for sure!
    Great job with your site too, looks great 🙂

  2. I was in Thailand once, I spend some time in Bangkok, I must say it wasn’t best relaxing place, exactly like you are saying.. busy city with a traditional touch. I much more prefer the small island. I was in Koh Yoh Noi..if I remember the name correctly..

  3. Thailand looks beautiful and a destination I would love to visit. You provided great information about exploring with different transportation options. I like the idea of buses and trains because of fear of getting lost, but on the other hand I would want a car to be able to go where I want. Do people use bikes or mopeds to get around in the cities? Thank you for all the great information.

    • Hi Dona, thank’s for your comment.
      First yess, mopeds are very common here in Thailand as not everyone can afford a car.
      If you have a smart phone, you can use google map or a GPS to not get lost. I use GPS sometimes to find places and it really works good in Thailand.
      Hope to see you one day here or hear again
      see you

  4. Thailand is one of the places I would love to visit before I die. I think it has a unique culture and it would be interesting to experience (if only a little) how the people there live. Your post talks about all the various ways to get around Thailand but I think I would prefer to use a car as well. Just because of the convenience and the ease of accessibility as well as the freedom it provides. I will go to Thailand some day and consider all these transport options you have given. Who knows, maybe my mind will change by that time. Thanks for this post.

    • Hi Lindsday, thank’s for your comment
      You think like me, to have a car is important for me.
      What you could consider, to save some money, is to do the longer trips with public transport and rent cars at the different destinations. The Trips to A to B with bus or train are much cheaper than with the own car.
      Please stay in touch, the website is only in its baby shoes, there will be a lot more information by time.
      thank’s again and have a good time

  5. What a nice read. Thailand looks like a great adventure. It does look a little dangerous for small kids. It seems like a place to go with your friends. I wonder since you may take some tours in the wilderness, do you need to take vaccines (if yes, which ones)?

    • Hi Dira, thank’s for your interest
      About small kids, I don’t think that is a problem, not more than anywhere else. My girl was born here and grows up here, apart from the street there are no eminent dangers.
      Vaccines, a theme I will also have a little section about. I advise not to do any special vaccines, especially not malaria. Thailand has a very good health system and knows best how to cope with local diseases. You know, vaccines make things that make you ill resistant and make it harder to cope with.
      I hope this can help you a little, If you want to know more, please ask.
      Thank’s again and see you

  6. Interesting article! I always thought of Asia being a future destination. I am a woman traveling alone so that kind of has me limited in terms of destinations. But Thailand looks like a nice place. Bangkok looks like it’s very crowded, but that that may be where all the foreign tourists hang out. After reading your article I see the cultural differences! I would have to try to remember all that if I visit Thailand, as I never would have thought of all those before now (such as the taxi, shaking hands, etc)

    • Hi Karin, thanks for your time
      Thailand is indeed a place where you can go alone as a woman. Thais respect women and don’t have the problem with not being able to be with their own women, like in some other places.
      When you decide to visit Thailand just check my website once in a while and you will find all information you need, I’m not done yet.
      I wish you a great time and hope to hear from you again.
      Ps. Horse riding is possible here too.

  7. Very detailed information on getting around Thailand. I’ve always wanted to visit and will use the information here as a guide once I do decide to go. Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Patricia
      I am glad you like my page. There will be a lot more of information to learn every day. I am a single writer so it will take time to get all the facts and pics together and get them in a nice and easy concept to find around.
      I hope you look in again and wish you a great day.

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