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 Exploring real Thailand (The Land Of The Free)

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Welcome to the amazing world of Thailand


You want to know more about this wonderful country, follow me and I show you.

Chapters: About the Country , Extremes Meet , Traditions

Beaches, Historical sites, and food are the most famous attributes of this unique Kingdom in the middle of Asia. I try to cover all these topics and much more. Please explore the website to get the most insight and answers to everything you ever wanted to know about real Thailand.


The first time I arrived in Bangkok, with the intention of having a holiday in Thailand, it was after a thirty hour trip from Bali, India. I was tired and just wanted to go to some beach somewhere. After another never-ending twenty-four hours, I arrived on Kho Tao, a wonderful island, and a never forgotten experience. I would not recommend traveling like that, I think I slept the next two days.

Once you arrive in Bangkok I think it’s better to have a bit of a plan.

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I hope you enjoyed this video as much as me. It shows a great part of what you can expect when you come to visit this amazing Thailand. Many of these adventures and trips I have made my self in the ten years I live in here so far and many I haven’t seen yet. A lot I have seen which is not mentioned.

A great part of the country and its residents and traditions is not shown and I like to introduce all that to you. 


Thailand the 50th largest country in the world

Thailand, also known as Siam, the heart of Southeast Asia. This country with around 70 million (in place 20 in the world) people living here on 513″000 square kilometers is mainly a nonrural nation. Hundreds of islands belonging to the kingdom of Thailand in the Andaman Sea as well as the Gulf of Thailand. The coastlines stretch over 3219 kilometers.

First populations are believed to live here already 40`000 years ago but the Kingdom started to establish itself around the first century, around 2000 years ago, then ruled by the Khmer Empire and its Hindu religion. Today Thailand has representatives of almost every religion and you find churches, mosques, Chinese Zen temples and of course the main religion of today’s Thailand with its “Wats” in every corner of the country.


Isan, The Rice pot of Thailand

Issaan girls doing the "ram soeng"

Isan girls doing the “ram soeng”

Due to the great size of the country, Thailand has many different regional traditions expressing themselves in food, dialect, and cloths. These three girls, for example, are from the Isan, northeast region. Their dialect is influenced by the Lao language, they eat sticky rice,  you can even see the rice container on this pic, and on special days they like to wear silk sarongs, men as well as women.

Isan is the rice-growing region, it is quite flat and dry and hot. It is very rural there but a lot of expats live in the Isan. It is also known to be a quite poor region and you find a lot of wild food among their dishes. My brother lives in Kho Kaeng district int the countryside and a popular hobby there is to catch field rats at night to turn them into a nice hot and spicy minced meat in the morning.


Chiangmai the mountain people

Old style mountain peoples garb

Old style mountain peoples garb

The northwest mainly related to Chiangmai is a mountainous region with a higher altitude than the south and therefore a much colder region. People have a thicker skin and much warmer clothes. Their dialect is more like a different pronounced Thai language with not so many own words like in the Isan.

People around the northwest also prefer to eat sticky rice but then it is also famous for the so-called “Khao Soi” a curry noodle soup, when perfect, with handmade rice or egg noodles in a coconut base.

The number of tourists visiting Chiangmai is immense. Mostly Thais but also a great number of Chinese these days and about 30% westerners. The total of annual visitors in the capital city must be over 20 million today and the town suffers from traffic and tons of waste. It still remains a scenic region worth seeing, more than the flat rather boring rice paddies of Isan.

In Bangkok, you can see many street vendors wearing the traditional clothes of the north-west, selling handcrafted wooden toys, clothes and handmade Thai cigars.

The Malay influenced south

Suthern clothing for the upper class

Southern clothing for the upper class

The south of Thailand consists of a greater amount of people believing in the prophet Mohamed. This shows in the way people cloth and their eating and drinking habits. It is quite common to not find alcohol in every shop or restaurant. The same counts for pork and pork products. Anyway, in most communities, not the smallest village though you will find Thais and Muslims living friendly together.

There is again a regional language down south, called Pak Thai or southern Thai. Around 5 million people communicate in this dialect up and down the border with Malaysia.

The south which is much more tropic and humid is very sea oriented. On both sides of the land strip is a coastline. Due to these circumstances, a lot of the dishes eaten in the region contain seafood. The southern food is also known to be the spiciest style in Thailand. Here people eat the normal steamed rice as everyday nourishment. Did you know, in Thailand people say let’s eat rice when we say let’s eat? Also, the second question after how are you, is to ask “have you eaten rice yet?” In general, eating rice is essential for people and to share food is very common.
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The meeting of extremes

Most modern life and extreme old tradition meet in every corner of the Kingdom. You see old ladies in traditional clothing sitting in bamboo hats checking their Facebook. Villagers might have no right roads to their houses but drive new pickup trucks. Electricity may have fall outs but the mobile-networks are stable almost everywhere around the clock.

Some people think Thailand is the third world, a country behind the moon but that is not at all so. When I came first to Bangkok I didn’t believe how modern the city was. Magnet Technic sky trains or glass skyscrapers surround the hundreds of years old temples. I never saw more ATM’s so close together anywhere in the world.

People might work their fields with buffaloes but pay their bills with the smartphone. It was too in Phuket Patong where I bought a flight ticket with the mobile phone and paid the bill in a Seven Eleven with cash. today here in my small village almost everyone has a car or at least e motorcycle. Everyone has one or more TVs and about every child over the age of ten has its own smartphone. Still, people often sleep on bamboo beds without a mattress and eat on the floor or on a bamboo stage. To eat with hands is common and how to use a knife while eating is for most a very difficult technic.

A lot of farm work is done by hand although around here buffaloes have been replaced by tractors for plowing the fields. Sadly a lot of chemicals are used on many farms to fight pest and fungus but more and more the BIO understanding is growing back due to the many illnesses caused by Chemie and the education by the government and NGOs organizing training and education sessions all over the country.

Thailand map

The streets are mainly well developed and electricity is arriving almost everywhere. Okay, the quality of infrastructure could be better but for the amount of money, the government can spend, I think it’s quite all right.

Thailand is progressively investing in the environment-friendly industry like BIO farming, Solar electricity and nature protection. People here are relatively poor, compared to western countries but the government does not take their last dollar. Health care is actually free and taxes are only charged to big income makers. Even for my 50 acres of farmland, I pay only about 6$ tax a year.

Thai people are used to not having much money to spend on food, that’s why they still know what nature gives for free to eat. Many leaves from trees and bushes and seaweed are eaten here on a daily basis. Some of them are sold in your country for a lot of money, like the moringa tree products for example. We also eat all kinds of wild animals like frogs, snakes, ant eggs or grasshoppers. Many more things we in more developed countries will have to relearn to use again are here on the daily menu since old times.
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Customs and traditions are kept very high here

Get more detailed infos here.

Much more than in the western world, the life among each other here is regulated by customs and traditions. In our village, we hardly see any police and when problems occur they are solved among each other. One custom of the Thai people is to more easily accept things as they are. Sometimes I get angry about things my neighbor do and think I should talk with them and try to change the situation. Not so my wife, she has a different technic. She slowly lets people of the family know of the problem, they then talk about the topic with their families and so on and if they think I am in the right things start slowly change by itself.

It is more like an anarchistic way of living here, fewer regulations less control. With the traditions, believes and sensitive behavior amongst the neighbors the living together finds a human solution almost every time.

Politics has to be seen a little different here than in more developed or educated countries. Now at the moment, we live under a military regime, many western countries complain about. For me personally, does this not change a thing. I guess for countries used to abuse weaker countries and start bundling with corrupt governments this situation is not a perfect one. The Thai people, in my opinion, are not yet capable to deal with a real democratic system. There are too many ways to influence the voter’s minds because of weak education. Low income leaves the population vulnerable to corruption and false promises. Again, if the Thai government works with the traditional believes and customs it does not really need a chosen government that mainly supports the needs of their voters but a neutral institution which wants to help the whole country to get on its feet again.

What the tragedies were for the ancient Greek and the soap operas in the modern western world the Thai traditional dramatic performance is for the Thai people. These are performances given all over the country at special occasions like temple fests or village festivals. They are mostly stories about jealousy, unfaithfulness, greed or all the other bad habits of the common people. People enjoy many hours of theater, mostly in the open at night, where there is bad mouth talking, lying and mostly also some killing. I think it is a good way to learn that everyone even the gods or godlike creatures have the same old problems as we living human beings.

This kind of performances also helps a less educated population deal with the everyday situations without taking everything too serious.
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I love Thailand

Continue reading my next post, How To Get Around Thailand


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  1. Beautiful website, so amazing places in Thailand. how I wish to visit this Country one day. 🙂

  2. Very nice website. Thailand is a common interest as I use to live and work there and I have a long time relationship. Thailand is the best!

  3. Hi Stefan,

    looking great your site lots of good info. I lived myself a little over 5 years in Thailand.

  4. Thanks, for all the information about Thailand, Stefan. It urges me, even more, to visit, not on the top of my bucket list, however, it’s a long way from the bottom and even more so now.

  5. Thank you for putting up this website – I love to travel – Thailand is on my list 🙂
    Have a wonderful day, Stefan!
    Best wishes,

  6. Hi Stefan. What an interesting place. I have never really given much thought to the culture at Thailand but not that you have introduced me to it, I am impressed. I love how you told us that usually whenever there is a problem between the people they all try to settle it themselves in a very good manor. That is very impressive. I know I live in the US and I can say we don’t see something like that here very often. Thank you great information.

    • Hello, Stefan.
      I had the pleasure of living in Thailand for a year back in the 70s. I found it to be a beautiful country full of very kind and beautiful people. I lived in Nakhon Ratchasma and would love to return for another visit.

      – Joshua –

  7. Hi Stefan, such a great article you wrote, very educational, informative, I have never been in Thailand, just by reading all about the country, the difference between, languages, dialects, the history, the different ways people are wearing clothes, according to from which region they come from. It gives me to want to fly there for a vacation, I will be back to read again your blog for more information about Thailand.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Interesting site Stefan! I will definitely use this site to explore more about Thailand. Thank you for making us less ignorant, haha

    Tyler T.

    • Hi Tyler, thanks for commenting.

      Feel free to check the website, there’s a lot of interesting stuff to be found.

      Not as much as in Thailand itself but still and updating.

      All the best, see you, Stefan 🙂

  9. Your website brought back wonderful memories. I miss Thailand dearly. Great site.

    • Hi Rob, thanks for commenting.

      It still is a great and beautiful country. I’m glad you like my site.

      Have a great time, see you, Stefan 🙂

  10. Oh how I wish I could go to Thailand ?
    After reading this I now want to go even more. It sounds like a whole different world. It’s something I will have to save up for but I’m now inspired to go for it. Thanks

  11. This is one of the best articles I’ve read about Thailand. I always wanted to visit Thailand, and after reading this article I’m sure I’ll go as soon as possible.

  12. What an informative post for those of us who have never been! It sounds like it would make a beautiful holiday destination one day for the family! I’m surprised at the numbers arriving on a daily basis too, wow! Thanks for such a great site with so much valuable and helpful information.

    • Hi Kathleen and thanks for visiting. I am pleased that you like my site. There is so much to write about Thailand, that makes it also easy for me to cover so many different topics.
      This site is never going to be finished due to the endless amount of things Thailand offers.
      I hope to hear from you again and wish you the very best.
      See you, Stefan 🙂

  13. Thailand sounds like a beautiful place! I would love to visit the country some day! The mix of old traditions and new technology sounds like something that isn’t replicated anywhere else in the world!

    • Hi Lennae, nice to hear from you. It indeed is a special place this Thailand with the extremes existing so close to each other.
      I feel somehow like in another world here in the village but still, I am working in one of the most modern business models and use the computer every day.
      You are very welcome to visit someday and maybe even stop by our small resort here.
      I wish you all the best, see you, Stefan 🙂

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    What an awesome website!
    I’m really excited to go to Thailand now!!!
    Thank you so much for all these informational and interesting posts!
    I will surely keep on coming back to check the news here! Thank you!!!
    Best of luck!!!

    • Hi, thank’s for visiting. I feel good hearing you like my work. I’ll have to focus on another project for some time but will continue to add more articles in future for sure.
      I wish you all the best, hope to hear more from you, see you, Stefan 🙂

  15. I’ll admit it…Thailand was never on my list of places to see. Definitely Egypt, Greece, Australia, and New Zealand to name a few, but never Thailand…until now!!!

    Your knowledge of the country is incredible, and your video made me feel as if I was walking along with you…well, almost, lol. Very impressive, Stefan, and I look forward to reading more of your excursions. And if you ever need an assistant, just let me know!

    • Hi Veronica, nice to meet you. I know, a lot of people never thought of visiting Thailand. It somehow has a dubious reputation, especially the most famous places in the south.
      What a lot of people don’t know is, that Thailand is huge and for 99% a country like every other. I go for exploring trips for many years and never have to go to the dating places, Thailand is so much known for.
      Nature and culture offers so much to enjoy, there is no need to visit the crowded places.
      You can check many articles already covering many nice places and if yo want more information, please contact me per email.
      I wish you all the best, see you, Stefan 🙂

  16. Hey, Stefan after reading your post I put Thailand on my bucket list. Your website is very informative in the different colters and the different places you could go and see. I really enjoy reading about it

    • Hi Mark-Angelo, I’m happy to hear that. I am sure if you visit Thailand you’ll have the time of your life. I came here a long time ago and haven’t gone back yet 🙂
      I wish you all the best, Stefan 🙂

  17. Thailand sounds like a wonderful experience. A first timer probably would surprised at all that it has to offer.

    • Maurice, you would be surprised, I am here for almost ten years and still have not seen all or done all the fun things to do here.
      Thailand is a country with so many faces, it is never boring.
      I hope you will come and visit once and see for yourself.
      Thank’s for dropping in and have a great time, Stefan 🙂

  18. Hey,

    I am actually heading to Thailand in March and getting everything set up to travel there for 2 weeks. My wife and I go on a trip every year. This year and she decided you wanted to go to Thailand.

    We are going to Bangkok. I believe we will be staying in the southern part. I believe it’s by Samut Prakan. However, we are looking for some good places to eat. Do you have any recommendations?

    • Hi Garen
      Samut Prakan is almost Bangkok, I have stayed there a few times when I first visited my wife many years ago. She lived there.
      I and she really don’t remember any names of restaurants anymore, sorry. It is a good place to eat fresh seafood. It depends on how you get around and what kind of places you like. A place, market and village, called Khlong Dan, where they sell a lot of seafood fresh and dry, you might want to visit.
      I love to eat at the buffet “Moo Kata” places, a cap driver will know a good one for sure or maybe a place where they serve “Miang Bah” an interesting and delicious fish dish.
      I hope you enjoy your trip. If you need more info, let me know.
      All the best to you, Stefan 🙂

  19. Hi Stefan I think your site is very interesting and informative. I will certainly consult it again before I go to Thailand next time. I visited Thailand a couple of times about 10 years ago and it is a very interesting country. AlanJE

    • Hi Alan, Thanks for the comment.
      You are very welcome to ask anything you like concerning Thailand.
      Ten years ago was when I came here to live and quite some things have changed in this time.
      I am sure you will enjoy it again when you come next time.
      I wish you a great 2018
      Stefan 🙂

  20. I hear Thailand is amazing, and I have always wanted to go there. Reading this article just presses me even more. It is great that you offer information on customs and culture of the country, as it is important for we as tourists also, that when we visit a country we have a good time but we are also mindful and respectful of the culture.

    Great Article!!

    • Hi Naomi, thanks for the comment. I am happy to hear you like my articles. I want to write as much as possible about Thailand here on this website. I want People to have a detailed impression of the country before they come to visit. Too many times agencies only want to sell tickets and don’t provide any real information about the places the people are sent to.
      I think informed visitors can enjoy their trip or holidays a lot better if they are informed upfront.
      Have a great day and hopefully see you back here.

  21. Hello Stefan! What an amazing article. I am almost ready to buy a ticket, grin. My daughter spent several months in Southeast Asia and she just adored Thailand. In fact while in ChiangMai she studied the art of Batik and just loved it. When she returned home we spent over a month working and teaching ourselves Batik. I truly enjoyed this article and how you presented so much information. How did you end up in Thailand?
    Best wishes for amazing success, ariel

    • Hi Ariel, thanks for the visit. Batik is a great technique, I love that too, did you use wax? I haven’t seen people doing this here so far but I will check it out as well.
      I ended up here because for me it was the best country to live. I always wanted to live somewhere else than Switzerland and here I feel the most comfortable.
      I too wish you all the best Ariel and hope to see you again

  22. It seems very relaxed and the kind of place where it is easy to meet people. Are the beach cities more fun than inland or is it the same all over for socializing?

    • Hi Irma,
      If you want to relax for a while, Thailand is a great place to do so. You have to try to avoid the more popular places though.
      For socializing, with tourists and other foreigners, the beach cities are a good place to go to but if you want to learn more about the locals, you better find a more secluded place. I found a very friendly and sympathetic place where you will be able to socialize with Thai people easily.(Click here)
      I wish you all the best Irma.

  23. I were in Asia many times in my life and Thailand’s beaches and culture is really beautiful. I had many business trip in China, India, Japan and in Vietnam, but Thailand is the best place if you want to take a little rest too.

  24. What a great write up! One of our close family friends was from Thailand. I loved looking at his pictures. Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

    • Hello Colleen.
      For a fact, Thailands beaches are some of the worlds nicest. Id suggests you come and see for your self.
      Have a great time

  25. To be honest Thailand is one country I never thought to visit but hey! After reading here about it you make me so want to go. It’s on my list now, thank you.

    • Hi Said, thanks for the comment.
      It is funny how many people never thought of visiting Thailand, I hear that all the time. Still millions of people do come here every year. I swear Thailand is one of the greatest holiday destination in the world. It is pricey, exotic, good weather, good food, and friendly people. Besides its infrastructure is built to deal with the many tourists and offers so many attractions.
      Thanks for visiting my site and hope you get the chance to see the real thing one day.
      See you, Stefan

  26. I watched one of Anthony Bourdain’s travel/food programs and he showed so much of Thailand. It looks like an awesome place to visit or live. Like so many places outside of North America, people eat whatever is available and they make it taste wonderful!
    What is the main industry of Thailand? I never hear anything about mining or major exports, only about the cuisine and tourism.

    • Hi Irma
      Now you just missed the update on this page.
      Yes, I too must say that Thailand is a great place to at least visit once. I have been to many countries, including the US and I would never want to live somewhere else.
      Now about the industries, of course, rice is one of the main products made in Thailand but there is a lot more. Shrimp and any other seafood and fish are exported a lot from here but rubber as well as sugar or coconut products. Then I think there is a big silk production and, not so known because very exquisite and expensive, the bird’s nest noodles which are cultivated on many islands in the south and consumed mainly in China.
      I hope that explains a bit more what is going on here.
      Thanks for your visit and hopefully I will meet you here one day
      Have a great time Stefan

  27. Thailand is a country I’ve always wanted to visit because of hearing so many wonderful things from others I know who have travelled there. 🙂

    However, you sure spent a long time travelling, and I don’t think I could handle that amount of time. You would need a holiday just to get over the journey itself lol.

    But I guess with the amazing beaches, food, and places to visit in Thailand, the journey would definitely be worth it. And especially after watching the video, I really do want to visit Bangkok and also the beautiful Asian islands.


    • Hi Neil, Thanks for the comment. This video is in fact not made by me, I just found it very representable for my site. As I say in some other posts, when you come to Thailand for a vacation it is better to choose one part of the country and discover around there. Almost everywhere you find a nice selection of great places and activities.

  28. You know, I really need to visit Thailand!
    I have been meaning to travel there for many years but I haven’t got there quite yet!
    Checking out your website definitely, gives me the travel lust for sure!
    Great job with your site too, looks great 🙂

    • Hi, John, thanks for your comment. I hope the time to visit this beautiful country will come to you sometime.

  29. I was in Thailand once, I spend some time in Bangkok, I must say it wasn’t best relaxing place, exactly like you are saying.. busy city with a traditional touch. I much more prefer the small island. I was in Koh Yoh Noi..if I remember the name correctly..

  30. Thailand looks beautiful and a destination I would love to visit. You provided great information about exploring with different transportation options. I like the idea of buses and trains because of fear of getting lost, but on the other hand, I would want a car to be able to go where I want. Do people use bikes or mopeds to get around in the cities? Thank you for all the great information.

    • Hi Dona, thank’s for your comment.
      First yess, mopeds are very common here in Thailand as not everyone can afford a car.
      If you have a smart phone, you can use google map or a GPS to not get lost. I use GPS sometimes to find places and it really works good in Thailand.
      Hope to see you one day here or hear again
      see you

  31. Thailand is one of the places I would love to visit before I die. I think it has a unique culture and it would be interesting to experience (if only a little) how the people there live. Your post talks about all the various ways to get around Thailand but I think I would prefer to use a car as well. Just because of the convenience and the ease of accessibility as well as the freedom it provides. I will go to Thailand some day and consider all these transport options you have given. Who knows, maybe my mind will change by that time. Thanks for this post.

    • Hi Lindsday, thank’s for your comment
      You think like me, to have a car is important for me.
      What you could consider, to save some money, is to do the longer trips with public transport and rent cars at the different destinations. The Trips to A to B with bus or train are much cheaper than with the own car.
      Please stay in touch, the website is only in its baby shoes, there will be a lot more information by time.
      thank’s again and have a good time

    • Hi Dira, thank’s for your interest
      About small kids, I don’t think that is a problem, not more than anywhere else. My girl was born here and grows up here, apart from the street there are no eminent dangers.
      Vaccines, a theme I will also have a little section about. I advise not to do any special vaccines, especially not malaria. Thailand has a very good health system and knows best how to cope with local diseases. You know, vaccines make things that make you ill resistant and make it harder to cope with.
      I hope this can help you a little, If you want to know more, please ask.
      Thank’s again and see you

  32. Interesting article! I always thought of Asia being a future destination. I am a woman traveling alone so that kind of has me limited in terms of destinations. But Thailand looks like a nice place. Bangkok looks like it’s very crowded, but that that may be where all the foreign tourists hang out. After reading your article I see the cultural differences! I would have to try to remember all that if I visit Thailand, as I never would have thought of all those before now (such as the taxi, shaking hands, etc)

    • Hi Karin, thanks for your time
      Thailand is indeed a place where you can go alone as a woman. Thais respect women and don’t have the problem with not being able to be with their own women, like in some other places.
      When you decide to visit Thailand just check my website once in a while and you will find all information you need, I’m not done yet.
      I wish you a great time and hope to hear from you again.
      Ps. Horse riding is possible here too.

  33. Very detailed information on getting around Thailand. I’ve always wanted to visit and will use the information here as a guide once I do decide to go. Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Patricia
      I am glad you like my page. There will be a lot more of information to learn every day. I am a single writer so it will take time to get all the facts and pics together and get them in a nice and easy concept to find around.
      I hope you look in again and wish you a great day.

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